meddle pink floyd


Today, the 31st of October, is the 45th birthday to Pink Floyd’s 6th studio album, “Meddle”.                                                                           

Recorded from January to August in 1971 and released in the same year, “Meddle” became Pink Floyd’s best-selling album at the time, with over 2,500,000 copies sold. It was considered a transition point between the Syd Barrett-influenced Pink Floyd of the late 60′s and their “golden age” of the 70′s. The album included contributions from each one of the band’s members, as the following albums were mainly written and composed by Roger Waters. “Meddle” was ranked 3rd in the UK album charts, and finished at 70 in the Billboard 200.   

Echoes - Pink Floyd / In Bed, The Kiss - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 

(Requested by injusticepoetique. This painting by de Toulouse-Lautrec captures the fleeting desire to find someone in this life to connect with, that the song conveys. And whilst this line, and the painting, show this desire being realised, neither the artist, nor the persona of the song ever did.)