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I hear a patient verbally abusing one of my coworkers...

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A patient presented to the ED yesterday, complaining of ‘tingling in his elbow.’ He had hit his funny bone.

When asked if he had any prior medical conditions, he said, “I have H.pylori, so stomach cancer.”

This poor person had thought- FOR TWO YEARS- that he had cancer. When my resident explained otherwise, he said, “But they gave me pills for it?”

He has generalized anxiety disorder too. I can’t imagine how this must have been affecting him. 

Guys, this is why we ask patients to explain back to us their understanding of their diagnosis. Otherwise, shit like this happens.

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Me: *trips over a couple words* Geez I’m sorry I guess 4 am is finally catching up to me.

Patient: Did you come in at 11 pm?

Me: Nope, 5 pm.

Patient: Wow that’s a long shift. But I bet those 4 day weeks are nice!

….Oh, Honey.

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Admission #195: Hierarchy
  • 2nd year resident: Did you all see our new fellow? He is HOT.
  • Me: Oh yeah, he is so cute!!
  • Chief resident: Kids, please. You know how surgery works; senior resident always goes first. After I ask him out, if he turns me down then the R2 and THEN the med student get a turn to hit on him.
  • -Chief, a man who upholds tradition; R2, he's pretty cute himself; Me, I got...pep? Is that an attractive thing?