While the boy lurves hummus and kinda sorta likes falafel, he’s not a fan of the local Middle Eastern joint that busy daddy and I happen to like. After yoga, we tricked invited the boy to try a new yum restaurant called Falafel Phil’s. The boy was all, “OMG, there’s a real Falafel Phil’s!?!” And we were all, Totes!!!

We ordered hummus and falafel for the boy as well as some other yum eats like fuul medames, beef and lamb shawerma, and kafta tagine for busy daddy and me. Our dinner was deloycious, but as the boy was tucking into his falafel and hummus, he finally spied the menu and he said to us, “Hey, this restaurant isn’t called Falafel Phil’s!!! Hachmakitan isn’t even a real country!!! Where’s the gang from Kickin’ It!?!” And busy daddy was all, “My bad, sad face.” And I was all, Whomp whomp. And the boy was all, “I’ve lost my appetite.”

Still, our dinner was yum!