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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Steve’s decorations in the MCU—or rather, the lack of them—and especially about Bucky’s medals, which are nonexistent. I’m writing a fic where there’s some discussion about decorations, valor, and the fact that Bucky was a war hero, trying to make sense of the incoherent hack writing of CACW that has the media identifying the “infamous Winter Soldier” as James Buchanan Barnes, but apparently no one seems to also be talking about the fact that this is Howling Commando James Barnes, Captain America’s best friend James Barnes, decorated war hero James Barnes. (laporcupina has a nice examination of this here.)

The first time we see Steve in his Captain’s uniform, he’s wearing these ribbons and badges

Sigh. He’s so dreamy… There’s a few different posts floating around identifying what those ribbons and badges are, but the most important is that he’s wearing the ribbons for only two medals: one is the purple heart with an oak leaf cluster, which signifies that he was wounded in action at least twice (once for the original medal, the oak leaves for another award). That one’s interesting because we don’t see him get wounded, really, in the First Avenger; it could mean, though, that the multiple purple hearts were for meritorious service because they were given for that at that time. He’s also wearing an American Service Defense Medal ribbon, which confuses me, because in the MCU he shouldn’t wear it: they were given for active service from 1939–1941, so he wouldn’t have had this. (In the comics, yes, but not the movies.) I chalk this up to Marvel’s notoriously terrible props department, the folks who gave us a museum display with two different birthdates for Bucky on the SAME DISPLAY, and use quotation marks and apostrophes for feet and inches, when no self-respecting museum would do that. (Those are the tip of the props issues iceberg but my personal pet peeves.)

Now, this shot is presumably in the scene where he blows off Senator Brandt in London, where he’s supposed to receive a “Medal for Valour” which is never specified. And it’s irritating because: which was it? Was it the Medal of Honor, the highest award you can earn? Or was it the Distinguished Service Cross, the second highest award for valor? It could even be the Silver Star, although I feel like that’s unlikely because single-handedly rescuing 400-plus men from a heavily guarded prison camp is a lot more than Silver Star-worthy. My feeling is that it was the DSC, maybe because they figured they’d save the MoH for later since he’d probably be raking in medals as he won the war. I can buy him not wearing it right then since the ceremony just happened, but…it’s a stretch.

Then immediately after, we see Steve with the men who will become the Howlies, and no one has any decorations on their uniforms/they’re not in full uniform…and then there’s Bucky. He has no decorations even when we see him in the service uniform at the start of CATFA, and he’s certainly not wearing any in the pub.

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i hope sokka lived a happy and fulfilling life that he was able to share with lots of generations. i hope he was able to learn lots about the world and space and science. i hope he was able to implement all the things he wanted to as a councilman and i hope he felt good about helping nonbender kids feel a part of the community. i hope he kept a strong relationship with katara, toph, zuko, aang, hakoda and suki. i hope that he got a medal of valour or something alongside the gaang and i hope his efforts to create a better community weren’t ignored because he deserved all of that

Voltron Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a brilliant series that has become my comfort show on Netflix at the moment. Because I love it, and I love Voltron Legendary Defender, here’s a VLD B99 AU! (That looks like some sort of code). 

Detective Lance Espinosa

  • This AU’s equivalent of Jake Peralta.
  • Full name: Leandro Alejandro Núñez Cuesta Espinosa. Goes by Lance Espinosa most of the time.
  • He’s actually a very talented detective (and the sharpshooter of the team), but he’s incredibly immature. 
  • Often breaks the rules, but still somehow manages to avoid getting out of serious trouble due to his successful arrest record.
  • Hides his insecurities behind constant jokes/teasing/playful banter.
  • Very charming, and considers himself quite the ladies man. 
  • Has an infamous rivalry with Keith; every Halloween they have a bet where they try to out-smart each other and Lance tries to steal and item of Keith’s. They always end up becoming elaborate and over the top shenanigans.
  • Acts like his life is an action movie. Which, to be fair, is sometimes accurate.
  • Owns an old mustang which he has a lot of attachment towards. He even named it Blue.
  • Hunk is his best friend and nothing can destroy their bond. Not even an eight day stakeout. (Although it did cause some… issues…)

Also this seemed like something Lance would definitely do during an interrogation: 

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Detective Keith Kogane

  • The Rosa Diaz of the group.
  • Rides a motor bike into work. 
  • Comes across as incredibly intimidating with his tough, no-nonsense attitude. Do not get on his bad side. 
  • Out of the team, he’s probably the best fighter. Also, he always seems to have a collection of knives hidden on him which baffles and terrifies the team (seriously, where the hell was he hiding those?).
  • Shiro was his mentor at the academy and they still have a close bond. He’s one of the few people who can deal with Keith when his temper gets the better of him. 
  • Was also in the same year as Hunk and Lance at the academy. Lance and Keith’s rivalry continued after they graduated. His hair style is constantly mocked by Espinosa.
  • Somewhere along the line, during an investigation, he discovers he is related to the Galra crime family. 
  • Not very good at expressing his feelings, but deep down he’s actually a big old softie. His team is his true family and he’ll do anything to protect them.
  • Lots of leather jackets.
  • Has a habit of using his police badge as a stim toy if he’s away from his desk and needs one.  

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Detective Sergeant Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane

  • He’s Terry okay? 
  • Precinct dad. His team are his kids and he loves them as much as his actual kids.
  • He can pick up anyone in the team and carry them around the precinct with ease. 
  • Hasn’t been in the field for a while due to a combination of reasons: the main is his ptsd, but also now has a family. His twin girls are the light of his life and for a long time, he was terrified of leaving them farther-less if he was hurt in the field. With the support of his team, he gradually gets over his fears! 
  • In regards to the ptsd. Shiro used to work deep undercover infiltrating the Galra syndicate, until he was exposed. He lost his arm, but managed to escape. Now he has a state-of-the-art prosthetic.
  • The most physically fit. When not working a case, he’s doing push-ups at his desk.
  • He’s basically the only person who can deal with Lance and Keith when they’re at each other’s throats again. 
  • Adopted a cat which used to lurk around the precinct. It may or may not have formerly belonged to Mafia boss Zarkon.
  • The shenanigans which keep happening due to some of the cops cough Lance cough have caused him to develop a semi-permanent eye twitch. He’s also going grey. 
  • Loves yogurt. 

Y’know, I wasn’t going to post a gif for every person. But now I feel like I need to post one more. Especially as this feels very Lance and Shiro: 

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Okay now I’m done with the gifs.

Detective “Hunk” Garrett

  • Kind of Charles Boyle, but significantly less… bumbling.
  • Full name: Malosi Garrett. (Everyone just calls him Detective Hunk/just Hunk, and he’s completely fine with that.)
  • Living lie-detector, and the best at figuring out when a suspect isn’t telling the truth. Even though he comes across as cuddly, he’s fantastic in the interrogation room. 
  • A real foodie. He has a weekly food blog which is actually really successful? Always bringing in home-made treats for his team and providing the best restaurant recommendations. In another life, he was probably the head chef of a three Michelin star restaurant. 
  • Despite not being the best with a gun on the team, he’s a talented engineer and has other strengths such as bomb disposal 
  • Has a more nervous disposition than the rest of the team. If truth be told, he doesn’t really like being out in the field so much, but does feel a great sense of pride when he saves/helps people and cracks a case.
  • The best hugger in the precinct without a doubt. 
  • Will take a bullet for any of his team without hesitation. And has done so. He received the Medal of Valour for that.
  • Was childhood friends with Lance. They both promised they were going to become cops together, and they did. They probably work the best together out of the entire team, and Hunk is always supporting Lance in his silly endeavours. 
  • Had a John McClane moment, but messed up the famous quote. “Yippie kayak you quiznack!”

Detective Allura Kingsley

  • A much less high-strung/teacher’s pet version of Amy Santiago.
  • From the UK! She moved to NYC with her father when she was young, got a citizenship, then returned to the UK for university. She worked at the London Met for a year or so post-graduation, then return to the NYPD. I know this is probably implausible but let me have English Allura!
  • Has four pet mice. 
  • Daughter of Alfor Kingsley, the deceased CEO of conglomerate Altea Inc. She became a police woman in order to try and find her father’s killer, who she strongly believes is linked to the Galra crime syndicate. 
  • Striving to become a captain, so can be incredibly competitive and strives to be the best. Despite this streak, she’s very diplomatic and good at making higher-ups like her.  
  • Secretly smokes when incredibly stressed. 
  • Has the nickname “Princess”, due to the team discovering she descends from British aristocracy. 
  • Wears contact lenses. Her glasses (which she rarely uses) are comically large.
  • She’s one of the strongest members of the team, and constantly beats the guys in arm wrestling competitions. Also, yes, there are regular arm wrestling competitions at the 99. 
  • Involved in a bet with Lance to see who can arrest the most criminals in a year. 

Detective Coran Smythe 

  • Scully and Hitchcock fusion, only not incompetent.
  • The oldest member of the team, who has been working for the NYPD for thirty years.
  • Currently, he makes the least arrests on the team. Although he is affectionately teased about this, nobody really minds. He used to be one of the most successful cops on the force, and even though he’s slowed right down now, the others like having him around. 
  • He doesn’t seem to contribute too much in terms of solving many of his solo cases. However, his wisdom and his occasionally important encyclopaedic knowledge from the past has helped the others! Morse code is useful! 
  • Basically the cooky squad uncle. 
  • He can also sing opera, which is a beautiful experience for everyone who witnesses it. 
  • A multilingual gorgeous man who always seems to know about other cultures and how to deal with anyone outside of the NYPD. 
  • Had a close relationship with Alfor Kingsley before he died, and has subsequently taken Allura under his wing, becoming a surrogate-father figure to her. 
  • Loves disguises and going under cover.
  • Is always telling incredible stories about his old cases; Lance adores hearing his tales and they bond over how badass the 80s were. 

Katie “Pidge” Holt 

  • A fusion between Savant and Gina Linetti.
  • The only member of the main squad who isn’t a police officer.
  • Originally, she hacked into the 99th precincts computer systems for two reasons: 1). She was trying to find evidence about her missing father and brother. 2). She was bored. The NYPD eventually hired her to take over as I.T. Director. 
  • Her web handle is Pidge. 
  • She’s snarky and sardonic, and is always making fun of/judging the detectives. Also, pranks. Lots of pranks. 
  • Somehow, she ends up getting involved in far more cases than a civilian should do. Mainly hacking into various criminals computers and searching for incriminating evidence.
  • Has a close bond with Hunk and Lance - the three of them got caught in a die hard situation over Christmas and it was amazing. Pidge got a bit too enthusiastic about making a flame-thrower out of hair spray.
  • She even hacked the precincts roomba. It is now called Rover, and is her evil robot henchman. 
  • Carries a taser with her all the time. Has often threatened Lance with it when he annoys her. 
  • She’s the youngest, and was a child prodigy who attended university at the age of 16. After graduating, she basically lived in her mum’s basement before getting a job at the 99. 

Who’s the Captain, I hear you ask? I’m probably going to have to make another post about that because I have a few ideas. Actually, I have so many ideas about this AU. There might be lots of posts.


Enrico Toti lost his left leg while working for Italian railways, at the age of 24. After his injury he became a cyclist. In 1911, riding on a bicycle with one leg, he cycled to Paris and then through Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark, up to Finland and Lapland. From there, via Russia and Poland, he returned to Italy in June 1912.
When war broke out between Italy and the Austrian Empire, Toti tried to volunteer for the Italian army but was not accepted due to his injury. Undaunted, he reached the frontline with his bicycle and managed to serve as an unpaid, unregistered, fully non-regulation “civilian volunteer” attached to several units. Forced to leave the combat zone and return home by the Carabinieri (Military Police), Toti stubbornly returned to the front and finally managed to join (still unofficially) the 3rd Bersaglieri Bicycle Battalion. He was killed in the Sixth Battle of the Isonzo. Fatally wounded in a clash, he hurled his crutch at the enemy. He was posthumously awarded the Gold Medal for Military Valour (Italy’s highest award for valour), one of the relatively few civilians to have this honour bestowed on them.

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are there any fics where Bucky has army medals or is a decorated soldier... Like the medal of valour or something?

here are a few I know of

Save my life and I’ll save yours by Elendrien, gwyneth rhys (gwyneth)

What if Bucky had actually escaped in Bucharest?
Now the race is on to find out who framed the Winter Soldier—and why. Cap and his family of soldiers and spies must rely on old-school tradecraft, coded messages, covert meetings, mistaken identities, and the Moscow Rules to bring Steve back together with Bucky.

The End of a Century by whatthefoucault

This is the story of a sister and her brother.

As the shadow of the war fades and gives way to new conflicts, Becca Barnes battles the constraints of the twentieth century: an education, a marriage, a career, with the ghosts of her youth never far from her memory. As the twenty-first century barrels on through its awkward teenage phase, Bucky Barnes builds a new life, with new friends, and a burgeoning relationship with his lifelong companion Steve, the erstwhile Captain America, as they struggle to find their place in the world.
The last time Becca saw her brother was on the eve of war; neither of them expected, some seventy-something years, a hip replacement, and one new arm later, to be reunited.

This is a story about family.

Researching background stuff for a Nate fic, and honestly, Rendon Howe’s backstory is fascinating given how all we see is Ser Slimeball ingame. 

  • During the Orlesian occupation of Ferelden, Rendon’s father, Tarleton Howe, sided with the occupiers and was subsequently hanged by the Couslands after they captured Harper’s Ford. 
  • Like his uncle who became the new Arl after Tarleton’s death, Rendon Howe joined the rebellion led by the future king, Maric.
  • He fought alongside the young Bryce Cousland - whose family killed his father, so wow I doubt they would have gotten on at all - and Leonas Bryland, future arl of South Reach, at the Battle of White River. The battle was a failure, with the rebels losing all but 50 men, the trio included. 
  • The next battle Rendon helped to hold a valley against the Orelesian attackers, and he was badly wounded on the second night - he had to be dragged off the field by Bryce and Leonas.
  • The trio were awarded medals of valour by Maric, who’d become king at this point, but the war was still going on. Rendon was too injured to join Bryce and Leonas, so he spent months in South Reach being tended by Eliane Bryland, Leonas’ sister.
  • Eliane Bryland, aka Eliane Howe, aka Nathaniel Howe’s mother was an accomplished physician and herbalist.
    • I can’t get over this part, really. Where did she study? In Orlais, given one of her parents was Orlesian? What made her decide to become a healer, for lack of a better word? Did she prefer it to sitting around being a noblewoman? Gdi Bioware why can’t you give us more info?
  • Rendon’s uncle died, making him the new Arl, and when he set off to Amaranthine Eliane insisted on coming with him; he proposed to her a year later saying that if she wasn’t going to leave already they might as well marry.
  • He also needed the Bryland family’s connections and Eliane’s dowry.
  • Nate says in Awakening that Rendon hated Eliane, but he doesn’t know why. It’s pretty clear that Rendon perhaps never loved Eliane, why not she seems cool, and only married her to better his own position as the new Arl of Amaranthine.
  • Seems like Rendon slaughtering the Couslands could be a continuation of a vendetta against the Couslands for killing his father for siding with the Orlesians along with the ingame stuff about him wanting to have as much power as possible at Loghain’s side.
    • But then Rendon fights against the Orlesians to free Ferelden, so I guess he didn’t see eye to eye with his father. Maybe slaughtering the Couslands is just for the power grab?
  • Slight digression but I’m still mad at how I only learned Nate had a younger brother, Thomas, who died at Ostagar/during the Blight, from the wiki. I don’t think it’s ever mentioned by Rendon or Nate ingame.
    • Related: When the hell did Eliane die? There’s no date on the wiki, and Nate’s dialogue at her portrait suggests that she died when he was very young, I think?
  • It seems like the Howe family is built upon daddy issue after daddy issue and a fuckton of the usual England vs France Ferelden vs Orlais rivalry dividing the nobility.

Rendon Howe had such promise, but there’s no way of telling if he was always a power hungry little shit or if it was only after he saw how wealthy the Bryland family was and powerful the Couslands and Maric were that he began aspiring for greatness in perhaps the worst ways possible. 

I think I’ll have to take Eliane’s character and run for the hills with it if I ever write about her, even for Nate flashbacks.

June 6, 1916 - Bertrand Russell Fined for Supporting Conscientious Objectors, Ludwig Wittgenstein Wins Award for Bravery in Combat

Pictured - Friends and colleagues, Russell and Wittgenstein took diametrically opposed views to the war.

Entirely overshadowed in the press by the announcement of Lord Kitchener’s death, British philosopher Bertrand Russell went to trial in June 1916 at the Mansion House in London.  His crime was publishing a pamphlet in support of conscientious objection to military service; despite an impassioned appeal to “respect for the individual conscience,” the court fined him  £100.  Conscientious objectors who refused any form of military service were imprisoned.

The very same day, Russell’s Camrbridge protégé, the Viennese philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, was engaged in heavy combat on the Eastern Front, versus the rampaging Russian Brusilov Offensive.  Whereas Russell had opposed the war, Wittgenstein had volunteered immediately for service, originally serving in an Austro-Hungarian riverboat squadron, before being transferred to an artillery unit at the front line in 1916. 

Fighting in the defense of Okna, Lance Corporal Wittgenstein’s gun battery held its ground in the face of the Russian advance.  The philosopher-cum-soldier clambered on top of the casemate to better observe his gun’s fire, in spite of Russian artillery shells falling all around him.

Wittgenstein was recommended for the Silver Medal for Valour, Second Class, a rare honor for someone with such a low rank.  His citation read: “Ignoring the heavy artillery fire on the casemate and the exploding mortar bombs, he observed the discharge of the mortars and located them.  The battery in fact succeeded in destroying two of the heavy-calibre mortars by direct hits, as was confirmed by prisoners taken.”  Ignoring shouts from his comrades to take cover, Wittgenstein continued to observe the effects of their fire.  “By this distinctive behavior,” recorded his commanding officer, “he exercised a very calming effect on his comrades.”

Two friends, who only three earlier earlier had sat and discussed truth and logic together, had taken very opposed views as to proper conduct in the war.  Wittgenstein later served on the Western Front and in Italy, reaching the rank of lieutenant by the end of the war.  Russell, on the other hand, quipped that “War does not determine who is right, only who is left.”








“I would like to present you with this Medal of Valour. And if you look closely on the back, there’s a number. As a more concrete gesture of our gratitude, we’d like to offer you… let’s call it a favour. The nature of it is your choice. Just tell the operator, ‘oxfords not brogues’, and then I’ll know it’s you.”

Harry was presenting the medal and speaking on behalf of Kingsman, but I have no doubt in my mind that the ‘oxfords not brogues’ password was a direct hotline to Harry himself. When the password is activated, Harry will immediately get the alert personally from the operator.

“This one’s yours, Galahad.”

I'm sick of it, officially.

I really just want heteronormal gay guys to fucking chill. You don’t need to wear your passing like a fucking medal for valour. It’s not an achievement. Rejecting effeminacy isn’t something you need to get congratulated for or should be congratulating yourself for.

Being passing doesn’t make you hotter, it doesn’t make you better, it doesn’t make you more interesting, it doesn’t make you more successful. Being you, being at peace with yourself, being genuinely engaged in the journey of your life does.

I support and celebrate you for choosing to live an out life, because you’re my brother. We’re brothers. Like it or not, reject the entire concept of queer fellowship or not, I still see you as my brother. I don’t judge you for being you or for expressing who you are in whatever way feels right for you. Is it too much to ask for that in return?

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more details for 'Secret Agent Man?' (aka smut please? because you write amazing smut!)

One day I’ll be able to resist requests for smut - but today is not that day.

So I watched the movie Kingsman and wrote a little CS drabble based on it, Secret Agent Man.  And how did Princess Emma get that hickey on her neck?

After the inital adrenaline rush of her abduction wore off, being kidnapped was excruciatingly boring.

They didn’t try to touch her or hurt her, they simply locked her in the bedroom and left her there. Food was brought to her three times a day (they were actually ordering hotel room service, for fuck’s sake), they gave her a cellphone and let her speak to her parents, telling them she was alive and well and would remain alive and well provided they paid the ransom demand she read off a piece of paper they handed to her. Four million eruos cash, her mother’s best diamond tiara that had once belonged to the Empress Josephine, and three new gold iPhone 6′s, 128 gigs. 

She had to read that last one twice, certain she had made a mistake. They could kidnap a Crown Princess out from under the noses of the entire Royal Guard but they couldn’t find an Apple store?

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creatures of man say;
this tissue is a burden,
it grounds us; defines us
holds us and reminds us

i say
these rifts are stronger than me
they are armour; and they are medals of valour,

my scars are brimming with fierce bravour
does that make me inhuman?

—  [i will turn my back and the shadows there will devour you] c.y