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In the N64 classic Shadows Of The Empire, you play as Hans So– uh, Dash Rendar, and battle both the villainous Prince Xizor and the N64’s terrible draw distance.

After the legally required Hoth levels, the game becomes a straightforward romp through the B-list locales of the Star Wars universe. But if you resist the temptation to name your profile POOP_FARTWALKER and instead insert the name “_Wampa__Stompa,” you can control various baddies during the Hoth and Echo Base missions, making the game approximately ten times more interesting. As the cheat code implies, you can take control of a wampa (the snow monster that kidnaps Luke at the start of Empire) and go on a rampage throughout the base.

You can also mindjack a snowtrooper, or get in the pilot seat of an AT-ST and stomp around while feeling all the power a mechanical chicken can offer you.

Aside from the well-accepted fact that the Empire’s forces are simply cooler, the cheat essentially lets you turn the game into Rampage: Star Wars Edition. Because while you probably never gave that movie wampa a second thought, now you can see their endless potential for violent chaos.

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