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Royal Air Force Pilot - Lena “Tracer” Oxton

I can finally share my full illustration for​ It Takes A Woman Zine Vol. 2! This was the first zine I ever contributed to and I’m happy to have been a part of it. :)

Pre-orders are now closed but there are still a few copies available at @ittakesawomanzine!

KPOP boy groups in 2020

bts: still so much teen angst. rapmonster ran out of novels to base the mv’s on, therefore their newest concept contains spongebob references., hoseoks face is now used as the sun on korean weather forecasts, jungkook has accidentally one a gold medal at the olympic games. twice.

ikon: haven’t had a comeback in years. YG claims they’re still working on it, but he actually put them somewhere in his dungeon, he can’t just remember WHERE

exo: all busy with their solo activities, the only thing they released this year is a compilation of baekhyun screaming while playing video games. still win ‘album of the year’

big bang: the korean anthem is now fantastic baby, the flag the poster for their next comeback. this is what happens when you let G-Dragon join the military

monsta x: still haven’t won on a music show, still release awesome music, but hey, they crafted their own awards now and are still doing their thing, so it’s okay

seventeen: have lost a few members. can’t have a comeback until somebody finds an explanation why they are still called seventeen. Woozi hijacked a recording studio and is now releasing his own music. 

shinee: since sm ran out of crazy ideas for their new album their next concept features ‘the cool and elegant tunes of minnesongs of the 11th century’. they still manage to involve hip thrusts and shirtless performances. so authentic. 

got7: bambam managed to become a huge internet meme, retired from being a singer because ‘he achieved anything he ever dreamed of’ 

tfw no one on ur team wants to play healer and ur the only one with a heal


14 + 87

Chris Kunitz became a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins at the trade deadline in 2009. He has been a cornerstone on Sidney Crosby’s line on and off since then and has helped the Pens clinch three Stanley Cups during his tenure. Chris was selected to the 2014 Canadian Olympic Team partially due to his chemistry with Crosby where he scored a goal in the gold-medal game. He factored in on 185 of Crosby’s points at the time Sidney reached 1000. His 1000th point was an assist on a Chris Kunitz goal. The Penguins advanced to the Stanley Cup final in 2017 after Kunitz netted a double-overtime goal off of a Sidney Crosby pass in Game 7 vs. the Ottawa Senators. He was originally undrafted.

choosing to side with hoshido must have hurt her too