24th september (2016) - 01.06 pm // my week’s mornings! this week I had my classes in the afternoon so in the morning I was either at the cafeteria or at the library, studying w/ some friends or by myself // this week was incredibly LONG, I thought it would never end // bref ce weekend je reste à la cité U, je bosse dans les salles de travail au sous-sol avec une pote, j'ai tellement hâte que la BU soit ouverte les week end, je vais y passer ma vie // ah et GRANDE NOUVELLE : mon dossier de bourse a enfin été traité!!!!! bon je recevrai la bourse de septembre qu'en octobre mais au moins je vais enfin l'avoir quoi, parce que là manger des pâtes tout les jours ça devient un peu chiant //

In my humble opinion, sign language is important to know for anyone going into the medical field. Yes, there are interpreters, but in some situations, interpreters may not be able to make it to the patient in time for essential communication   to be held between the health care provider and the patient. Below is a list of resources you can use and add to in order to learn and gain an understanding of ASL and Medical ASL.

Websites to Learn ASL

American Sign Language University
Start ASL
Signing Savvy

Apps to Learn ASL

ASL Coach
ASL: Fingerspelling

Marlee Signs

YouTube Channels to Learn ASL

Dr. Bill Vicars
Rochelle Barlow

Rob Neilson

Dr. Bill Vicars Medical Sign Language Lessons 

Lesson 01 Part 01
Lesson 01 Part 02

Lesson 02 Part 01

Lesson 02 Part 02

Lesson 02 Part 03

Lesson 03 Part 01

Lesson 03 Part 02

Lesson 03 Part 03

Lesson 04 Part 01

Lesson 04 Part 02

Lesson 04 Part 03

Lesson 05 Part 01

Lesson 05 Part 02

Lesson 06 Part 01

Lesson 06 Part 02

Lesson 06 Part 03

Lesson 07 Part 01

Lesson 07 Part 02

Lesson 07 Part 03

Lesson 08 Part 01

Lesson 08 Part 02

Lesson 08 Part 03

Lesson 09 Part 01

Lesson 09 Part 02

Lesson 10 Part 01

Lesson 10 Part 02

Lesson 10 Part 03

Lesson 11 Part 01

Lesson 11 Part 02

Lesson 11 Part 03

Lesson 12 Part 01

Lesson 12 Part 02

Lesson 12 Part 03