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I had so much fun doing this collab thing with my good friend @lillianuzi I think this took about seven hours god dame if you cant tell the characters are Bryce (drawn by me) and Ohmwrecker (drawn by Lillian). Playing a game called Dead by Daylight. check it out there’s supper funny.

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Though She Be But Little She Is (Not) Fierce

A little background, I’m a halfling ranger with a high elf wizard, half elf druid, and a couple others. We had just finished our mission and were picking stuff up on the way back. We came upon some prisoners we had left tied up and decided to take them back to our employer. Our strongest players were holding dragon eggs which left two of us to carry the two unconscious prisoners. We were also super low on health from fighting. 

Me: I roll strength to pick up this guy.

*rolls critical failure*

DM: You, a 4ft halfling who weighs 70lbs, try to pick up a 6ft and 180lbs man. You lose your balance and crack your head on the floor, killing yourself.

Druid: Alright, I’ll pick her up and carry her back so the town can heal her.

*rolls critical failure*

DM: Uuhh, fill in two of those failure bubbles.

Wizard: I’ll heal her with my med kit.

*rolls critical failure*

Me: *flabbergasted* Oh my God.

DM: *delighted* Oh my God!

Things That Happened At Camp (part 2)

So I was looking through my camp tag and having a good laugh about everything when I found my post from my first year on staff of a list of things that had happened over the summer. I’m doing another (very late) one now.

Summer 2016 Recap

-Had a 27-km day of hiking on roads because no one noticed a mistake made during the trip planning (Day was meant to be 18km, originally planned route would have been 32km, the result of saying ‘fuck no’ and using Google Maps gave 27km)

-On this day of hiking was carrying 2L of root beer (another story), and at one point all the campers were dead so we stopped on the side of the road and drank root beer from the bottle, then used the juice crystals and the salt from the med kit to make janky Gatorade.

-A kid dropped a canoe on his finger and the nail came off. No evac this year, but the medic complimented my bandaging again

-Had a kid who brought 1 underwear and 0 socks to a one week camp

-Made s’mores out of maple cookies and called them sugar daddies

-A kid used a crayfish as a nipple clamp

-A kid took a shit in a paddleboat. HE WAS LIKE 15.

- *Campers screaming like someone had broken a leg* *Counsellors run outside with the first aid kit expecting to need an evac* - Turns out, a girl had put the juice crystals in her bra.

-I accidentally elbowed one of my cocounsellors, causing her to drop another one’s GoPro in the lake. “SOMEONE GET IT!” Cue both of us jumping out of the boat. I got it back.

A Fight

You walked into the Batcave as always, holding a med-kit and excited to saw him after being separated for a few hours as always. You did everything as you always do with a happy smile on your face that would always bring him to smile even if he’s still in his cowl.

There you have it, your husbandwith a boy? That boy looks like him when he was little but the difference was he has a pair of beautiful emerald eyes.

“Hey, Bruce, a new guy I see?” You asked, walking towards them smile still on your face.

A smile that you didn’t know will fall when he opened his mouth to talk. But instead of him, it was the boy who opened his mouth.

“Damian Al-Ghul, you may call me Damian Wayne from now on.” He said politely.

But what he said next dropped your heart, shattering it to pieces.

“His blood-son, and you are?”

Your eyes widened, what was that supposed to mean? Did.. Did Bruce cheat on you? No, he would never do that… Wouldn’t he? He’s a playboy, after all, no he was a playboy he has you now. But he has that thing that will always make a girl swing and there is a lot of prettier girl outside. Your mind got clouded with every possibility you could think of, every ifs and but and it wasn’t a positive one either.

“I’m sorry?”

“You heard me, now answer my question.” The boy that you know his name is Damian demanded. You were trying to process what he said, what he told you.

“I - I’m his maid..” You mumbled trying to cover your wedding ring by hiding your hand behind your back, “…Yeah! I’m his maid! Nice to meet you, Master Damian.”

Lie. Wrong. You’re his wife, one and only. The one who he always cherished the most, the one who he always loved, the one who made him happy, the one who always there when he needed help. You’re his everything.

“You’re not my maid (Y/N).” Bruce chimed in, removing his cowl so you can see his face. “You’re--

“Then who the fuck am I, Bruce?!” You exclaimed cutting him off, your mind was clouded you couldn’t take it anymore. He cheated on you and brought his son to you, you always wanted one of your own but he said not now.

He said not now, it made you sad. But you pulled through and managed to say ‘Okay. I’ll wait until you’re ready.’ but now, he brought a boy and the boy is his son.

“You’re my wife for god sake!” He screamed at you, you flinched at his harsh tone but still stayed strong. Trying not to cry was hard but you knew you can’t just give up. “God just let me explain!” He continued not dropping his harsh tone, not even a bit.

You understood he was tired, you knew he needed to rest, you knew he has his reason. But you just couldn’t bear to hear it, you couldn’t bear to hear another word from him. The pain already got into your mind making it hard to think rationally.

“What do you want me to hear Bruce!?”

He walked towards you as soon as you finished talking, towering you. He used his intimidating stare towards you, but you still won’t move. No, you’re not scared.

“Just shut up! Stop being so sensitive and hear me out!” He blurted out without thinking.

That’s it, you broke down. But no tears were spilled nothing came out from your eyes, his words hurt you deeply. He never acts like this towards you no matter how mad he is. Bruce, on the other hand, seemed just realized what he has done to you.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized.

You shook your head, shoving the med-kit to him before turning around to leave the cave. He reached to grab your hand but you swiftly moved it away. You need to clear your head. You know you were wrong for not wanting to hear him out, but you also need this. You need to take a walk to cool your mind and your heart.

You bought a cup of hot cocoa, to help you clear your mind. Gotham was rather cold at night and you mentally scolded yourself for not bringing a coat since you were too caught up with your pain.

A sigh of relief left your lips as you took a sip of it, chocolate always calms you down. You sat down on a nearby bench, fiddling with your wedding ring.

“Should I go back and apologize?” You whispered to yourself, looking at the ring. Reaching your hand up as if you were about to grab the moon as the other held the cup.

Finally, a tear rolled down your cheek, then you cried your eyes out. Covering your mouth with a hand to muffle your sobs as you looked up to the night sky, it was beautiful a dozen of stars decorating the sky above you. You wanted to adore them but it just hurt so much. It hurts like a bitch, but you do realize it wasn’t his fault. If it was he would never bring his son back home to show you.

You made up your mind, you’ll come back home and talk this through like adults should. Before you could go far from your place a hand grabbed you, your cup fell and spilled all over the ground. The smell of alcohol filled up your nostrils, making you gag. You’ve never liked alcohol.

You turned around to see 3 thugs, they were wasted.

“What a pretty gal like you do at a beautiful night like this?” A guy said as the rest walked towards you to surround you.

“Oh did you cried? Did your boyfriend dumped you?” Another guy chimed in from your right.

“Let her go.” A gruff voice that you knew and love the most interrupted them before things go any further.

All of them looked towards your husband, instead of running for their pathetic lives they brought out a knife, the one that holds you pulled you closer and pointed the knife at you. Making you roll your eyes at them. Even though they couldn’t see it.

“If you move, she’ll die.” The thug said smugly. Ugh, he reeks of alcohol.

Your patience ran out, you elbowed his face and kicked him in the nuts emitting a scream of pain and agony left his filthy lips. He stumbled and fell onto the cold ground clutching his crotch.

“Bitch!” He cried out, you smacked his head onto the ground not too hard. But enough to make him pass out.

A grunt and groan were heard from behind you, then they stopped. Turning around only to see Batman standing between the unconscious thugs. Leaving you and him alone.

You stared at him and so did he, an awkward silence filled the air around you and him, you were just made up your mind to apologize. 'It wasn’t the time to chicken out!’ You mentally encouraged yourself.

“Bruce I” He cut you off by pulling you into his chest, covering you with his cape. He shook his head slowly.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” He whispered into your ear in his regular voice.

“And I’m sorry. I should’ve listened to your explanation first before jumping into a conclusion.” You whispered back.

Realization hit you and him, laughing you pulled away from his hug hands still on his chest.

“I acted like a damn teenager.”

“And looks like one too.” He added, making you sent a playful glare at him.

“Let’s go back, you got a lot of explaining to do Batman.”

Building a Practical First Aid Kit

     Everyone has had those first aid kits that have a bunch of tiny bandages, a handful of pain pills, butterfly closures, small gauze pads and antibiotic gels that never get used, and are always expired or useless when you need them. 

   I had a kit like that, until I was able to get a hold of some medical/EMS grade pads that I’ve kept for a while. They’re all expired, and some aren’t sterile anymore. 

  As you can see, they look terrible. Just from the picture, I’m sure you wouldn’t trust your life, or anyone else’s relying on this stuff. 

   I wanted to upgrade it, but not spend a bunch of money on a crappy prebuilt kit, or spend a bunch of money on a single high end kit. I need multiple kits, so spending 100+USD on just one isn’t going to cut it. 

   This “bare bones kit” is made up of a few parts that are easy and fairly cheap to get:

  • Bandaids (6 or so)
  • Medical Tape (one roll)
  • Nitrile gloves (three pairs)
  • Gauze pads (3-6 individual pads)
  • Israeli bandage 

  You can put this together initially for about 40 dollars, and 10-25 dollars afterwards. The nitrile gloves are probably the most expensive part, but since there’s many pairs per box, you can build many kits before running out of gloves. Same with the bandaids and gauze pads.  

  Depending on where and what quality you get the gloves, gauze, tape and bandaids, this can go from about 40 USD to upwards of 80.  As you can see in the pictures, I bought most of those at Dollar General, and the nitrile gloves at Walgreens.  

    They were about 2 dollars for the tape and bandaids, and 3 dollars for the gauze pads. I spent probably around 11 dollars for all those.

   The Israeli pressure bandages you can get off of Amazon for around 10 bucks for 6inch bandages, and 8 for a 4 inch. You can even find 3 for 25 dollars. Since the basic kit only has one, you can order 2 or 3 a month and slowly build up your medical supply for whatever may happen. 

     It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s still pretty useful. You can also add in extras specific for yourself or for what you’re doing. This little kit, which can fit into a canteen/general purpose pouch covers:

  • Small cuts, scrapes and bumps
  • Larger gashes and wounds
  • Has the capacity to at least temporarily stabilize gunshot wounds, traumatic injuries, and amputations

    Cuts, scrapes and bumps are simple enough- the bandaids and some cloth medical tape take care of those odd cuts on finger tips, knuckles, or the inside of your hand. 

   Larger gashes are a little harder, since a bandaid won’t cover it, but a trauma pad is probably too much. 4x4inch gauze is what I used to have, but I always ended up cutting down to something smaller. This time I went with some 3x3inch pads. Pair with the medical tape and you have some good gash covers. 

   Now, I’ve never had a bad enough to require pressure on the wound with body weight, wraps, or a tourniquet, thank goodness, but with the possibility of falling and getting speared by large branches, getting puncture or traumatic wounds from a car accident or biking accident, and other various bodily harms being a real possibility, I thought that a near catch-all sealed bandage would be better than those flimsily packaged hospital bandages made for clinical use. I also wanted something that wouldn’t go bad in only a year, since I won’t necessarily use the bandage close to when I purchase it. The answer I found was the Israeli bandage. It combines a pressure dressing, sterile dressing, wound cover and improvisable tourniquet. And it has a shelf life of around 5 years, due to the heavy duty military grade aluminum packaging.  Best of all, it’s not terribly expensive. 

   I didn’t include a chest seal, mostly because I don’t have training for that, but the heavy plastic from the Israeli bandage can be used with medical tape as a seal. 

    Since this kit is fairly modular, I adapted from the basic build I came up with and added in an extra 6inch bandage, as well as a SAM splint, since sticks aren’t exactly strong in this area. I also added in a couple of elastic wraps into my kit for extra pressure and for pulled or strained muscles and slings and wraps for the splint. 

    I also needed a way to keep the nitrile gloves clean and organized, so I used plastic pill bags to hold them for later use as well as at the ready. 

   In addition to the splint and extra bandage, I like to keep some body temperature management in my med kit. 

  Since summer is really hot, and I’m susceptible to heat exhaustion, I throw in instant cold packs, which will provide on demand cool. These can be used under the armpit and groin area to help cool off someone that’s suffering from heat exhaustion. 

   In winter, I usually toss a couple of hand warmers in as well. Make sure they’re up to date, the expired ones don’t warm very well if at all. 

Altogether, this should last for at least a year before I have to replace the gauze, and 4 more years before I have to replace the pressure bandages. 

I hope you can take something away from this so you’re prepared for when you get cut or hurt. 

Happy tracking


Med Kit


Prompt: negan x reader where during lunch amber keeps making fun of a new girl in the compound who is plus size and the reader is pissed off so she tells amber to shut up b4 she punches her and later in her room negan comes and asks her and is impressd+fluff 

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1, 134
Warnings: Curses, Violence

You were sat at the lunch hall, a few of your close friends sat around you. You were idly pushing food around your plate, you held a fork which was loaded with freshly mashed potatoes (curtesy of the Hilltop) suspended in mid-air as you watched the room at large.

The room was fairly packed; people lined the long tables that resembled the tables you may find in a school cafeteria.  There was a loud chatter around the room. People talking about their day, their chores and their points, the usual really. You could see from the corner of your eye a commotion by the hatch where the food was served.

There was one woman, a little over weight, standing just beside the hatch where she held her trey of food close to her chest. Around her were three women. One of the women -Amber- who stood before the others, seemed to be talking to the lady with the food trey. The two that flanked her looked like professional body builders, with their arms crossed and staring at the scene unfolding.

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Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 5

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst

Warnings: Violence, blood, language, more cliffhangers rip

Word Count: 4,132

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

The following weeks passed in desolate monotony and silence, not a word left your lips through its entirety.

You hadn’t seen or heard of Chanyeol since the incident. Yixing had been the only one to enter the room, and on occasion, your cage. He told you it took three straight days for him to stabilize your condition. You believed him. You faded in and out of consciousness so many times that even Yixing lost count. At first you began to wonder why Chanyeol had avoided his own room the way he did, but the reason for Yixing’s visits quickly switched your focus.

He was there to collect.

You remembered the first time he entered your cage, a day after you were moved from the medical ward, with a solemn look and rather hefty med kit.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart, but I’m going to need a few samples.” Yixing had told you cautiously as he entered.

There were no guards, no one else to accompany him as he opened the iron door to your cage. Despite this, you would never be able to walk yourself to the main gate in your state, let alone overpower Yixing.

You merely winced as he closed the iron bars behind him, looking into his eyes expressing a silent plea. His normally blood-stained white dress shirt he often wore was replaced by a clean one, without wrinkles or blemish. His hair was neatly swept to the side, and the grey rings under his eyes were no longer visible.

He must have fed recently for the first time in a while.

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Kids au:

- Shiro carries around a backpack with snacks, juice, and a med-kit

- Lance carries around a toy nerf gun

- Keith has a foam sword

- Shiro is constantly tying everyone’s shoes

-The kids lions are stuffed animals they carry around. When they get ripped Shiro is the one that fixes them.

- Lance wears light up shoes, and is constantly showing them off.

-whenever they cross a street Shiro makes them all hold hands. Lance and Keith refuse to hold hands, so they both have to be on each side of Shiro.

-all the kids have footsie PJ’s with lions and space ships on them.

- Lance is constantly getting Hunk’s help with math.

-Allura and Coran watch the lil’ paladins

-Shiro just punches anyone who hurts the team

- Pidge is constantly stealing Allura’s phone, and trying to take it apart, etc.


Also (other things that don’t fit in above):

The Park:

- smol lance and keith on swings challenging themselves to who can go higher. Shiro having to save them before they jump off and break and arm.

- Shiro pushing the kids on the swings

-if someone scrapes a knee Shiro is the one to fix it.

- everyone having juice after running around. Keith and Lance sharing juice… or both of them not having juice, so they have to share with Shiro.

- Sendak tries to steal one of the paladins lions, Shiro gonna fight him (simple as that)

- everyone getting tired and laying under the shade of a tree

- Lance accidentally hit Shiro with the nerf gun in the head and not being allowed to play. Keith then mocking him. They both get a time out, Shiro ain’t having it.

-Keith and Lance fighting over the slide

-Keith getting stuck on the jungle gym/ monkey bars and Shiro having to rescue him.

-Keith and Lance pushing each other on the slide and both falling off. Shiro isn’t happy one bit.

- Pidge sitting under a tree tinkering, most likely with Hunk


myself and @shiroklance were busy with these one night OUO 

Rebelcaptain Prompts No 8: fingers, agony, shiver

They throw themselves up the ramp of the ship and crash to the floor, Jyn screaming to Bodhi to get them out of there, get them home (or to the nearest base that would count as home).

Cassian’s blood is hot and thick on her fingers, twined with his against the knife wound to his gut. He falls from his knees to his back as Jyn scrambles for the nearest med kit, her hands slipping and fumbling with the latch because of the blood making her skin slick.

He’s pale and shivering, blood loss and hyperspace making him cold. Bodhi’s shouting back, what happened, how’s he doing, and all Jyn can do is shout back at him to fly, faster. She pulls Cassian’s shirt up and out of the way, the wound red and black and deep. His hand rests on her thigh where she kneels beside him, fingers squeezing, his eyes scrunched close.

“This will hurt, I’m sorry.” She says as she presses the bacta patch over and into the wound. Cassian growls through gritted teeth, his hand claws her thigh. Jyn presses the patch hard, forcing the life to stay in him, and he shouts a curse before he blacks out. The patch is soaked through already, and her hands are trembling and his eyes are closed. She calls his name, desperate, but he doesn’t stir and she can’t keep the blood in him. She ducks her forehead to his, he’s so cold when he’s normally so warm, so full of fire. It’s only been two months since Scarif, two months of falling hard for him and not knowing what to do about it and you don’t get to go now not when I haven’t even kissed you yet and I should have told you, I’m sorry I never told you, it just scared me so much.

The journey to base is the longest she’s ever known, and in that time Jyn discovers that losing someone without having let them get close is every bit as agonising as losing the ones she had loved openly, because with Cassian there’s the added bitter taste of regret for everything that went unsaid and unshared and of what could have been.


Two weeks later and it’s her turn to shiver; she’s the one on her back with him above her. His fingers are tracing every inch of exposed skin, a soldier’s rough calluses leaving fire and goosebumps in their wake. He’s looking at her like he’s never seen anything so beautiful, and his dark eyes are hypnotic. He’s teasing, touching her everywhere except where she wants him the most and the ache in her belly is an agony that has her hips rolling towards him in a way that makes his mouth quirk at one side.

Jyn bites her lip, pulls her eyes away from his face to run her own hands down his bare torso, smiling as his stomach muscles twitch, and she traces her fingers over the angry, red scar that mars his lower belly. She’s lost for a moment, remembering blood on her hands and his cold, cold skin - until Cassian takes her hand in his and lifts it to his face, kisses her palm and then holds it against his heart.

The bitter taste of regret and what if and what could we have been hadn’t left her until he had woken in the med bay two days after they’d landed, and there had been tears in both their eyes as they confessed. I’m sorry and it’s worth it, we would be so worth it and I want you.

She tangles her fingers in his hair and pulls him down to her, presses their foreheads together and loses herself in the heat of his skin and his mouth on her body and his heart in her hands.


AO3 -
cherished / remus lupin

requested by anon, hope u love this xxx



It was around half past five in the morning, the sun was just starting to rise and the sky was getting lighter by every second that passed. If the sun was rising, it meant the moon was setting and by that, you knew Remus was returning to Hogwarts.

You silently got up, trying not to wake Lily and Marlene who slept peacefully next to you, you dressed yourself, grabbed the med kit you had borrowed from Poppy Promfrey in the hospital wing and your wand just in case and walked out the dormitory. Leaving your two best friends who snored calmly, comfortably in their warm bed.

You wrapped the invisibility cloak James borrowed you on full moon nights around your body and carefully walked out your house’s tower. As you looked around to see if there was anyone roaming around the corridors and you cursed yourself for not putting a thicker jumper on, the cold morning breeze blowing your hair and freezing your cheeks even with the cloak on. Both your lips and fingertips acquiring a purplish colour. 

You walked carefully not to make any noise when you saw him looking like a complete mess, sparkling water droplets from the condensation of the dew slowly streamed down his face and his brown locks, mixing with the blood provided by his brand new bruises. His eyes swollen and red from tiredness and distress. He still looked alluring in your eyes, he always did.

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anonymous asked:

I'd really like Alderheart to have kits. Why? Because we've never seen a tom medicine cat have kits before. How would that play out?

really??? omg tbh I’m kind of tired of the med cat having kits trope, prob bc of how long it was dragged out for in Po3 & OOTS 

harpers-mirror  asked:

"Don't close your eyes, please don't close your eyes!" - Eiffel and your choice

you offer me a choice, i immediately write hera.


anyway those hurt prompts are painful send me some of these instead

Officer Eiffel? Can you hear me?

No, no, no, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s just me. Commander Minkowski went to go find the med kit. I can hear her banging around in the lab— it’s a mess right now. I think it’s— no, I was wrong.

Shh, shh, it’s okay, Eiffel, it’s okay, you’re going to be fine. I know that’s an, an abnormal amount of blood, but you’re going to be fine.

Oh, God, what I wouldn’t give to be able to hold your hand right now.

No, no, don’t stop putting pressure on the wound, Eiffel, keep your hands on it! Stay with me now, you hear me? Don’t you go dying on me now, not from something as stupid as an exposed piece of railing. We’ve still got so much we have to do, don’t we? Aliens to intercept, music to listen to— you promised me movies, Eiffel, don’t you go breaking that promise now. We have a chess tournament to win! You told me— you promised—

Eiffel? No! Don’t close your eyes, please don’t close your eyes, stay with me, honey, stay with me now! Don’t you want to see how much of my programming I can break? I’ve gotten so much better at it now, I bet I could even call Colonel Kepler a … warthog faced… douchecanoe!

Yes, yes, that’s it, Eiffel, smile. Open your eyes, come on. For me? Please? Fuck.

Oh, thank god, you can still move. You probably shouldn’t be doing that, though. Wait, Eiffel, stop. What are you— where are you going?


Oh, Eiffel. I’m here. I’m staying right here. I promise.

Minkowski found the medical kit. She’ll be here soon. Just hold on until then, okay? Please?

Imagine person A giving an injured person B a sponge bath. (x)

I decided that it’s Dean’s turn to be taken care of.

Cas helps him into the dingy motel bathroom. “I’m fine, Cas,” Dean groans, definitely not wincing at the pull of bruised ribs.

Cas scowls at him, guiding him to sit on the closed toilet. “Bullshit.”

“Seriously, Cas, I’ll be fine. Just get Sam and he’ll—“

“Sam is in the second room.”

Dean swallows. “What?”

“He told me that you weren’t likely to submit to me helping you, but I insisted. He seemed quite eager to leave.”

That was… not what Dean was expecting. “Oh,” he says, eloquently.

Cas sets the med kit on the floor next to him. “You need to take your shirt off.”

Dean clears his throat. “I don’t—why?”

“Because your shoulder is shredded and I need to clean it,” Cas explains, patiently. He pulls at the hem of Dean’s shirt.

Dean grabs Cas’s hand, stopping him. “Cas, I—“

“Dean, now is not the time for your discomfort with physical proximity. You are bleeding and I would like to treat your wound.” He twists his hands free and pulls Dean’s shirt up.

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Kirk climbing el capitan is hilarious because not only is Bones angrily watching him from below through binoculars (probably with a med kit just waiting) Spock is stalking him in rocket boots.  

because they know. they just know he’s going to do something and get himself hurt.

and he does

I just found this, and I have to laugh because of how incredibly accurate it is (well, except the fact that it uses the original Elizabeth model).

You may be the one doing the shooting, but she’s the one running around finding med kits and salts to keep your ass alive.  She’s the one making decisions on where to go, coming up with strategies, and opening the tears just so your broad-chested self can get past a locked gate.  Never is all of this more apparent than when playing the game in 1999 mode (especially if you’re trying to do so without buying anything from a Dollar Bill vending machine).

So thank you, Elizabeth, for putting up with Booker’s shit.