You can find love in the strangest of places

Clockwise, top left to center:

1. In a pancreas

2. In a Pap smear

3. In a thyroid follicle

4. In an anal canal 

5. In a lymph node

6. In a parotid gland

7. In a colonic crypt

8. In a bronchiole

9. In a lung carcinoma


Histology from the microscopes of i♡histo (2, 3, 4, 6), tamucvmclassof2019 (1), Chiara Ambrogio (8), bsymbol (7), simgeerbil (5) and João Boto (9)


What UK med students think about the current Junior Doctor contract issue.

You may not become the best doctor in the world, or this country, this state or city. Hell, you may not even be the best doctor on your street, at your hospital or clinic, or the best doctor on a hospital floor or in a room at a given time.
But when a patient comes to you, scared the headaches, the chest pains, whatever they’ve been having for months might be something worse, at that moment, YOU are their best chance for survival. You are that patient’s best hope, and proving yourself worthy of that responsibility is the only title you should ever care about winning.
—  A practicing physician for 40 years, and one who still hasn’t lost sight of what truly matters in this profession: the patients.