med pack

Watering the plants

Tension had be high ever since Pidge’s headphones were broken and no one owned up to it.
Everyone was in a bad mood, not talking or trusting each other.
Allura saw only one solution.
To abandon the Paladins on a forest planet without their armour or bayards with only emergency supplies.

“Well this sucks” Lance moaned looking through the bag of supplies finding only one large blanket between the five of them and only enough food to last two days if they rationed.
“It could be worse, at least the planet doesn’t seem hostile.” Shiro shrugged from where him and Pidge were building a makeshift shelter.
“I only hope they remembered to pack my meds.” Lance sighed continuing his rooting.
All the others stopped in their tasks.
It had been a couple weeks since the garden incident and everyone had been tip toeing around the subject of Lance and his episodes.
Well everyone but Hunk “don’t worry Buddy I got them here.” He produced the full orange plastic container from his pocket and gave it a little shake causing the pills to rattle around.
“Thanks Hunk.” Lance sighed standing up and joining him building a fire.

By time night fell Keith had returned from hunting with a few alien rabbits that Hunk cooked while everyone else sat round the fire.
“You know for a survival bonding trip, this is actually kinda nice.” Lance sighed leaning back against a tree while the others nodded in agreement.
For a moment everything was peaceful.
Then that moment passed and the ground collapsed beneath them.

The sudden earthquake had caused the thin piece of rock they had set up camp on to fall into a cave network.
Lance sat up rubbing his head as he looked around the dark cavern he had fallen into.
His arm hurt but didn’t feel broken so that was good.
The problem was he couldn’t see any of the others.
His voice echoed throughout the empty space.
“Guys? Hunk? Shiro? Pidge?… Keith?”
Nothing no reply.
Lance stretched his hands out in front of him hitting the cold stone wall.
He was trapped in a small cavern only about a arms width in diameter. He felt around and found what could be the bottom of a ledge but was just out of his reach.
Lance sighed, didn’t look like he was getting out of here anytime soon.
He slid down to the wet floor drawing his knees close to his chest as he waited and listened.
At some point he must of fallen asleep because when he woke he heard someone yelling.
“Hello?” Lance called.
“Lance?” The voice replied.
A head suddenly appeared over the ledge holding a small light.
Lance realised it was Keith.
“Holy quiznark, I’ve never been so glad to see you Mullet.”
“Likewise.” He smirked offering down a hand to pull him up.
Lance tried to lift his hand high enough but a jolt of pain reminded him of his injured arm.
Keith noticed the look of pain and lowered his light slightly to see the blood stained limb.
“Language” Lance chuckled.
“I don’t know how I’m going to get you out of there…” Keith sighed. “Guess we just have to hope one of the others gets out and calls Allura.”
“Don’t worry I’m sure Pidge has gotten out by now. That little gremlin practically lives in the vents so I’m sure a little underground cave system is nothing.” Lance chuckled glad to see a small smile forcing its way onto Keith’s face.
A small beeping noise came from Lance’s watch causing the blue paladin to pale. “I don’t suppose you found my meds after you fell… did you?”
Keith’s eyes widened “shit Lance… what do I do? How do I keep you here I-”
“Keith buddy calm down. Missing a dosage just makes it more likely something will happen. It’s not a definite. And if you keep talking to me it may work out fine.”
Keith seemed to calm down slightly at this but still seemed consumed by worry, not able to forget the sight of Lance standing over the plants bleeding from cuts in his wrists.
“Ok…ok, so what do you want to talk about?” Keith asked taking a shaky breath.
Lance shrugged in response causing Keith to groan in frustration.
“Ok what about the ocean? Your always talking how much you miss it.”
A fond look came across Lance’s face “I really do. I miss swimming against the current and the feeling of wet sand beneath my feet. I miss collecting sea glass and shell with my little brother and sister.”
Lance rambled on about the ocean for about 20 minutes before Keith noticed Lance had the same far away look he had last time he had slipped away.
“L-Lance? You still with me?”
“Mmhm” Lance hummed his expression suddenly turning to panic. “Keith! The water its rising! Get me out!” He yelled frantically clawing at the walls.
“Lance you need to calm down there’s no water.” Keith tried to explain.
“No there is! Its getting higher! Please pull me up! I don’t want to drown!” He yelled scrapping his finger nails so hard against the rock that one came off and the others were split and bleeding.
Keith knew this was bad. Lance could seriously hurt himself if this kept up. His thoughts turned to Hunk explaining that the best way to deal with situation was to try and calm Lance down and talk him out of what he’s doing.
Keith tried to swallow the lump in his throat. “Lance..erm you can swim remember. You just need to swim up with the water.”
Lance seemed to calm down slightly as he began to move his arms in what would a comical fashion if not for the circumstances. “Good buddy j-just concentrate on treading water and you’ll be just fine.”
“Lance? Keith?”
Shiro’s voice called from above as he scaled down the rock on a line.
“Here Shiro!” Keith called back.
Shiro landed next to him. “You ok? Where’s Lance?” He asked before following where Keith gestured to see Lance frantically moving his arms with tears falling down his face.
Shiro cursed softly under his breath. “I knew coming here was a bad idea.”
He dropped a line down to Lance and after a bit of coaxing was able to get him to the surface.
He was sedated and placed into the pods for an hour to heal the damage done to his hands. When he came out and saw all the worried faces of his friends Lance broke down sobbing.
“It happened again! I’m sorry I’m so sorry I’m such a useless paladin.”
“You have nothing to apologise for Lance. This is my fault for sending you all on this bonding exercise. I never dreamed the planet would be unstable.” Allura said as she wrapped him up in a hug.
Hunk stepped forward joining the hug"it’s not your fault princess it’s mine.“ He added guiltily “I had his meds, if I had just given them to him before the earthquake then it wouldn’t of happened.
"I should of gotten out and called for help quicker instead of waisting time looking for everyone.” Pidge mumbled throwing her arms around Lance’s torso.
“I’m the leader, looking after my team is responsibility, I’m so so sorry Lance.” Shiro placed a hand on Lance’s shoulder.
“No… its my fault I couldn’t keep you here, I let slip off.” Keith grumbled too awkward to join the hug.
After a few moment Lance looked up “let’s just move on ok? No point in feeling guilty…”

After that it was decided that every paladin would carry a small bottle of Lance’s medication on them when they went out on missions just in case.
Lance pretended it didn’t bother him, but it felt like with his team constantly monitoring him they were just admitting to something Lance had known since day one.
That he was the weakest link.

——————————————part 1:
Not Like This (Part 2)

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Sorry for the double tags, guys.  Tumblr was apparently having some technical difficulties.  Its all good now!  Enjoy!
Fandom:  Star Trek AOS (Soulmate AU)
Pairing: Reader x Bones
Word Count: 3,633
Rating: Teen+
Warnings: Injuries, blood, scary scenes 
Tag List: @outside-the-government @littlecarowrites @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse  @feelmyroarrrr @trekken81 @lurkch @yourtropegirl @answer-the-sirens
Author’s note:  SO many people have asked to be added to the tag list for this fic.  I am absolutely flattered.  I’m so glad you guys like it!!  I apologize if I missed anyone in the tag list, please let me know if I forgot your name.  Also, if I have you just in the tag list for this story but you wish to be on my permanent tag list, please let me know!

I hope you all like this part just as much… its actually my favourite part of the story so far.  Enjoy!

          Leonard had gone back to his business after his last projected thoughts, after his soulmate had wished him luck on his exam.  It was going to be a hard one, he was sure, and he nervously chewed on the end of his stylus as he waited for the instructor’s signal.  The exam appeared on the screen of his tablet as his professor indicated that they could begin and he bent over it, meticulously reading each question and answering carefully, his mind completely focused on his task.

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So I thought I would make this post because my bag has helped me survive night shift/nursing in general. I bought this cosmetics bag at Target, it was a little expensive but I’m sure you could find a similar one for cheaper. I put it in my nursing bag and bring it to work every night.

So what’s in it?

It has three sections - 

1. Medications - I get tension headaches so I added Excedrin. You could keep Benadryl, Advil, Tylenol, Prevacid, etc. Just get the small bottles.

2. Boxes - BandAids have been so useful. I slam my hand on things or snag my arm on the door all the time. Midol for obvious reasons. Don’t laugh at the Imodium, I literally saved a preceptor one time because she got suddenly sick with diarrhea and pharmacy didn’t have any medications they could give her.  I also keep assorted packs of meds like my Claritin. I put my feminine products in this compartment. These flossers are also a life saver. After I eat lunch I feel like I have food in my teeth, so these babies are the bomb.

3. Hygiene - Mints for after lunch breath, chapstick for every reason ever, makeup remover/facial cleanser wipes (you never know when you will get something nasty on your face), hand moisturizer, dry shampoo, deodorant. I also have a small contact case and contact solution for contact emergencies. On the other side of this middle pocket I have a couple of small bills ($5 and $1) just in case I forget my card and need food.

Other things you could add - nail file, small toothbrush and toothpaste, extra hair ties, powder, hairspray, neosporin, hydrocortisone cream, etc, etc.

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(in response to that ask about toshi and a dog) a service dog!!! aside from fetching ice packs / meds bottle / etc, she also knows when toshi has an episode (his scar flaring up, bad brain day, or a nightmare) and will guide him through it. she's also one of the big breed too so he doesn't have to worry about squishing her. she's the friendliest and happiest dog ever. on the rare occasion toshi letting her 'off duty', she will absolutely tackle izuku to the ground and slobber all over him

A BIG BOOFER!! (so he doesn’t have to worry about squishing her bless)

the kids absolutely adore the dog but know enough to not mess with her when she’s ‘on duty.’ she always sticks close to Toshinori, and maybe sometimes goes and gets the students or other teachers when she knows something is wrong or going to happen. everyone didn’t get to meet her until after Kamino Ward and were a little relieved to learn that their teacher hadn’t been completely alone and without help.

sometimes she helps the students, too, when Toshinori doesn’t need her. like when they’re having a rough time with something, like a bad brain day or just emotions all over the place. and, honestly, after everything those kids have been through there’s gotta be at least a little PTSD and anxiety. the dog helps out and is always a welcome presence and the kids love her to pieces.

Toshinori is glad that his dog is able to help others, especially those closest to him. the dog loves helping around and being with others. things get interesting when a trainee service dog comes to learn from Toshi’s veteran service dog.

man i’m just. Toshinori having a serivice dog is such a wonderful and good idea and i love it!! so much!!

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road trip with day6!!

  • sungjin will be the driver ofc
  • will try (( keyword: tRY )) to make your first roadtrip with day6 as fun yet safe as possible
  • he’s the one who checks everyone’s belongings because everyone else would be too excited and distracted to do so
  • he also made sure to pack some meds in case you get car sick vroom vroom !!!!!!
  • you’re his no. 1 priority (( don’t tell wonpil!!!! )) since your mum entRusted him with your precious life
  • once the car engine starts, brian would already be sleeping such a sleepy sleepy bOi
  • “sHOTGUN!!!!” jae would call out
  • oh he’s also the self-proclaimed ‘aux-cord king’
  • warning!!!!!: you’ll never get any sleep with jae screaming lyrics at the top of his lungs
  • do not forget wonpil’s harmonizing!!!!!! and dowoon’s excellent drumming skills on his non-existent drums!!!
  • “omG my DRUM STICK!!” he would cry out as it somehow accidentally hit brian’s head
  • oh shoot brian woke up but it’s cutie dowoon so he decided to jOIN THE PARTY INSTEAD
  • dowoon and wonpil would be the ones stealing all your snacks ,, eating them secretly till you find out
  • thank god sungjin reminded you to bring extra since he told you that they were ‘rATS’ in the car
  • hungry dowoon would want to stop at every burger/pizza joint he sees along the road
  • “take my burger gummies instead,,”
  • brian would be busy admiring the scenic views that the car passes by calling you every now and then to take a look at it too
  • “its as beautiful as you,,” brian would say wiNk wonk
  • you’d smack him to stop his corny ass
  • “since we have a very special guest today,, I’ll let you pick a song!!!”
  • pls act excited
  • don’t break poor jae’s heart
  • wonpil will be the one who needs constant pit-stop breaks
  • “oh gOD pls help me and my bladder,,”
  • the ac would be too cold for you causing you to continuously sneeze
  • “ah-cHOO” and worried brian would offer you his tissues till he’s all out
  • he would be the one stopping at every picturesque place
  • “jae, take a photo of me here!!!!!”
  • he would drag you along to join him in his photos
  • “bri,, lets take a picture with everyone!!”
  • all of you would excitedly get ready with your matching poses tiLL YOU REALIZED “who’s gonna be the one taking the photo ??”
  • the 6 of you will spend at least 10 minutes arguing on who’ll be the photographer sINCE every one of you wants to be in it
  • till sungjin remembered he brought a tripod!!!! he knew something like this was going to happen
  • “say chEEEEESE GUYS”
  • you’ve finally reached your destination!!!!!!
  • “ok who the hELL screwed up the hotel room because there is no way I’m sleeping with 5 bOYS,, yes brian im looking at ya ass”
Broken Hearted: The Station

Broken Hearted: The Station
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader
Word Count: 2175
Warnings: Bones Soul mate AU, fluff, angst, cursing, pretty much the normal stuff

A/N: I have read so many soul mate AU’s that I’m intrigued and want to try my hand at it. Just in case this idea that I have isn’t new, I’m not trying to copy anyone! This is Part 3 of the series.

Over the next few weeks, you and Leonard (he quickly tired of being called Dr. McCoy) spent enough time together to get to know each other and get used to other’s habits. He knew you needed at least 8 hours of sleep a night to feel rested and when you didn’t get it, no amount of coffee on the whole ship could fix it. You are also more prone to migraines when you’re sleep deprived. You know that just because he frowns and gives his trademark “dammit”, doesn’t mean he’s truly angry. Although, anger can be a problem for him sometimes. He’s very protective over the crew, you and the command officers especially. As a result of spending time around Leonard, you spend time around his two best friends, the Captain and Mr. Spock.

Once they were told (Leonard told them, you didn’t) that you were soulmates, Captain Kirk insisted that you call him Jim (in social settings only of course) and Mr. Spock made every effort to include you in anything he thought you might find interesting. Mostly engineering related things. Scotty, when Jim told him, came and found you and gave you a huge hug. He was so pleased that you had found your soulmate that you didn’t have the heart to tell him your misgivings about it. So, now that you are in the “limelight” on the ship, things begin to happen in your career that might not have happened otherwise. You are included on away teams. Scotty recommends you for just about every away mission an engineer is needed on and often takes you along as his assistant, even if he doesn’t really need one. He said the experience is invaluable.

Leonard has a different opinion.

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rank | tommy shelby

bc we haven’t had a tommy/nurse in a while

i love this dynamic? so much? i will write 6000 fics of it?

The first time you met Tommy Shelby you were covered in muck and blood, sheltering under a blown out doorway in God-Knows-Where, France.

The rain was falling in buckets, had been for days, and you’d found five consecutive seconds to sit and do nothing. You were bundled up in the jacket of a possible dead man. He sauntered right up and planted himself next to you on an empty munitions crate. At least you hoped it was empty.

“Is that even lit?”

You lifted your hand, pinched the cig between your fingers and lifted just far away from your mouth to speak.

“My lighter ran out and my matches are wet. I’m hoping my brain will be tricked by the taste alone”

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This is my exchange fic for @anagrammaddict !! Thank you to @dailyspiritassassin for hosting such an amazing event!

Anagramaddict wanted hurt/comfort, so I hope that you enjoy!

“Baze, Baze my love, wake up. Kaya!”

Baze slowly opened his eyes, looking up at the side of Chirrut’s face. He wanted to close his eyes again, go back to sleep. His entire body was trying to drag him down, to protect him from pain. Pain. That was what Baze was feeling. His shoulder, the left one. He turned his head to look, and saw Chirrut’s hands, red with blood, pressing against his shoulder. “Chirrut…” Baze muttered. “Chirrut that hurts, stop…” Why was Chirrut hurting him?

“Baze,” Chirrut breathed and he pressed more into Baze’s shoulder. Baze gasped with the bolt of pain. “Baze, you’re awake, stay with me, please.” Baze turned his head to look at Chirrut’s face again. He looked at the knit of his eyebrows, the lines around his eyes. Chirrut was scared. Why was he scared?

Kaya slid into view and she kneeled next to Chirrut, a med pack in her hands. She opened it up and pulled out the bacta. “What was he hit with?” Kaya asked. Baze hated it when people spoke as if he was not in the room. It was not a feeling he was familiar with. His size made it difficult to ignore him. A wave of dizziness hit and his head spun. This time he would let go of Kaya’s rudeness.

“I don’t know,” Chirrut snapped, his words harsher than necessary, “I didn’t exactly see it.” Kaya nudged at Chirrut’s hands, and Chirrut swallowed, carefully, reluctantly, pulling his hands away. Baze looked at his shoulder again, ignoring Kaya undoing his jump suit.

“Chirrut, you stained my suit…” he muttered. Chirrut moved to Baze’s other side, his hands reaching down and sliding over Baze’s cheek. “I liked this jumpsuit…” Baze muttered.

“I know, I know,” Chirrut said quietly. Callous slick fingers slid along Baze’s temple and Baze suddenly felt tired again. “Baze,” Chirrut said, voice suddenly firm. “You need to stay awake, you’ve lost a lot of blood.”

Blood? Baze looked back at his shoulder. It was more difficult to turn his head this time, it meant moving away from Chirrut’s hand and he enjoyed when Chirrut touched him like this. Kaya was ripping down his jumpsuit, and he saw the hole that was marring his shoulder, blood seeping out of it and over the smooth skin there. “Well, shit,” Baze muttered. Chirrut let out a laugh, a surprised almost hysterical laugh. Chirrut was always more inclined to laugh then cry. It was either not very bad, or it was much worse than Baze thought. He just wanted to go back to sleep.

“Looks like a slug shooter,” Kaya said as Baze turned his head away. “The slug is still in his shoulder, I’ll have to get it out. Baze, this is going to hurt.”

“Already hurts,” Baze muttered. He looked back at Chirrut, startled to see tears in his husband’s eyes. “Chir,” Baze muttered, and his right hand moved, taking Chirrut’s hand. It was curled up tight, short nails digging into his palm, and Baze used his fingers to uncurl the fingers slowly, sliding his fingers into Chirrut’s hand. “I’ve been shot before…”

“I know,” Chirrut said. Chirrut pulled Baze’s hand into his lap, squeezing it tight. “That does not make me worry any less.”

Baze let out a small laugh and he tried to squeeze Chirrut’s hand back. His head turned a bit so he could look at Chirrut properly. “I’m tired…” he muttered. Chirrut’s hand squeezed Baze’s hand hard again, and Baze was briefly distracted from the pain in his shoulder because of the pain in his fingers. “I know,” Baze muttered, “I can’t fall asleep.”

“I’m going to get the slug out,” Kaya warned. It was not enough of a warning though. Suddenly all Baze felt was pain. It spread from his shoulder and through his entire body, a stinging wrenching pain that pulled a scream from his throat, cutting through the silence of the room. Then everything was dark again.


“I am one with the Force and the Force is with me, I am one with the Force and the Force is with me, I am one with the Force and the Force is with me, I am one with the Force and the Force is with me…”

The repetitive prayer slid through Baze’s consciousness, and it was the first thing Baze was aware of as he woke up. Baze clung to it. He did not want to be asleep anymore. He had slept too long. He needed to make Chirrut dinner, Chirrut was terrible at taking care of himself. He was always so focused on his spiritual, on his faith, on his forms, that he often forgot that he was still human, still needed to eat. Baze could not just sleep the day away when his husband needed him. He let the prayer pull him up, back to consciousness, and he looked up at the ceiling above him, a sandy yellow color, same tone as many of the homes on Jedha.

Baze swallowed, and it was like swallowing thousands of daggers. Small stinging pains moving down before fading slightly away, leaving behind a sticky soreness. The prayer stopped, and he wished that it would continue. Baze no longer believed the Force cared about him, but the prayer was comforting. Reminded him of home. It made him want to say the second half of the prayer, the Force is with me, and I am one with the Force, but he would not. Could not. “Chirrut,” Baze managed to whisper. The pain in his shoulder, a dull throb, was starting to become more pronounced, but he pushed it away. He turned his head when he heard footsteps on the floor, and managed to see Chirrut’s feet right before Chirrut knelt next to him, taking Baze’s right hand and pulling it up.

“Baze,” Chirrut breathed, and he kissed over the palm of Baze’s hand. Baze could not hide the smile that formed as he watched his husband, watched as he pressed kisses against his palm, comforted himself with the knowledge that Baze was once again awake. He watched as realization spread on his face, and Chirrut released Baze’s hand, Chirrut’s hands patting the floor around him before finding a cup that Baze had not noticed. “You’re probably thirsty,” Chirrut said, and Baze was thankful for his foresight. “Do you think you can sit up?”

“Mm,” Baze hummed the affirmative, and he used his good arm to carefully push himself up. The world around him spun a moment, and he swallowed down the dizziness. It would pass in time but Baze was not a terribly good patient. He ignored as Chirrut tried to hand him the cup, and his good hand reached up, cupping the back of Chirrut’s head and pulling him close, kissing his husband deeply.

The kiss was deep and rich, poured out of Baze like honey. He felt Chirrut return in kind, a sort of languid movement that quickly turned fierce. Chirrut’ free hand moved up and into Baze’s hair, tangling in the wavy strands, and clung to Baze. When Baze broke the kiss he could see that Chirrut’s eyes were wet, but his stubborn husband was determined not to let them fall. “I could use that water now,” Baze rumbled out, and Chirrut pressed the cup into his chest for him to take.

The water soothed the thousands of tiny tears in his throat, probably produced by the screaming and certainly made worse by the lack of liquid. He swallowed the water down happily and slowly set down the cup, leaning close and kissing Chirrut again despite the dizziness that was building again. “Rest,” Chirrut breathed against his lips and carefully pushed on Baze’s good shoulder to lay him down. “Kaya says that it will scar,” Chirrut said when Baze was finally horizontal again. Chirrut took Baze’s hand in his own and gave it a gentle squeeze, his other hand coming up to stroke over the bumps and tendons of his hand.

“That is alright,” Baze said simply, squeezing Chirrut’s hand in return. “It will just be another piece of me that you will get to feel when you run your hands over me. Just another ugly scar on an ugly man.”

Chirrut’s lips thinned until Baze could barely see them. Baze had been trying to tease, make a joke, because Chirrut always reacted better to humor than comfort. Baze’s joke fell flat though, and he wished he could take it back. “You are not ugly,” Chirrut said as he carefully placed Baze’s hand on his chest. Chirrut stood up carefully and made his way across the room.

Baze’s eyebrows came together, and he pushed himself half up with his good shoulder. “Chirrut, where are you going?” He realized he was afraid that Chirrut out go, leave. It was not a large fear, not one that would consume him or fill him in a nightmare, but it was a fear all the same. A boy who did not want to lose sight of his mother. It made Baze feel small, and there were very few things that could do that.

“Nowhere,” Chirrut said gently. It was a tone Baze had not heard since the last time he got hurt. One Chirrut used when he knew that Baze needed to be comforted. He watched as Chirrut knelt, next to a bag Baze realized. Chirrut reached into it and pulled out a comb before he moved over, kneeling above Baze’s head. “You’ve been lying all day, we don’t want your hair to get matted.” He reached down, untying leather cords from Baze’s braids, sliding his fingers through them to untangle the plaits. Chirrut pulled back Baze’s hair and then urged him to lay down again.

“It is not every day I am willing to do this for you laying down, Baze Malbus,” Chirrut said, in a familiar teasing tone that put Baze’s anxious heart at ease, “enjoy it while it lasts.”

Baze had let out a huff at the words but closed his eyes and enjoyed himself all the same. He relaxed at the gentle touches against his scalp, the careful way Chirrut pulled the comb through his hair, finding all the tangles. Baze let his mind wander, focusing on the feeling of Chirrut’s fingers in his hair rather than the throbbing in his shoulder. Better to focus on that. He felt his body sag into the sleeping roll that was underneath him. When Chirrut was finished, Baze listened to the small click as the comb was set down, and smiled gently when he felt Chirrut’s lips on his forehead.

Chirrut slid along the floor to Baze’s right side, slowly laying down and tucking himself into Baze’s side, under his arm. Baze knew Chirrut would prefer them chest to chest, or chest to back, somewhere where Chirrut could feel Baze’s heart beat along with his own, but that would probably be asking too much of Baze’s poor shoulder. This would have to do for now.

“I had thought that you were gone, for a moment,” Chirrut said quietly against his side, and his hand moved to rest on Baze’s chest, sliding over it quietly. “All I heard was the shot and then you were down. I did not even think before I hit him, knocking him out quickly so I could get to you.”

“Did you carry me all the way here?” Baze murmured. He was sure that was a sight for anyone who had been looking in that moment. Chirrut carrying a bleeding man so much larger than him. He could hear the comment Chirrut wanted to make, heard the small sarcastic, No, I decided to leave you bleeding on the street. I needed a new husband anyway. He heard the small click of Chirrut’s jaw as he kept those words in, deciding against the joke. Whether for Baze’s sake or Chirrut’s he would not ask.

“Of course,” Chirrut said instead, “you bled all over me. I had to get Kili to go home and get me new robes. Well, I did not. Kaya made her. I would have stayed in blood soaked clothes if it meant that I could stay by your side. Kaya would not stand for it though.” Baze let out a quiet laugh that was cut off when the throbbing in his shoulder increased with the movement. Chirrut pushed himself up in an instant, ready to spring into action, to get whatever Baze needed. “Is everything alright, did you hurt yourself? Is it bleeding again?”

“I’m fine,” Baze grumbled, and the arm that had been tucked around Chirrut moved up and he pulled him back down, refusing to continue speaking until Chirrut’s head was back in its place on Baze’s right shoulder. “I forget sometimes that everything in the body is connected. The pain reminded me.” Chirrut squirmed against Baze’s side, impatient, wanting Baze to be healed already, and Baze sighed, kissing the bristly hairs on Chirrut’s head. “I will be fine, Chirrut.”

It was Chirrut’s turn to huff and he nodded, sliding his hand over Baze’s chest again. “I will believe you because I have no other option but to.” Chirrut slowly stilled except for the hand running along Baze’s chest, drawing small circles along Baze’s undershirt. “We’re going to have to get you more clothes,” Chirrut finally said, “that jumpsuit was ruined.”

“I know,” Baze murmured, closing his eyes and relaxing again. He tried to identify the symbols that Chirrut was drawing on his chest. Some of them were nonsense, little movements of the hand that had no sense of direction or purpose, just needing to move. Other times though they made patterns, ones Baze recognized, symbols that had been all around the temple, in books, on statues, in holos, along the walls. Symbols that meant things like Balance, Faith, Humility. They were drawn against Baze’s skin and then quickly wiped away by the randomness again. “Kaya and Kili will want us to leave their house at some point,” he said quietly.

“I know,” Chirrut echoed his husband’s words, and he tipped his head to kiss Baze’s shoulder, pressing the kiss there gently. “Once you are well enough to walk, we will go home.” Chirrut’s hand slid lower, to Baze’s stomach, and then hesitated before sliding back up. “And when you are feeling better, I will show you how grateful I am you did not die in the alley.”

Baze let out a laugh at that, a weak laugh but a laugh nonetheless, and he kissed Chirrut’s head again. “Well, now I have incentive to rest up and heal as quickly as I can.”

Chirrut laughed and he moved up slowly, kissing Baze gently and letting out a breath. “Mm, I will hold you to that, Baze Malbus.”

William Nylander - Not normal

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Okay guys. This is my second ever imagine. Thank you so much for the responds on the first one. You can find it here if you haven’t read it. 

This one will be a series actually, I don’t know how many parts. As of right now, I have 3 parts written, and I have started on the fourth. I don’t really see the end yet, so you can expect at least 5 parts of this one. The parts will vary in length, the first two ones will be a bit shorter, and the third will be a longer one. 

Now to the warnings. I will put up warnings on every part, with warnings that suits that part. But here are some overall warnings: smut, hot scenes that may be graphic - don’t read if you’re not comfortable, it will be parts that you can read anyways -, and mental illness and diagnoses. The reader (you) will have some mental health issues, and you are diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger syndrome. If you don’t know what that means right now, it will become clear for you during the series. I have myself both diagnoses, and suffered with mental illness and selfharm, so most comes from my own experiences. There will be a lot of mentions of drugs, as in medication. Probably alcohol mentions and smoking too. 

Warnings: mentions of drugs, and that’s about all. 

Length: 778 words

Please leave some feedback :) the more feedback, the sooner I’ll post the next parts ;)

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Viktuuri Sickfic

WARNING(S): descriptions of mild anxiety, vomiting, nausea, minor hospital mention, dealing with a kidney / bladder infection below!

“Turn on your side for a second.” Yuuri kindly ordered, a sock filled with heated rice in one hand while the other helped Viktor roll onto his left side, switching out the impromptu heating pad with the freshly heated one, “Okay, there. You can lay back now.”

Viktor moaned lowly as he turned to lay back down, sighing in relief when the heat began to settle immediately into his skin. It soothing the pain that lay within his back, though muscles had nothing to do with it, heat worked wondered it calming the ache from his irritated kidney. That and the mild pain medication the doctor had prescribed along with his antibiotics.

“Thank you, Yuuri.” Viktor breathed gratefully, truly appreciating his fiance’s care and attention to ensuring he was comfortable.

“I’m glad it’s actually working to help the pain.” Yuuri admitted, it had nearly sent him into a panic attack when he found Viktor curled up in extreme pain that morning ; a mere bladder infection had took a turn for the worse when it migrated to his right kidney. He’d thought Viktor was dying with how the pain had crippled him.

“Do you need another dose of meds?” The younger of the pair asked, shifting nervously on his feet, anxious and wanting to be of use to his love.

“No, not yet anyway, but thank you.” Viktor assured his anxiety riddled fiancé, noting the telltale signs despite his mind being clouded with a mild fever and the minorest of twinges in his back.

“Then, do you need anything? Water? Juice? The doctor said you should drink.” Yuuri questioned, worried he wasn’t following up with Viktor care enough. Had he made him drink enough? Would cranberry juice or water be better at this stage? God, where did he put the at home care papers?

“Yuuri. Yuuri , moy kotenok , you’ve taken great care of me. I’m feeling better. Truly.” Viktor captured his love’s attention, grasping the other’s hand lightly in his to pat it lovingly, his cerulean gaze tender, “I promise. The best nurse I could ever hope for.”

Yuuri sighed, running his thumb over Viktor’s palm, then bringing the hand up partway and leaning down the rest of the way to kiss his fiance’s knuckles, “I don’t mean to press, Vitya. I worry.”

“I know, lapocka. And I love you for it, but I’m doing okay right now.” Viktor reassured, genuinely meaning his words, this was the best he felt since being diagnosed with a bladder (and later kidney) infection, “But perhaps you could lay down with me? If you’re so worried?”

This had Yuuri smiling openly, scoffing in fond amusement as Viktor’s gaze turned imploring, “Of course.”

Walking around to his side of the bed, Yuuri gingerly climbed up under the covers and, mindful of his fiance’s delicate state, scooted over until he was close to Viktor. Not pressed up against him as they both wanted, but close enough to intertwine their arms and have their hands clasped. Yuuri leaned over until his he’d was settled lightly against Viktor’s shoulder, the other turned his head to tenderly stare at Yuuri’s soft features. A moment of lazily tracing his nose then lips with his eyes, he flicked his gaze up to gaze into his fiance’s brown eyes.

A warmth spread throughout his chest, Yuuri’s brown hues holding an affection bred from the purest form of care for another. His worry easily noticed, but also a deeply felt and founded love. Viktor hoped his own reflected such emotions, though he feared they be muted due to his less than par state of being.

“I love you.” He spoke instead, if he couldn’t express it right now, he’d voice it.

“I know.” Yuuri left a small smile upturn the corner of his lips, “And I love you.”

“And I know that.” Viktor responded, it making Yuuri hum a laugh because they were true saps when it came to each other, and they both loved it.

“You should sleep while you can though. I’ll stay here with you.” Yuuri spoke after several minutes of comfortable silence, not wanting to keep Viktor awake just because he wasn’t tired enough yet to sleep.

“Mm, but I like looking at you.” Viktor whined softly, his fatigue showing through his stubbornness in his half mast eyelids and slowed breathing.

“I’ll still be here when you wake up.” Yuuri countered, “And there’s a chance you could dream about me.”

“Mm, compelling point.” Viktor murmured, eyes finally giving up the fight to remain open.

“I know.” Yuuri smirked lightly, leaning over to place a quick yet tender kiss to Viktor’s forehead, “Sleep well, Vitya.”

Viktor merely hummed in sleepy acknowledgement, already moreso gone than he was wake. Yuuri happily let him drop the rest of the way to sleep, content to lay beside his fiancé for the time being.

An indeterminable amount of time later, Viktor woke to pain. It searing along his lower back. His frame shaking with chills and trembling from the level of agony radiating from his back, it seeming to cut through his middle and make his stomach churn. Swallowing thickly against the nausea, even as saliva pooled in his mouth, trying to turn to wake Yuuri. But his fiancé had flopped over to the other side of the bed, sleeping on his stomach and snoring softly.

Opening his mouth to call out was interrupted at the sensation of his stomach lurching had him clamping it shut again. Grimacing, breath near spastic due to the pain and nausea, trying to breath through it losing some of its effectiveness as he couldn’t exhale through his mouth. His stomach clinched, another lurch had Viktor twisting to vomit over the side of the bed. Thankful Yuuri had the foresight to place a small waste bin next to the bed, though his mind was too hazy to aim properly, he hoped he didn’t make too much of a mess.

Coughing against the burn in his throat, and gasping desperately in between the next heave. In an unrelenting cycle; the pain in his back and high fever causing him to horribly nauseous but the persistent nausea not letting up enough for him to take any medication. Even if Yuuri was wake to help.

Abdomen contracting as he gagged harshly, feeling his head pulsate at the pressure and his muscles ache when he gagged once more. Another gag turned into a heave, bringing up only a small bit of stringy bile. His stomach not having much in it due to lack of appetite the last two days. It didn’t mean his stomach wasn’t trying to turn itself inside out, continuing retching despite it being empty.

It took several unproductive heaves before his stomach calmed somewhat, allowing him to breath properly. Panted, shallow breaths at first, then gaining control to breath deeper. Aware now of a hand on his back and another on his shoulder, keeping his steady and showing support through physical contact.

“It’ll pass. Just keep breathing. You’re doing great.”

Viktor became aware of the words Yuuri was saying, comforting and grounding for him. He honestly didn’t know what he’d do without Yuuri. Touched by his fiance’s love and wrung out physically, and mentally due to the fever, Viktor couldn’t stop the sob that tore from his throat.

“Oh Vitya.” Yuuri breathed, feeling his eyes sting at hearing his love cry, stamping down his anxiety in order to tend to Viktor “Can you sit back for me?”

Viktor gave a shaky nod, the trembling having returned with a vengeance and an uncharacteristic weakness seemed to infect his muscles. The nausea lingered, but it wasn’t as demanding at the pain engulfing his back.

“I-it hurts, Yuuri.” Viktor couldn’t explain better than that, too overwhelmed, tears collecting in the corner of his eyes to fall and make tracks down his cheeks.

“I know, Vitya.” Yuuri ran his fingers through the older skater’s hair, moving sweaty bangs from where they stuck to his forehead, “I’m going to get your meds and reheat the packs, okay?”

Viktor grasped at Yuuri’s hand, to which Yuuri gave a firm squeeze back, “Just two minutes, Vitya. I promise. And you’ll be feeling better.”

Yuuri leaned over to kiss Viktor’s forehead, alarmed at the heat there but uncaring of the sweat collected along the other’s brow. Then moved to step away, taking the rice filled socks, Viktor let him. Just two minutes. He could wait that long.

Breathing deeply, trying to ignore the sharp pain in his back that seemed to trail along his to lower stomach and groin area. It encompassing his entire lower middle and back. Tears unbidden continued to sting his eyes and create rivulets down his cheeks. Clenching his eyes closed, focusing on something other than his condition.

“Vitya, here. Take it slow.” Yuuri came back, holding a glass of juice and his medicine in either hand, passing off the pills then helping him take a few sips to swallow them down. Holding the glass to his love’s lips since the trembling wouldn’t cease long enough to let him take a drink.

Once that was done Yuuri set the glass on the side table, then rest his palm against the side of Viktor’s face, his thumb rubbed away a few of the tears there, “That should start working soon, you’ll feel better soon. Let me get the heat packs for you.”

Yuuri moved to leave again, wanting to be quick about getting them so Viktor could have relief as soon as possible. The meds needed time to metabolise but the heat packs seemed to help, plus he wanted to get a cool washcloth to wipe Viktor’s face of sweat and tears. Help him feel more comfortable in any way he could.

Laying back, Vitkor tried to relax until the medicine kicked in. The nausea remained there, annoying and present with the churning in his stomach, but with nothing left to vomit, it didn’t manifest to anything more. Most pressing issue being the pain, gripping the sheet tightly to wade out the severity of it. Feeling sweat drip down his temples, despite the chip that rattled his teeth and made him want to curl up underneath the blankets.

Drawing his legs up, knees coming up towards his chest, his intent to slip underneath the top cover at least to give himself some more warmth. Only to gasp harshly at feeling a burning pain surge through his core, stretching out his legs hoping it ease the horrid ache. After several moments it finally abated, as did some of the sharpness off the pain within his back.

Exhaling it relief, even the smallest decrease feeling grand, but the bliss was short lived at noticing a warm wetness pooling between his legs. Glancing down, Viktor saw his pajama pants had a large dark spot spread on the front and there was a notable wetness beneath him. Eyes widening at realising he’d not only wet himself, but the bed as well, Viktor placed his head in his hands. He’d been told frequent urination was a result of the infection, but to have lost control so completely had him fighting back tears of shame now.

“Here, I ha- Vitya! What’s wrong? Is the pain still bad?” Yuuri hurried to the side of the bed, hand outstretched to place a hand on Viktor’s shoulder but he jerked away. Yuuri pulled away, shocked but no reproach in his expression, only worry that was mounting towards extreme concern over his fiance’s state.

“Vitya, I need you to talk to me, so I can know how to help.” Yuuri spoke softly, kindness and love intertwining with his tone.

This caused the tears to prick Viktor’s eyes all the more, a choked sob pulled from his throat, his hands still pressed against his face. He shook his head. Not wanting to voice what he’d done, but knowing it was inevitable, he didn’t know how to explain it.

“Vit- ah! … oh, oh Vitya, it’s all right.” Yuuri soothed at realising their was a dampness to the sheets and why his love was so distressed, setting aside the small heated rice pack to place a hand on Viktor’s forearm; not pulling his hands away but letting him know he wasn’t upset, “You’re sick. It was an accident. And we have a washing machine. It’s all right, Vitya, it’s all right.”

Viktor let his hands fall from his face, his tear filled gaze flicked towards Yuuri, seeing only love intermixed with concern there. This had the tears collected there falling anew. Yuuri stepped closer to pulled Viktor into a small yet no less tender hug, rubbing a hand along his back gently. Turning to his head to place a sweet kiss on his fiance’s temple, “I love you no matter what, Vitya. This happens. It’s all right.”

“You’re too kind to me, lapocka.” Viktor murmured thickly, hugging his love a bit tighter. Yuuri did the same.

“Come, a warm shower would do us both good.” Yuuri spoke kindly, knowing Viktor would feel better once he was clean and warm, and feeling Viktor nod confirmed it.

Pulling away slowly, Yuuri helped Viktor up and into the bathroom. Leaving him to undress while he grabbed pajamas and towels. Returning to assist the other in removing his pants and socks when bending over was too much for his middle. Throwing them in the laundry bin. Then turning on the faucet, monitoring the temperature until it was warmed, and switching it to shower. Holding Viktor’s hand to keep him steady as he stepped in, and letting him wash off as Yuuri undressed himself. Stepping in behind his fiancé, then when they were finished cleaning, he was the first out to help Viktor step out and wrap him in a towel.

The warm shower having done more than simply clean, it having relaxed Viktor’s taunt muscles. The ache that had settled in his abdomen from the vomiting earlier was eased, and the pain in his back was dimmed due the heat. His fever was waning as well from the antibiotics and ibuprofen. He felt better, not one hundred percent, but better.

“Wait here while I change the bedding, then if you’re up for I can make us some soup?” Yuuri asked, pulling a shirt over his own head after helping Viktor dress, at seeing Viktor grimace at the suggestion of food, Yuuri added, “Just a few bites. I know you’re not feeling hungry, but the doctor said you had to eat and keep your fluids up.”

“Okay.” Viktor nodded, wrapping the second towel Yuuri had given him as a mock blanket tighter around his shoulders, “Only because your miso always turns out better than mine.”

Yuuri hummed smartly at that, bopping Viktor’s nose, “That’s because I have my mom’s recipe, not one from the internet.”

Changing out the bedding, remaking the bed and cleaning up the bin Viktor was sick into earlier, Yuuri was quick and efficient in his movements. Not taking more than five minutes before he was back in the bathroom to help Viktor into a freshly made bed. Pulling the covers back and letting Viktor settle before adding the newly reheated rice pack underneath his lower back as Viktor lay back then covering him up.

“Comfortable?” Yuuri asked, eyeing Viktor critically to ensure he was okay for now.

At Viktor’s nod, Yuuri smiled slightly, “Good. I’m going to get the soup started, but here’s some juice that I want you to drink. Small sips.”

Viktor obliged his fiancé, raising the cup to swallow a small amount. Careful to let it rest in his stomach before taking another and another. It was sweet yet tart, as cranberry juice was, thankfully Viktor enjoyed the taste of it and was able to ignore the slight sting it gave his throat. The coolness refreshing despite that.

Yuuri smiled, glad to see the juice seemed to be settling well and that Viktor appeared to be in less pain than earlier. The medicine must have finally kicked in. Patting his love’s leg as he stood back up, “I’ll be back once the soup’s made.”

“Thank you, Yuuri.” Viktor spoke in earnest, setting aside the half filled glass on the night stand, not wanting to push his stomach too far too soon.

“I’ll always be here to take care of you, Vitya. Just as you’re always there for me.” Yuuri stepped back to the bedside to cup a hand to Viktor cheek, running a thumb along his temple, “Rest a bit while I make the food. My mom will want to hear about how well I’m keeping her cooking legacy going.”

This had Viktor laughing lightly, and Yuuri smiling as he bent over to place a kiss on Viktor’s forehead. Glad to find it cooler than before.

A/N: I’m sorry since this is a lot more comfort than sickfic. I’ve never written sickfic omorashi before. And I’m still new to writing sickfics so I hope this is okay, even with the quick ending. Thank you again for being willing to let me submit this! You’re always so kind

(please don’t apologize, this is excellent! I’m a sucker for comfort, plus bed-wetting is a weakness of mine. Feel free to keep submitting stuff to me; I love your work!)

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would you ever write a gradence star wars AU? not meant to be a request or to pressure you, just curious if those particular two jams of yours might ever result in a mashup. :D

Signs point to yes, noni-wan :3

The healers’ aides on Kyor Wen wore uniform jumpsuits of dove grey trimmed in green.  The color put Graves in mind of Initiates’ robes, or the mist that clung to the cloud forests beyond the Temple.  

A jumpsuit didn’t do much for anybody, even the young man of alarming beauty who was checking Graves in, but the color suited him.  MedCorps Assistant Barebone, read the badge at his breast.  He leaned over the medical droid’s display panel, attentive.  His hair fell in dark waves to the nape of his neck.  

“There’s a prescription for an anxiolytic–”

“No thanks,” Graves said.                                        

Dark eyes flickered up at him, then down.  "Just the analgesic, then.“

Graves stretched his right leg.  He’d torn a ligament or two clawing free from Grindelwald’s den, but the ache was mostly phantom now.  "Low dose,” he said.

He studied the young man, feeling a pull that was only part physical.  The Force swirled around him, around the two of them, in deep currents–not agitated but distinctly in motion, impossible to ignore.  Graves hadn’t felt the like since it had dragged him by the nose to Tina, back when she was a scrawny sprat, but this boy was too old to become a Padawan.  Too old by far. 

Even so, his presence in the Force was tremendous.  "How’d you wind up in the Corps?“ Graves asked. “If it’s not too cruel of me to ask.”

“As an Initiate I had problems with control,” said Barebone quietly.  

“Lots of Initiates have problems with control.”

“Mine were unusual.”  The dark eyes gave nothing away, but Graves felt a glint of old hurt through the Force. “No Jedi Master would have me.”

Graves grunted.  "Cowards.“  

It earned him a wan, fleeting smile.  The medi-droid blipped, whirred, and dispensed a payload of painkillers. Barebone handed the packet of capsules to Graves.  

"Your plan of treatment is rest, meditation, exercise in moderation, hydrotherapy, and cognitive sessions with a Healer.”

“Can’t wait,” said Graves.  It all sounded tolerable, actually, except for the last on the list.  He stuffed the pack of meds into the depths of his cloak.

Barebone glanced at the droid’s display again, then at Graves, eyes fixed on the general area of Graves’ shoulder.  His head bent with deference and doggedness in a peculiar mix.  

“The sessions are mandatory, it says.”

Grousing was beneath a Jedi, as was hiding a hand in his sleeve to flip the bird at Coruscant and Master Seraphina.  Graves settled for rising from his seat and smoothing his cloak.  "Where can a guy get a drink around here?“ he asked.

"The refectory serves wine with meals.”  Barebone spoke with clinical disinterest.  He poked at Graves’ chart with one long, elegant finger. Lucky chart.  "The commissary stocks other legal intoxicants.“  

"You don’t drink.”

A headshake.  So much for that tack.  Graves tried again.  "You play sabacc?“

Barebone opened his mouth, as if to issue another rote no, then paused.  His expression changed.  He blinked, mouth hanging on faint startlement, then straightened and stood eye to eye with Graves for the first time.  The Force swelled.  

Graves tilted an eyebrow, mildly enough–or so he thought.  Barebone promptly looked down again and colored.  He curled his hands into his uniform sleeves.

"I don’t, Master Graves.  But I’d like to learn,” he said.