med bag

This is what I carry in my bag on an almost daily basis.
From left to right and from top to bottom:
- Dell Vostro 5470 laptop
- white lab coat
- Herlitz hard cover notebook aka my planner
- leather wallet
- Zippo lighter in Black Ice
- cigarettes (Dunhill Master Blend in this picture, usually Blonde Blend)
- wet tissues
- tissues
- hand sanitizer
- pencil case
- Sephora hand cream (Peony scented)
- The Body Shop chapstick
- lipstick of the day (here: Essence lipstick in 07 Natural Beauty)
- lip gloss of the day (here: Cien lip gloss in 10 Creamy Raspberry)
- Maybelline Affinitone concealer in 05 Medium Beige
- Oriflame The One Eyeliner Stylo in Black
- Sephora Waterproof Eye Crayon in 06 Blonde Ambition
- Sephora Waterproof Mascara in Black
- Sigma F30 Large Powder brush
- Sigma F60 Foundation brush
- iPad mini in white, 16 GB
- scrunchie
- Phillips earbuds with case
- mirror
- Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation in Ivory 2
- Herlitz 2 in 1 pens, fineliner and felt pen

I didn’t add a photo of my bag because I change it almost daily.

What’s in my school bag

Since I’m just a first year student, I don’t carry a lot of books yet - just printed hand-outs and necessary papers for the subjects I am taking. I use a rucksack for, since I am a medical student, I carry a lot of papers and using a shoulder bag gets my files wrinkled so I just use a rucksack to keep everything organized and neat. 

  • ‌iPad. I just download all my syllabi and powerpoints from my university’s website. It’s less hassle that way.
  • Envelope. I keep my documents and notebooks inside my envelope so as to not get them wrinkled.
  • Umbrella and fan. I never leave the house without an umbrella because I live in a tropical country.
  • a comb and an orange cute purse to keep my make up and hair pins organized.
  • Pencil case
  • Power Bank
  • Wallet and coin purse. I use my coin purse on a daily basis because it’s easier to get it out from my rucksack and it fits my university uniform’s pocket. I put my cards and 1x1, 2x2 photos in my wallet.
  • Perfume
  • Pencil. I use pencil to underline and annotate my books that I bring.
  • Book. I never leave the house without a book. It’s a habit. I’m an introvert and I don’t interact with people unless it’s necessary so I always bring books to accompany me. I read during breaks.

the guys over at BBC The Social (a digital content stream featuring creative people from all over Scotland) are doing a really cool job. or to be more specific Asten is! so far Asten has made several videos that all focus on living and managing your life with ADHD

Asten’s ADHD Survival Guide
- Alarms/Time Blindness
- Shops/Presents 
- Routines/Countdowns
- Timetables and Time Blindness
- Chill :)
(these are all holiday related)

- January top tips 
- The ADHD Gremlin
- Sound Therapy
- TV Channel Moments
- The Lost Girls
- Impulse Control
- Magic Eye
- How an ADHDer packs a bag
- Meds
- Millennials 
- Mental Health Awareness 
- Boredom
- Expectation v Reality

- > or as a playlist if you wanna watch them all in one go

these are the videos that are out there so far. and I really recommend watching them :) they are short and entertaining and I think they capture the ups and downs of this disorder pretty well 

Sometimes gotta do what you don't always want to

I’m 27 and have a whole life time to live and find out what it’s like to be happy but myself Lovez…To be hard headed , dumb shit with a little stubborn…Ness
I like to state I’m now in a different town with different surrounding that boggle my mind but yet I can define that I have a place to stay and shelter that makes me not worry ….Amen
Myself was left on the sidewalk with seven med/small bags in hand … Then everyone and their current positions statement of foolish , mind Fuck lies …Filled my head to believe that one of them would be there to save me from a distasteful event of on the streets/homeless.
Nope not one , not one would reply back let alone the one man I hate but also thankful for was there but only to fulfill his mind and nasty disrespected intensify wants of me and sexualized by him ….To have another night in the shitty motel of unwanted careless jobs and owners lol but he offered and myself with know we’re and nothing but myself pity and respect, I denied and to the streets I was placed
I could fill my sick mind freak and waterfalls falling from eye duct , as my life is once again threaten and I in need of help , need of get my shit together again and foremost forgiveness to those who left me and hurt me the most

Waiting for the night pharmacist to make extremely important IV meds and your bag runs dry even though you asked for a new bag well in advance...

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five things you’ll find in my bag:
- meds in decorated pill bottles (i put sunflower stickers on them bc i’m pretentious)
- a pack of tissues
- a moomin themed planner
- a microfiber cleaning cloth for my glasses
- a charger

five things i want to do in my life:
- see all of my closest friends irl
- move abroad
- write a book
- get to a place in my life where i actually want to wake up in the morning
- find someone who loves me and wants to be loved by me

five things i’m currently into:
- pokémon (since sun and moon came out i’ve been in deep once again)
- brooklyn nine-nine
- the a song of ice and fire book series
- meditation
- ellie goulding’s voice

five things on my to-do list:
- doing my final essay for media class
- finishing the book we’re reading for finnish/lit class
- saving money
- studying for the maths mid semester exam
- finishing miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children by ransom riggs

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How did you carry around things in 3rd year?

Did you just smush everything in your white coat pockets and that was it? Or did you bring a backpack/messenger bag/tote bag. If so, did you bring a laptop everyday? I’m debating whether or not to buy a really nice kate spade tote bag that I might justify getting if it’s the norm to carry stuff around with you. I think we have lockers at the medical center but I’ve read online that some med students carry their bags with them everywhere they go.

I’ve been hunting for  a good spoonie bag...

So I thought I’d share! 

Rx Bag

Med “+” Symbol Bag 

Different Red Cross Bag (available in red and white, or white and red)

Fun DIY Project “Take Your Meds” Bag

“This Bag Contains My Pancreas” (Available in a few colors and sizes)

Random Crap I Can’t Live Without Bag (Original from Typo, but I can’t find it anywhere :’( so here’s the zazzle knock off.)

Cute Emergency Kit

This shop has some cute stuff! Depending on your needs! 

But obviously any make up bag or pencil bag that makes you feel like hot shit will do! <3 happy hunting! 

im looking for my kindle cable so i can charge my kindle so i can read my recently purchased kindle books (cause. yunno. my library books with long hold lists definitely aren’t time sensitive) and maya was helping and they just pulled a handful of prescription bags out of a drawer and scolded my for hoarding trash, but turns out, one bag had meds in it! wow ! g o   m  e    !

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5 things you’ll find in my bag
✔️ Meds - or empty medicine packs as I’m too lazy to throw them away
✔️ Lip balm
✔️ Old receipts/papers/etc. garbage
✔️ Saipan pipo
✔️ A woolly sock

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:
✔️ My computer
✔️ Two cats and a dog most likely
✔️ Semi-clean clothes laying all around
✔️  My precious CD-collection
✔️ The TV (with no remote controller thanks doggie)

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life:
✔️ Travel to Japan and around Europe with a rail pass - and now that those are done travel some more 
✔️ Get a dog/cats/snake/lizard(s)
✔️ Feel healthy and less anxious and like experience life without this… mess that is my head
✔️ Get a working sleeping schedule aka get rid if this insomnia thingy
✔️ Write a novel (but not publish it, just write for the sake of writing and telling a story)

5 things I’m currently into:
✔️ The art of music videos and showing them to @jahkailija
✔️ Flight Rising
✔️ Pokemon Go
✔️  The Walking Dead -game thing I watched @jahkailija play some time ago LIKE WHEN DOES IT CONTINUE

5 things on my to-do list:

✔️ Take the dog out
✔️ Draw some OC reference sheets
✔️ Stop ignoring the million more important things and actually do them
✔️ The milloin more important things I like to ignore
✔️ Put more wood in the fire place

5 things people may not know about me:
✔️ I over analyze everything and remember even the smallest things that for me confirm that people hate/dislike/laugh at me behind my back and it makes me extremely anxious - and is also why I’m really avoidant/bitter towards people and tend to push even my friends away. 
✔️ I hold grudges for long and am (almost) unable to forgive
✔️ I have collection of ~100 stuffed animals around the house
✔️ I’d really like to see Hector or Vesa-Matti Loiri playing/singing live
✔️ I bless the rains down in Africa

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“Come on now…” I was thinking as I watched both my backpack and carry-on suitcase be pulled from the security x-ray scanner to be further inspected. I waited as I saw an elderly TSA woman slowly walking towards my belongings to do the detailed inspection, wondering how she’d manage carrying my heavy (thanks, med school) bags. But she did. Then the alarm went off. She told me I had to have a manual inspection and my bags had to be further checked… ugh, ok. I was getting a little annoyed by this point, but didn’t say anything. As she started to pat me down, she noticed my Boston University School of Medicine fleece, and told me “you know, today marks my 5 year anniversary of getting rid of pancreatic cancer… and in a month it’ll be 4 years from surviving breast cancer.” As nonchalantly as that. Almost like she was telling me the weather forecast for tomorrow. I congratulated her and immediately regretted ever underestimating her strength in carrying my bags… clearly she’s managed so much more.
—  Mary, MS2

hvis du er voldelig, bliver din religion voldelig. hvis du er fredelig, bliver din religion fredelig. alle idioter, der tilsviner islam i dag, skal have et spark ud af verden sammen med ondskaben, der står bag angrebene