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Chicago Franchise Episodes Timeline

As a lot of people are getting interested with the franchise but don’t know where to begin since there are so many crossovers between the three, now four shows, I made a list that could come in handy. I also wanted to go back and binge watch from the start without getting confused with the timeline. I will be updating this list weekly or so as I’m watching the new episodes (except Justice, because TWD).

Anyways, enjoy ! DM me if anything’s incorrect !

2012-2013 : Fire S01

01. Chicago Fire - S01E01 - Pilot
02. Chicago Fire - S01E02 - Mon Amour
03. Chicago Fire - S01E03 - Professional Courtesy
04. Chicago Fire - S01E04 - One Minute
05. Chicago Fire - S01E05 - Hanging On
06. Chicago Fire - S01E06 - Rear View Mirror
07. Chicago Fire - S01E07 - Two Families
08. Chicago Fire - S01E08 - Leaving the Station
09. Chicago Fire - S01E09 - It Ain’t Easy
10. Chicago Fire - S01E10 - Merry Christmas, Etc.
11. Chicago Fire - S01E11 - God Has Spoken
12. Chicago Fire - S01E12 - Under the Knife
13. Chicago Fire - S01E13 - Warm and Dead
14. Chicago Fire - S01E14 - A Little Taste
15. Chicago Fire - S01E15 - Nazdarovya!
16. Chicago Fire - S01E16 - Viral
17. Chicago Fire - S01E17 - Better to Lie
18. Chicago Fire - S01E18 - Fireworks
19. Chicago Fire - S01E19 - A Coffin That Small
20. Chicago Fire - S01E20 - Ambition
21. Chicago Fire - S01E21 - Retaliation Hit
22. Chicago Fire - S01E22 - Leaders Lead
23. Chicago Fire - S01E23 - Let Her Go (PD backdoor pilot)
24. Chicago Fire - S01E24 - A Hell of a Ride

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Okay, show of hands. 

How many of us are pissed at the Shameless writers for having Ian break up with Mickey because he didn’t want to take his meds…. Then season 6 starts and he’s taking them so that by 6x11 he’s “managing” his bipolar??

still not easy, still having bad days, but still moving forward, and I’m noticing that the fog lifts more often, and I actually feel like doing things .. now if only I could sleep a little more than 3 hrs but less than 16 at a time .. and walk a little farther before my legs go numb

medication myth #5487

“It’s the easy way out.”

If i hear ONE MORE PERON say that taking medications for mental illnesses is the easy way out i will literally take the yoga routine you probably swear by and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

if you are turning to meds to avoid the hard work of recovery or you believe someone you know is, I have one word for you


medication stabilization is literally the hardest thing i’ve done. i was put on a traditional SSRI and it triggered HELLA BAD mood swings. (just the word Zoloft makes me itchy) an amazing hypomanic episode but the LOWEST low I ever felt and for the first time ever, suicidal thoughts. my psychiatrist at the time decided to DOUBLE the dose instead of stop it. i’m thankful for it because it made them realize i had bipolar 2 (which doesn’t respond well to SSRIs) BUT since then ive been on 6 different meds at 7 different dosages. all with intense side effects.

i was too hazed to realize how sick the meds were making me. my friends were supportive but didn’t know any different. luckily i had a friend who is a medical professional who saw that this was bad and helped me and now i have a new psychiatrist.

i currently take 4 meds a day and 1 as needed. all of these things have caused things like:
-weight gain
-weight loss
-sudden suicidal thoughts
-extreme urge to self harm
-sudden, helpless crying spells
-hair loss
-possible decreased liver function
-extreme fatigue
-shaking hands

i have to get my blood tested every time they change a dosage on a certain medication and if i drink more than a glass or two of wine i will probably be sick. being on medication comes with a lot of life changes and sacrifice sometimes too.

so before you EVER assume someone who has decided to explore the option of medication is taking the easy way out CHECK YOURSELF. not only are they probably dealing with crazy awful side effects but also fighting with professionals to listen to them on top of whatever their illness is doing to them. they don’t need an ignorant friend with misinformed medical information shoving a yoga mat and an avocado at them telling them to try harder.

if you want to help, ask (nonintrusive, nonjudgemental) questions. express concern. ask if there is anyway you can help. (i had a friend sleep on my floor until my mood stabilizer kicked in and the suicidal thoughts were gone.) be gentle. educate yourself but don’t you dare insinuate it’s easy because while im thankful as hell for medication and attribute the fact that I’m still here to it, it is so freaking hard.

end rant.

Things not to say to someone ttc

1. Just relax
2. Calm down
3. It’ll happen when it’s meant to be
4. Be patient
5. I know how you feel (when you’ve never experience fertility issues, fertility Meds, schedules, etc.)
6. Pray about it
7. Why are you trying artificially when you can try naturally?
8. What you’re doing is a sin
9. Why would you want to be a single mother?!
10. Stop acting so crazy/emotional/etc.
11. Getting pregnant is easy
12. Why aren’t you pregnant yet?

Just fucking don’t say them.

Good news: I got a ton of sleep after 10 hours of work yesterday!

Bad news: Still feeling a little mentally Off & Mildly Upset for No Good Reason

BUT MORE GOOD NEWS: We got the house internet fixed finally so I can go back to drawing/writing, watching TV, and answering asks until I feel better :)
kaptein sabeltann presentasjonen min

: Her er den, presentasjonen som satt meg på kartet på vgs dette skoleåret. Den beste infoen var selvsagt i spørsmål og svar sesjonen etterpå og jeg kan med glede fortelle om norsk læreren vår som alle kaller Abraham (ingen vet hva han egentlig heter), som faktisk tok presentasjonen min alvorlig gjennom alt som skjedde

Tusen takk for en strålende presentasjon. Virkelig bra saker dette her. jeg tipper @kapteinsabeltann selv er rimelig fornøyd med dette. Karakter 6


TV Renewals Update (May 10):

  • The CW has renewed iZombie for Season 4 and The Originals for Season 5
  • ABC has renewed Modern Family for Seasons 9 and 10
  • Fox has renewed Gotham and Last Man on Earth for Season 4
  • NBC has renewed Chicago P.D. for Season 5, Chicago Fire for Season 6, Chicago Med for Season 3 and Blindspot for Season 3
Don't Starve Yourself: Why it Won't Work

If you’re starving yourself in an attempt to lose body fat, here’s why it won’t work.

You want to lose weight and your friend told you that eating less burns fat. Sounds plausible since this creates an energy deficit, right? And she’s also pretty skinny herself, so she must be right. So, you take it upon yourself to eat less…a LOT less. In an attempt to slim down for the approaching summer, you’re eating a piece of fruit for breakfast, yogurt for lunch, and a salad for dinner. Maybe you snack on some almonds here and there as well. That’s about 500 calories for the day right there.

You watch your weight the first week and the weight is melting off. You’re ecstatic and excited, but you look in the mirror…you don’t look much different. You still have the flab. What’s going on?

Starving yourself and eating less are two different things. Eating less creates a small deficit and the body burns fat to make up for it. Starving yourself does not make the body burn fat, it makes it SLOW DOWN.

Let me explain with an example scenario. This average adult woman needs about 1800 calories each day. And, let’s say this woman’s basal metabolic rate is 1200 calories. If she wanted to eat less, she could create a small energy deficit by subtracting 200 calories from her diet. That’s 1600 calories a day. In a week she would subtract 1400 calories (200 x 7) from her normal diet. If it takes 1350 calories to burn 1lbs of fat, then she probably lost just over a pound of fat that week. That’s because she burned over 1350 calories. This woman continues this pattern until she effectively loses 10lbs of pure body fat in 10 weeks. But, she starts plateauing on week 10, but that’s okay! That’s because she has a pretty high caloric intake to cut away from. So, she decides to cut from her current 1600 calories a day by 100 calories and eats 1500 calories a day. By week 20, she’s lost 20lbs of pure body fat. This is because when the body is in a deficit, the metabolism looks for stored energy to burn: body fat.

Let’s say another average adult woman with the same BMR of 1200 calories decides to starve herself by creating a huge deficit. She decides to subtract 1300 calories from her diet by eating 500 calories a day. Boy, does she drop the weight quickly. Maybe 10lbs? But, by the end of the week, she stops losing weight. And she still has a lot flab. So she decides to eat even less, but that barely helps at all on the scale. That’s because she has nothing to cut away from! What can she cut from 500 calories? That’s already too small. Is she going to eat 400 calories now? And, on top of that, she’s still chubby even though she lost some weight. This is because she didn’t burn body fat…she burned muscle.

Let’s look at this scientifically. When an individual consumes a caloric intake far below the body’s BMR, the metabolism essentially slows down. Your BMR is the amount of calories your body burns at rest each day doing absolutely nothing. In this case, 500 calories is a big no-no. Even 800 calories a day is a ridiculous amount to absolutely NO results. That’s a HUGE deficit. When your metabolism thinks you’re STARVING, the metabolism has to slow down to protect the body. Think of it as an emergency starvation mode. In starvation mode, the body wants to HOLD onto energy storages, like body fat, and get rid of things that take up a lot of energy. Things that take up a lot of energy are hormonal regulations regarding sexual reproduction, regulating body temperature, and oh yeah, muscle. Your muscle eats up a lot of calories. Remember this, your body does not really care about all your hard-earned muscle when you’re starving. If it’s taking too much energy to hold onto while you’re starving, then it’s gotta go!

If you starve yourself for too long, the metabolism will adapt to the small amount of calories you consume each day. This is the body’s attempt to get back into homeostasis. The body may sacrifice it’s muscle and regulatory functions to do this. One of the terrible side effects of prolonged starvation is sexual dysfunction and loss of libido. Ever see how some girls who chronically starve themselves have an odd to even no menstrual cycle? Ever wonder why some guys competing for a show by starving themselves can’t get “it” up? Testosterone levels decrease with extremely low calorie diets. The low calorie intake might be a good reason why. It also affects your thyroid and people end up being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Not to mention all the other health complications it also entails (you can research this if it interests you).

Oh, and also, when you start eating normally again, you’ll gain a lot of fat because your metabolism adapted to your low calorie intake. So, if you start suddenly eating 1800 calories again when your body is accustomed to your usual 500 calories, where are all those extra calories going to go? Straight into fat storage. You have to understand that your metabolism slowed down and can no longer handle all those extra calories. And since it is still in starvation mode, it’s going to want to HOLD onto those extra calories because the body feels it’s still in danger.

Remember, starving yourself doesn’t make you thin and fit, it makes you “skinny-fat,” stocky, depressed, and sickly. If you’re starving yourself, don’t do it! You’re better off losing fat and keeping it off by healthy diet and exercise.


Bray, G. & Claude B. (1998). Handbook of Obesity. Oxford Oxfordshire: Oxford University Press.

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