I had such a lovely walk to class this afternoon! Meconopsis 'Lingholm’ backdropped by Tulipa 'Rosalie’. I then waked past some impressive Echium wildpretii which were being planted in the beds. By the way, I think that might be my favorite specific epithet ever, wildpretii. Especially if you pronounce it pretty-eye :)

The double Welsh poppy, Meconopsis cambrica. This was one of Granny’s plants, already here when I arrived more than 50 years ago. How long it has lasted, on its fifth generation in human terms. I have moved it, propagated it by root cuttings, waited for its cheerful face to appear each year. Another plant that has endured is the white lilac, Syringa vulgaris ‘Madame Lemoine’, with its heavy scented flowers and sturdy constitution.

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