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Code Geass? =o

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Also Soul Eater is a good one, though the last episode is BS

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Oh and watch Firefly

I’ve heard a lot about Code Geass, but never actually got around to watching it. The plot description on TV Tropes has me a little intrigued, as I DO like me my politics and alternate histories. Something in the back of my head is making me cautious, though; I think the show was much-adored by people I didn’t like very much way back when, so I have negative associations with it now. I may need to check it out regardless.

Soul Eater is awesome, though my viewing crapped out about halfway through. The show has some of the best fight scenes I’ve seen, but some of the characters felt kind of lazily-written to me. Dunno if I want to pick it up again; I would probably have to rewatch a lot of the show so I’m not totally lost.

Firefly: Long since watched that, and went to a 2007 Halloween party as Simon Tam. Good show, though I’ve subsequently cooled off a lot on Whedon’s work in general.

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Eden of the East!!!

I think I keep hearing about this one, and mixing it up with one or two other series with similar titles. Looking at it, the story looks interesting. (On TV Tropes, it has a mildly negative review that actually encourages me to watch the series, as the review basically amounts to “It doesn’t fit into any of the categories I think anime is supposed to fit into, so I didn’t like it very much.”)

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Last Exile is top-notch.

I’ve seen the box set of that around for the last couple of years, and thought that it looked neat, but like the kind of show that could draw you in on the basis of ‘cool vehicles!’ without actually being any good. Getting a thumbs-up means I’m very likely to take a look at it now.

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WATCH MERLIN sorry not anime oops

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If you haven’t watched yet, I still recommend a peek at Magical Girl Madoka. Maybe the show it came from, Arakawa under the bridge. Which is rather silly.

I said I’m willing to look at stuff other than anime, too. :-P I’ve developed a bit of a taste for Arthuriana recently, but looking at the description for Merlin, I’m not sure how well it would scratch that itch. From the sounds of it, it’s a “secret heroes fight against the monster of the week” series that just uses the Arthur/Merlin legends for free public-domain characters, which… eh. Not really my style of story, I’m afraid.

Madoka Magika is a show that I keep kind of wanting to watch, then not wanting to watch, then not wanting to watch… I’ll probably get to it eventually. I think the main thing I’m worried about is that it’ll be one of those shows where EVERYONE has a backstory awash in ludicrously over-the-top tragedy and drama; those get annoying, yo. But it’s well-recommended and it’s Shaft (with the people who did the music from Noir! I love the music from Noir!), which are major positive factors.

I didn’t know that it had anything to do with Arakawa Under the Bridge? Aside from both being Shaft productions, that is.

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How about Mushishi? It’s an anime about a guy named Ginko who goes around investigating supernatural creatures. It’s easily accessible on YouTube, subs and dubs.

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This sounds kind of interesting, actually. TV Tropes makes it sound like a fictionalized documentary series of supernatural pests, and I’d be perfectly okay with watching that.

Thanks everyone!