ENTER SECURITY KEY: *******************************






Codename: Gabriel

Envoy Class: Archangel

Size: Apx 220 cm

Nature: At least human-level of intelligence, soft-spoken and hides threats behind every word. Never appeared violent, uses lower-level Envoys to do his work. Tends to appear and antagonize soldiers and Mechpro staff moments before a large scale attack.

Power level: Unknown, all measuring sensors get scrambled whenever he appears.

Abilities: Levitation, teleportation, radar and sensor disruption. More information needed.


((Peope were doing such cutie things with kinderpro I just had to take a stab at those mushy hearts and show Scarlet at age 12, two years before she was recruited by Violet, and 7 years before where we are right now. After her city was destroyed in an Envoy attack, and parents killed protecting her from the ground scouts, she made her way to a settlement on the border of one of the larger cities wall. There she was put in an home  for children like her, but she refused to take part in any school activities, or get any friends. Any tries to make her was met with violence.))

Scarlet: We have one! You know, he may even be available for us to visit! Follow me!

*She brings you down further into the Toarter base, through wide corridors and many rooms. After a trip in an elevator which seems to only move between the floor you came from and a floor near the bottom. As you come out, you are met by a slim tired-looking figure.*

Kevin: Scarlet, I thought I told you last time… I’m busy.

Scarlet: Aw, come on, Kevin! We have to introduce you to everyone!

Kevin: You really don’t.

Scarlet: You’re only running repairs on the repair droids!

Kevin: Well they need repairs.

Scarlet: Can’t the other repair droids repair each other, though?

Kevin: …. Get out of my workshop.

Hello followers! Our mod is considering to open to do commissions, but would like some help.

He’s not entirely sure how long it takes him to draw, and would like to test it out.
SO we turn to you guys, as he already felt like using fanpro-characters as examples, we’d like you to request your muse/fanpro/OC whatever to him, with an example image (unless you want him to get creative, and you don’t want that).

WHOOP, all filled!

Headshot - askfanpro0045

Torso and up - ask–0096

Fullbody - askfanpro0064