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Looks like I could be getting my wish. Westallen vs. Mechanical Thinker (Just trying a ship name).

Listen.. did everyone catch all the parallels?

1) ‘I am nothing without you” vs. “We’re The Flash” (and Iris repeated this tonight for a reason!)

2) Devoe was dying, Mechanic kisses him and he’s well vs. Barry is dying in the musical, Iris saves him by kissing him.

3) Mechanic says “What is knowledge without love?” while watching Westallen inter loft, then they hold hands. 

4) Devoe congratulating Barry on his upcoming wedding.

5) Married co-workers. Barry said “I get to marry the co-worker of my dreams.” And Devoe and Mechanic made a point that they met on the job, and what? Got married! 

6) Devoe and Barry “I feel like I’m the luckiest man alive.” 

This episode was super “good vs. evil” couple. I love the fact that thinker’s love for his wife drove him, and was essentially the center of this episode – the same way Iris’ love for Barry powers him and they wouldn’t be able to do things without her.

I don’t know if this was intentional on the writers’ part.. but I sure hope so. Hopefully this means Barry and Iris take them down together! 

i understand when ur 13 and u just realized u have a mental illness and ur so relieved to know there are other ppl going thru the same thing as u, its easy to slip into the idea that your newly labeled thoughts and behaviors are normal and okay.

they are not. suicidal thoughts arent normal. violent impulses arent normal. delusions and hallucinations arent normal.

now that you have a name for this behavior you need to seek help. dont let tumblr trick you into thinking unhealthy coping mechanisms are the only ways to deal with your mental illness. dont let it fester, dont let it worsen. seek as much help as you can. actively try to better yourself.

Daydreaming about alternative lives to escape my own has become a coping mechanism which I have internalised so much that it happens unconsciously throughout the day. I’ll be always daydreaming in the back of my head no matter what I do

Self care is learning healthy coping methods and utilizing them in life and going to therapy and remembering to take your medication and I know this isn’t the meme but this is important


there should be a disney movie where there’s a gay prince and a lesbian princess, right? and they’re in an arranged marriage but they don’t want to get married because their hearts desire the same gender but they can’t tell everybody that so they go along with their parent’s wishes blah blah blah but then they finally find themselves and are ready to come out by almost the end of the movie and then they finally do come out and they find out that they kept it a secret because they didn’t think the king and queen would approve but it turns out, their love for their children trumps above all and they’re accepting of them. then they live happily ever after: the prince with his prince and the princess with her princess. 

here’s the catch: the princess is in love with the prince’s sister

and the prince finds love with his ftm childhood best friend (and it turns out they’ve been loving each other the entire time) - only the childhood best friend’s family know about his transition and kept it a secret because they thought the king and queen would disapprove but they don’t because love trumps hate and they banish anyone from the kingdom who thinks otherwise

and and and the prince and the princess are both POC!!! 

idk…. who’d watch it? cause i would!!!

and the music for the movie would be from troye sivan, hayley kiyoko, halsey, etc. 

if you have any more ideas on how this movie would pan out, comment it omg