…right, sis?

While I’m uploading more of my art, I might as well share this. For the dA group, Mechanismon.

Siblings are a pain in the neck after all :3c
Okay no that’s just mean. But I figure I oughta submit this before Monday. At least this is proof I’m still somewhat alive, and kind of a Halloween-y piece? Again, problems are still present and seeing me in the RP chatroom is going to be a bit rare, but I’ll try to find time to get in again!

In one of my bad moods, I felt like drawing this. Sorry Alaina. ;u; You are the new subject of my vent art. This was my first time coloring an actual piece with SAI. My eyes and fingers hurt xUx I can only hope they’re not getting worse, as that’s starting to become a concern of mine.