Draetc Syllac: Can we get a little vicious chihuahua
Draetc Syllac: And name it Satan
Draetc Syllac: Oh
Draetc Syllac: And
Draetc Syllac: It must have one oddly colored paw
Draetc Syllac: Or little specks of different color on it’s head
Draetc Syllac: For either horns or pitch fork
Draetc Syllac: And we could walk our dog and whenever we pass by another dog
Draetc Syllac: We should ‘accidentally’ drop his leash and tell Satan to 'Go get 'em’
Draetc Syllac: You know
Zafnye Extrum: yes
Draetc Syllac: If you wanted to
Zafnye Extrum: we should to this
Zafnye Extrum: i mean
Zafnye Extrum: tee hee
Zafnye Extrum: silly puppy
Draetc Syllac: X)))))
Zafnye Extrum: hehe
Zafnye Extrum: that sounds great
Zafnye Extrum: and we should also have a great dane
Zafnye Extrum: and name him jesus
Zafnye Extrum: and whenever satan is being shitty
Zafnye Extrum: jesus intervenes