As Miss Chief, I’ve written tales about some interesting characters. With the help of my misters and my miss, we bring to life the tale of the Crossfaded imbecile. Filmed by our Mechanical Beast bud, Andrew Christmas and El Cid.


Mitchell Sheldon from Mothers Of Gut EQ-ing and Mastering our Demo for us while I burn them.. We are doing a limited run of 100 copies, handmade, hand numbered. 

-EQ’d & Mastered Songs (Check)
-$27 External Samsung CD Burner (Check)
-Apple Macbook Pro (Check)
-Black & Gold Spray Paint (Check)
-100 Jewel Cases (Check)
-100 Black CD-R’s from Staples (Check)
-100 Kinkos Copied Album Art Inserts (Check)
-Good Friends (Check)

Guys, this is how DIY is done.


Here is a video of us playing Dabs @ Five Star Bar in Downtown Los Angeles.