Remembering the late Masaya Nakamura (1925 - 2017), founder of Namco.

On January 30th, 2017, Namco announced that its founder and former CEO (from 1955 until 2002), Masaya Nakamura, passed away on 22 January 2017 at the age of 91.  The reasoning for the delay in announcing his death was due to Namco requesting respect for his family’s privacy.

Nakamura was born Dec. 24, 1925, and graduated from what is now Yokohama National University in 1948. His field? Shipbuilding. However, thanks to Japan’s economic recovery following World War 2, shipbuilding fell by the wayside. And so, in 1955, Namco was born! Initially, it was known as Nakamura Manufacturing, then later on as Nakamura Amusement Machine Manufacturing Company before finally being shortened in to the Namco name that would become recognized internationally.

He initially focused on mechanical amusement rides in the early decades, but in the 1970s, Nakamura saw potential in the field of video games after observing the prototypical arcade games that began to rise forth in the very earliest days of gaming, and he wisely steered the company more towards video gaming.

Mere years later, Namco kicked off its still-ongoing string of gaming hits such as Galaxian in 1979, and most importantly Toru Iwatani’s Pac-Man in 1980. The wild success of Namco helped pave the way for the rising video game industry, and with Nakamura at the helm, he is easily one of the most crucial figures in gaming’s history.

An interesting footnote: When Namco purchased film company Nikkatsu, Nakamura dabbled in movie production; he is even credited as executive producer on many of their films!

After 47 years as CEO of Namco, Nakamura decided to settle in to well-deserved retirement by stepping down from his CEO position in 2002 at the age of 77, remaining loosely involved with the company in a more honorary and ceremonial role. He was Japan’s 68th richest person by the time Namco merged with Bandai in 2005.

In 2007, Japan’s government recognized Nakamura’s accomplishments with a very prestigious award: the Order of the Rising Sun, the highest honor one in Japan can receive without being a head of state, royalty or a politician. It’s very similar in concept to Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. And in 2010, he was inducted in to the International Video Game Hall of Fame, where he spoke via satellite feed.

62 years after Namco began as a mere two mechanical horse rides on a department store rooftop, Namco is a global powerhouse and symbol of excellence in gaming. Nakamura’s efforts have brought many people across the world a whole lot of fun over the last several decades, and Namco will continue to do so long after his passing.

Thank you, Nakamura!


Shorty | Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir x Reader

You gave his arm a hard push, accompanied with a glare. “I had it.” You stated through gritted teeth. Then, you took the teddy bear from his grip and crossed your arms around it.

“We were standing there for seven minutes..” Came his reply. Sure, you spent a good amount of time trying to retrieve the teddy from the top of the stand but–you really did almost have it!

You grumbled under your breath, walking alongside the taller teen. He just loved to rub his enormous height in your face whenever he had the chance! You were never given a chance to do anything because he were already there. He outdid you in class, the park–even now; at the carnival.

“What did you want to ride next?” Adrien asked, placing his arm on your head to slightly lean on it.

Another thing you didn’t understand; why did Adrien ask you out tonight? Surely he could’ve went with someone–anyone else; but instead he chose you. Though, if you looked past all the snide remarks, playful touches, and jokes; you may be able to count him as an alright guy.

You pushed his arm once again; causing it to fall back to his side. “I don’t know, the Ferris Wheel?”

Adrien hummed, pondering on the thought for a moment. “No, too high.”

Oh, how you’d like to hurt him. You clutched the stuffed animal tighter; anger steadily rising in your being. You let out a sharp breath through your nose while looking at the many carnival rides. “Fine then, the carousel?”

Adrien paused for a moment; placing his hand on his chin and looking down in deep thought. “That’s okay.” He answers after a long pause. As he reaches for your hand, you jerk it away–directing a glare at the boy.

Last time you granted him permission to hold your hand; he continued to make smart remarks! He gave a soft sigh, settling on walking beside you. The two of you stood in line silently; waiting for your turn. A glance nor word were exchanged as the set of people were finally finished with their ride.

Due to how quiet he had quickly become–you wondered if you angered him. He continued giving small sighs here and there; being the only sign to his conscious mind.

You decided not to say anything about it, instead walking with him to find an open seat on the carousel. The horse that caught your eye was light shade of (F/C) with golden reins and (2nd F/C) hair.

Absolutely majestic. You thought; ultimately drawn to  it already.

With the teddy bear in one hand–you used your other hand to grab the pole. The mechanical horse was stopped at the highest point of the point of the pole–and you knew for sure it was mocking you. As your grip on the pole tightened–you tried jumping; to at least get your top half up onto the horse.

“It’s too high!” You grumbled, jumping for it once more. Fortunately; you were able to throw a leg over the horse’s saddle. Unfortunately–you were left hanging over the side; unable to pull yourself up.

“Do you want to try another?” Adrien asked; slightly embarrassed on your behalf.

“No way!” You shouted, turning your head to glare at him. “I want this one–it’s (F/C)!”

Adrien stifled a laugh at your response; causing any worry you previously had to vanish. He then approached your position and grabbed your waist, hoisting you up onto the horse’s back fully. After getting situated; you looked down at the teddy bear and muttered something.

“I couldn’t hear you.” Adrien stated honestly. He was standing in front of your horse–his attention directed at a few couples that walked by.

“I said thank you! Geez!” You repeated, crossing your arms and puffing out your cheeks a bit.

Adrien then turned to look at you, a bit taken aback. His facial expression held a mixture of uncertainty, confusion, and possibly happiness? He then gave you a big smile and nodded, “Of course.”

He then reached for your hand again; but it was so quick that you didn’t have time nor space to move away. As your hand was in his, he directed it back to the pole–his hand remaining over yours. Just then, the ride began to move; catching you off guard.

You could’ve fallen off if it weren’t for Adrien. Or at least; that’s what he wanted you to think.

You turned your attention back to Adrien from the ride operator–only to find him staring at you already. Startled, you tried making yourself smaller–pulling back and shoulders hiked. “W-What?” You question, finding yourself unable to look away from his firm gaze.

Adrien makes a noise similar to a hum as he shakes his head; his golden hair moving along with him in an interesting pattern. “Nothing. I was just thinking.”

Yet; his line of vision still didn’t break. It caused you to feel fifty shades of self-conscious again, especially with his hand that held yours. A small blush were beginning to adorn your cheeks, giving you the false assumption of his hand suddenly getting warmer.

“Then stop staring..” You muttered, looking away.

“You know I can’t do that.” Adrien’s voice came out in a low whisper; directly next to your ear. His free hand drifted upwards until he was playing with a loose strand of (H/C) hair. Then, his hand became situated on your cheek–directing you to look at him once more.

Your gazes locked once more; (E/C) eyes meeting emerald ones. Anxiety and fear began to build up in your being as Adrien’s hand made it’s way to the back of your neck; leaving goosebumps along the skin he so  lightly grazed over.

He then moved closer–but only by an inch; clearly testing the waters. His eyes showed that he was having an internal battle with himself, and his gaze would flicker down every few seconds.

You weren’t a super genius; but you knew what he wanted.

Seemingly relaxed at your lack of refusal, Adrien continues. Just as he were mere centimeters from your lips–you felt his entire presence pull away.

The carousel had come to an abrupt stop, causing the ride and its riders to jerk forwards. Adrien–whom was standing; was suddenly thrown off his feet, landing on the metal floorboards under you.

His entire face flushed red as he stood once more. He didn’t look you in the eye–instead turning to get off the ride completely.

There was a small crowd nearby, some cheering–others laughing; all the while directing their gazes towards you.

Slightly embarrassed, you slide yourself off of the mechanical horse. You quickly find your position next to Adrien and continue walking without exchanging contact. You didn’t know why, but you found yourself concerned for his feelings again. Was he angry–or embarrassed?

His ears were tinted red–you noticed; so maybe he was just still upset about the fall.

Just as you were about to question him, he intertwined his hand with yours. “Let’s go ride the Ferris Wheel now. There’s bound to be better privacy there.” You could hear Adrien mutter as he pulled you along.

If you actually thought about it; maybe all the past encounters with Adrien weren’t all to pick at your height. What if he were interested in you from the start–and the only way he knew how to approach was by helping you?

You could feintly remember the conflicted expression that appeared on his face after he helped you retrieve a book from a high shelf. Or even the sheepish smiles he’d give you after ruffling your hair or giving your shoulder a squeeze. And maybe–just maybe; all his remarks about your height were simple questions about the only thing he knew to approach with.

You gave yourself a dark view on the bright boy since the beginning–which made you feel ultimately bad now.

Great, now you were going to have to make it up to him. Though, maybe it’ll be more interesting this time around.

–Just maybe.






*pushes off roof*

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Could I please get some headcanons for McCree taking his S/O on a road trip?

A/N: After a long night of drinking with my friends, it’s time to get back to the 9 requests I have in my inbox. Sorry for not writing any yesterday, I doubt you guys would want to try and make sense of my drunken ramblings. Happy Hangover Day!

  • Can you take a horse on a road trip? McCree’s tried, to varying degrees of success, though his days with the Deadlock Gang have left him rather capable of driving a motorcycle. A motorcycle is just like a big mechanical horse, right? What you give up in space you get back in freedom, the world is your oyster, nothing quite like feeling the wind on your face while you drive wherever you want. Plus if you’re on a motorcycle you can hold on tight to your favorite cowboy, don’t worry, he won’t let anything happen to you.
  • The American Southwest is a must, it’s McCree’s home turf, and he’d be so happy to finally be able to show someone around. The deepest canyons, the highest peaks, the oldest saloons, the largest ranches, McCree’s going to drag you to every landmark he can find. Depending on how much time you both have for the trip, he’d certainly be willing to drive to your ideal trip destination. Being a cowboy, he has a deep fascination with the area, but he understands that it might not be as entertaining for others.
  • If you’re not comfortable riding a motorcycle, he’s more than happy to travel by train, though he rarely gets to stay inside the cabin. If the train isn’t your speed, he’ll grab a car for the two of you, but don’t ask him to fly. The journey is more important than the destination to McCree, and flying is far too fast for his liking, doesn’t give you any time to enjoy the trip. Not to mention how stingy airline staff can be giving alcohol to him. What’s the fun in travelling if you can’t relax on the trip?
  • If you’re comfortable drinking, he’ll try and end every night at a local bar where the two of you can party it up. He won’t drive, obviously, but he might try and ride a horse while drunk, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s attempted it. McCree’s a sloppy drunk, so let’s just say it isn’t a pretty sight when he hops on, unless you like watching him slowly fall off the side of the horse.
  • The most important part of the trip is that the two of you are spending time together, and nothing is going to get between him and you. You’ll be practically attached at the hip during the entire trip. Expect him to drag you out to some scenic vistas to watch the sunrise / sunset, placing his hat on your head as he pulls you in for a long kiss. He’ll flash you a toothy grin every single time, making sure you know just how happy he is with you.

Highlights from the Mixed Cast panel at Storytelling Con, Barcelona, April 22, 2017

Please note I missed the first 10 minutes of this panel… 5AM is early to get up on a Saturday :)

  • Favorite scenes for each actor:
    • Gil:  “I guess I have to go with meeting Ariel.  I’ve had some nice scenes but that was really the special one.  It was the first scene that I shot.  Walking down the stairs and seeing Ariel and falling in love.”
    • Sean:  “It’s difficult to pick one because there are lots of scenes that I enjoyed.  But there is an episode [4.17] where I’m riding a horse down a street in New York.  And obviously you can’t ride a real horse on concrete because it’s dangerous.  So they have this pretend mechanical horse which is just a big rocking horse and they put it on a truck and they drive it down the street.  So I’m on a big pretend rocking horse driving down a main street and there are all these people in Vancouver looking at me going what is that guy doing?  And I was like… I’m Robin Hood.”
    • Beverley:  “My favorite scene was in Red Handed, when Ruby was just about to attack Peter and I threw the cape on her… that was so exciting because we were outside in the snow it was beautiful it was tense and we were fighting and I had to throw the cape on her and turn her back into Ruby.”
    • Bex:  “I have two favorite scenes.  My first one I love the scene with Zelena and Regina in the episode… I love all the stuff that explores the relationship between the sisters.  And there was one episode in season 5 called Sisters… there was a very emotional scene with me and my sister and our mommy when she made us hold hands and close our eyes and we remembered that we had known each other all along.  That was my first one and my second one was the musical which you haven’t seen yet!”
  • Gil sang A Whole New World to Deniz as if he was Ariel.
  • Bex best moment as the Wicked Witch:  “My song in the musical was so much fun!  I don’t even know what to do with myself.  I keep looking at the calendar is it May 7th yet?  That was the best moment for my character because in this song it tells my character’s whole story in one three and a half minute song.  One of the best days of my life.”
  • The most touching moment filming scenes:  
    • Gil:  “Getting to kiss Ariel.  Multiple times.  I was like ‘can I get one more?’  They are like Gil it doesn’t need to be an open mouthed kiss.”
    • Bex:  “One of the most emotional scenes I shot was when I had to give up my baby to Robin and Regina because I was hurting her and I had to surrender her that was really…”
    • Beverley:  “When they were going through the gate back to [the Enchanted Forest] and I had to say goodbye to Roland.  […]  I was holding the baby and I kissed his head that was very touching.  Raphael is a gorgeous little actor.”
    • Sean:  “Obviously working with Raphael.  I started working with him before I became a dad… because I was a child actor myself I felt very protective over him.  It was one of the first days I was filming with him I had him in my arms and he was only 5 at the time and I have lots of nieces and nephews and I’m very touchy feelly and I kissed him on the head.  We weren’t filming and he turned around and said ‘did you just kiss me?’  And I was like yes, yes I did.  I’m not sure if I’m supposed to do that… why is this strange man kissing me… from day one we had a really strong bond, we got along very well.  He’s just a very sweet boy and I love him.”
    • Faustino:  “When we have these little glimpses of nature cutting in.  We were shooting a scene [in 3.02] by the river with Snow White and Charming and all the dwarves and in comes a deer.  Just starts walking.  Walking … walking and we’re just kind of doing our scene and the deer is in the scene.  Everyone at that point was .. and then at that point the deer was right there and Ginny goes ‘oh my god’ … and on the wedding scene we had some birds that snuck in the building while filming we had those glimpses of nature setting in…”
    • Deniz:  “I was always a big fan of the cartoons of Aladdin and on the first day we actually got to do the scene where I fly in and Jasmine’s in the hourglass and Jafar’s there with the staff and I’m in the cartoon I’ve watched four hundred million times…  And I got to be Aladdin and save her…”
  • What do you love most about Once Upon a Time:
    • Gil:  “That I got to play a Disney prince.  Because honestly I was shocked that I got that part.  I feel honored and humbled.”
    • Deniz:  “That I got to work with all these lovely people.”
    • Faustino:  “I love the message.  It’s a message of hope and ah that message is represented through all of you.  Thank you.”
    • Bex:  “The best thing about Once Upon a Time is how it’s brought all of us together.  The fandom has created a community.  Like no matter what happens we’ll always have each other.”
    • Beverley:  “I love that it took these fairy tales that we all knew as children and then gave this life and history which connected all of us together.  And that it’s international.  The cast is international and now we get to travel the world and have this international community.”
    • Sean:  “I just like that I get to wear leather head to toe all day and they pay me.”
  • Will Zelena be a good person or will she just be a wicked witch:  “I think Zelena is going through a massive transformation… I think becoming a mother has made her heart softer.  You’ll see throughout the rest of the season what happens with Zelena’s relationship with Regina but I think no matter how redeemed my character becomes there always be a little bit of wicked in there.”
  • What UK food does Bex miss the most:  “A good bloody cup of tea!  Like a proper cup of tea with milk and sugar!  Like a lady!”
  • For Sean:  What do you like most about playing a Disney fairy tale character?  “Well I thought of Robin Hood as a character by itself before Disney made a Disney movie of Robin Hood.  I just liked the fact that I got to play a …  just getting to play the legend of Robin Hood.  It’s just one of those characters that any male actor would really enjoy.”
  • What do you think about fans that follow you around the world [at conventions] are they crazy?: 
    • Bex:  “I think it’s amazing that people get on a plane to come and meet us.  It’s mental.  We are very very honored and it really means a lot to us.”
  • They were asked to dance the Macarana.  Bex attempted to decline saying she needs more coffee but Beverley made them all get up and do it.  The editor at this point is having 1990s PTSD flashbacks…
  • Favorite same sex love interest for your own characters:
    • Sean:  “I don’t want to disappoint the gents here because they’re strapping men every one of them but I’d have to say my old pal Colin O’Donoghue.  When he raises that eyebrow I just fall to pieces.”
    • Gil:  “Aladdin here.  He’s got long hair …. something to grab hold of….”
    • Deniz:  “I’d have to go with the one and only Prince Charming.  He’s the prince of Charming.”
    • Faustino:  “Charming absolutely.”
    • Beverley:  “I just feel strange because I’m a grandmother… of course Zelena would be number one but my tied for number one … Jasmine …”
    • Bex:  “I think Zelena might have a crush on Belle.  She’s so little!  I can pick her up she’s so cute!  In really life I think Rebecca Mader would go for Lana Parrilla we’re not sisters in real life so it’s not wrong.  It’s not weird.”
  • How long does it take to become the Wicked Witch:  “Three hours.  Seven coffees.  And lots of snapchat, twitter and instagram.  But once the green makeup is on it can stay on for 17 hours and then it takes half an hour to take off.  And then I look 16 at the end because it’s taken all the skin off.”
  • Who is your favorite scene partner:  
    • Beverley:  “I love hanging out with Archie and Geppetto.  We have a nice little trio and the three of us [talk a lot].”
    • Gil:  “Again there are just so many to choose from.  I’m going to say Joanna who plays Ariel.  Though last time I was up there I got to work with Karen David and she was absolutely wonderful.  Do you want to trade?” [to Deniz]
    • Deniz:  “Karen David’s my answer.  Actually no Jafar.. Oded is so fun to work with.  He’s so evil and so lovely in person.  It’s kind of cool to see him switch.”
    • Faustino:  “Since I play dwarf I’m going to say my dwarf brothers.  Because we have a lot of fun all the time.”
    • Sean:  “I can’t pick one person.  All of us became good friends.  Bex is like my sister, Colin is like my brother, Mikey Raymond-James who left the show a little while ago is one of my best friends…. it’s a tie.  Lana obviously … I can’t pick between all of my favorites.”
    • Bex:  “Lana Parrilla!  Two reasons I like working with my sister the most.  One when we’re in character we play and each take is different.  And number two she makes tea like a British lady.  I spend a lot of time in her trailer drinking her tea and eating her chocolate.”
  • If you could play any other character:
    • Sean declines to answer because they were all well cast.  “I’m very happy I got to be Robin Hood because I think I would have been a terrible Queen of Darkness.”
    • Bex doesn’t want to play anyone else but her.
    • Beverley:  Rumple.
    • Deniz:  “I’d like to play Zelena for a day.  Just for a day.  One day get green…”
    • Gil:  “Prince Charming because he’s gotten to do way more episodes than me.”
    • Faustino: “Hook, that’s an interesting character.”
Driving Headcanons

(Apollon: A car? What’s that? Oh, it’s like a mechanical horse! But faster and more efficient and doesn’t poop everywhere!!)

(”As humans’ worship and faith in the gods waned, so did the powers of These divine beings,” wrote Mr. Caduceus, “and even something that used to be simple as teleportation proved to be impossible today. What’s left is Their immortality and Their memories of the past, and like humans, even They must adapt to the changing world around them.”)

From Best to Worst Drivers (a summary)

1) Thor. A very good and careful driver. Calm and collected… good. Just slightly better than Yui at driving because of his faster reflexes in case of accidents (but hey, he’s a god!). Is a hazard to others because during the summer time he will choose to drive with his shirt off and his windows open. Others can see him and become flustered (Maria’s thirst is talking here but who wouldn’t be thirsty).

2) Yui. Careful driver and quick to her feet! Very nice and lets people go ahead of her most of the time! The designated driver when everyone else is tired and or wasted. Has never gotten a ticket yet but has been in a small accident but hey, it’s the other person’s fault!

3) Thoth. Has a bit of road rage. Will cut people off on purpose when he’s in a bad mood. Was actually everyone’s driving instructor because he doesn’t trust the gods to not out themselves to a human teacher (he often yelled at his students when he was teaching them). Good driver when he isn’t pissy. Listens to nothing but audiobooks on the road.

4) Apollon. Like Yui and Thor, careful driver! Always has music playing as he drives. A pleasant driver. Usually lets others go first in a four way intersection. (Maria: I’ve… got nothing else…… sun)

5) Tsukito. Very stoic driver and obeys the speed limit at all times to a fault. ALWAYS uses his turn signal even when the street is entirely empty (bless you moon-moon). Refuses to speed up even when the flow of traffic is faster. Actually, drives slower than the speed limit just to be careful (but often pisses off other drivers lmao). Will drive in absolute silence and will refuse to converse with anyone.

6) Takeru. Has the worst roadrage. Will definitely scream at the people who cut him off. Speeds often. Will blast music as he drives (and shamelessly sing along loudly when he’s ALONE). Tells people how to fucking drive as a passenger. Will speed up really fast to run a yellow light. Won’t hit the gas pedal until a few feet away so if you aren’t wearing your seatbelt you’ll lurch forward!

7) Dionysus. Okay driver in general. A bit clumsy and sometimes forgets to look both sides when backing up. Claims he’s okay to drive when he just drank wine but Yui absolutely refuses to let him. Often forgets to turn off the lights in the car (he notices last second though). When parking and notices that there aren’t a lot of cars, he won’t bother to correct his parking if it’s bad.

8) Balder. He’s a good driver in theory… but is a road hazard and also scary to have as a driver occasionally. His foot sometimes get caught up with the pedals but always manages to catch himself and fix his mistake last second!! Has to always role his windows up because he attracts too much attention. A lot of people hit on him at stoplights. Everyone agreed that he will be the driver only on long trips where everyone else is too exhausted to drive and there is barely anyone on the road.

9) Loki. That asshole driver everyone hates. Doesn’t use his turn signals. Changes lanes so often that other drivers really wish he would just crash eventually. Speeds so often that he has a collection of tickets still unpaid that he just shoves in the front compartment. How did this guy even get his license? (Loki: lol, I didn’t.). Has already been in multiple cop chases in the past. Someone, arrest this man.

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I always find aliens ignorance to earth culture adorable. Like Star's confusion with a fist bump. I think it would be cute to see Ludos reaction to a bike, or Toffees reaction to music and wearing headphones. Ludo would be like "What is this? A mechanical horse?" And Toffee I swear he'd have this confused look on his face as you're handing him headphones and he'd say "What is this? Some sort of mind control device?" And when you finally get him to put it on he'd look like an amazed child! cute

“Toffee being fascinated by earbuds” is certainly the strangest way to cope with his brutal death.


Rollin’ a warforged Ranger/Artificer in this game. That’s not the smaaaartest combination but I think I can make it work. Gunsmith Artificer literally gets a boomstick at level 1 and can build it’s own damn mechanic horse at level 6 so you can’t talk me out of it :v

Occasionally i feel like i need to produce some content here, so:

Bones, Spock, and Jim all know how to ride a motorbike but all keep it secret for various reasons (had an embarassing crash, not in the vulcan way, afraid bones will tell him off) until one away mission where they have to get on bikes for ~plot~ and they all kinda mumble their way through (cant be too different to a horse, the mechanics seem logical, there was a bike gang in my neighbourhood). Of course, shit goes down and they have to pull out their Skills and actually commit and it’s awesome

Nintendo Treehouse Round-up

Things confirmed during the Breath of the Wild stream:

1.)    Horses of different temperaments, strengths, endurance, breeds, ect. Some are easier to tame than others

2.)    Stables are used to register and store horses. You can have up to five.

3.)    You can feed animals—potentially gain animal companions

4.)    Side quests are a thing

5.)    Donkeys

6.)    Aonuma hints that there’s some connection between the blue shirts and Sheikah Slate Zelda and Link have?

7.)    You can call a tamed horse by whistling anytime, anywhere

8.)    The world is alive with animals everywhere (mostly)

9.)    You can mount your horse in any direction now (THANK GOODNESS)

10.) Octoroks confirmed

11.) Varying weather patterns; rain will put out fires

12.) Metal items WILL attract lightning; be smart how you gear up. Lightning will strike randomly though, so be cautious. Can strike enemies too

13.) Horses can die

Some of this we knew or guessed at, but it was nice seeing more of the horse mechanics.


The Iron Dobbin,

Invented in Italy in 1933, the Iron Dobbin was a mechanical horse originally developed to train young children how to ride.  Powered by a gasoline engine, the Iron Dobbin was essentially a four legged walker, its legs being made from steel pipes.  The Iron Dobbin was supposed to mimic the movement of a horse, and supposedly was able to traverse rough terrain.  Originally the Iron Dobbin was intended to train children of the Italian Fascist Youth Movement to ride, and the Italian Army considered the machine to replace draft horses and donkeys.  However the Italian Army deemed the design impractical.  The German Army also developed their own version called the “Panzerpferd”, or Armored Horse, but it too was found to be an impractical design.  The Iron Dobbin was featured in the April, 1933 edition of Popular Science.

Pioneer travel has always been hazardous and expensive. Even in fairy stories only courageous, well sponsored princes really got around. As centuries rolled by and the horse became mechanized, travel agents started package deals, long journeys were divided into stages. Traveling steadily became quicker, cheaper and more comfortable, providing we kept our heads down and remained in earth’s orbit.
Outer space put travel back to square one. A different breed of prince in a different kind of armour returns from the moon with a different kind of treasure. (Imagine the Fairy King after financing his son’s trip getting no more than a few rocks and some dust.) Now it is only a question of time before transport and travel agents step in and take over outer space travel. Perhaps they have started, for there is already talk of Skylabs for research, possibly followed by SkyFactories, where weightless men in perfect vacuum and unlimited solar radiation will soon be running up hotels of unheard-of purity. Where would the power come from? Why not harness those electric currents on the ionosphere which flow around the earth? After all, they are doing nothing.
Satellites may soon have us wondering how our world has supported life for so long with such wastage, so much mineral and agricultural wealth untouched. People may even stop talking about the weather; it will now be as predictable as night following day.
—  Make Another Signal, by Captain Jack Broome, RN (Ret.), written in 1973

Madra had kept her word… four days and lots of caffeine later the skeleton of a to-be mechanical horse was now complete. It was a perfect replica of the skeleton of the animal but made out of metal instead. Surely once the other parts were put in place and the rest got covered it would be quite a thing to look at.

As for her temporary residence in this strange little town as she recovered… she wasn’t entirely sure yet. So far her lies didn’t seem to raise any suspicion with the doctor which was good. No one here had to know she was a chimera so she felt rather secure for now. Her sneaking out at night hadn’t been at all noticed too, the villagers seemed to suspect nothing since she made it look like rats or racoons had run off with any goods she stole.

There was one local dog that caught her attention though. She wasn’t sure how many days had passed but the poor thing seemed to look more miserable every day. There was something wrong with it she was sure… maybe if it was still around and alive by tomorrow she’d snatch it overnight, fix him up, and hunt down his owner to give them a piece of her mind. She wasn’t going to stand for some irresponsible owner who couldn’t take care of a dog that was clearly sick or injured.

“I got fresh chicken today, I hope you like it roasted with a side dish of potatoes it’s my specialty.” She said as she walked into the lab and made sure not to knock something off a table by accident.

“Also the villagers outside seem to be preparing for something called ‘Oak trouble’ fest or something. The artists who drew that banner need to get replaced immediately.” She added as she let out a shrug.