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Can I request Bonnie and Beth bonding? Like, working together to make a mechanical horse heart to be used in horse heart transplants or something

I actually would
Love to do this


Monster horse to battle giant spider in Beijing

A giant half horse, half dragon designed by French artist Francois Delaroziere will be on display in Beijing next week to mark the 50th anniversary of China-France diplomatic ties.

However, it’s not just there for public viewing, the beast will be involved in a performance outside the National Stadium, also known as the Bird’s Nest.

The performance will see the 12-meter-high and 47-ton-heavy creature fight a giant mechanical ‘spider’ that weighs 37 tons.

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This Exists #10: Mechanical Horse Workout Machine

Now I have already encountered a fair share of questionable exercise machines in East Asia that are supposed to work your core muscles. But this one might make people look the most ridiculous (while possibly working?). My spouse spotted it at a Korean pool and spa this week and immediately identified it for the ‘This Exists’ series.