Vah Ruta, I Challenge YOU!

I got the shock arrows you wanted, Sidon-senpai, so now let’s kick this giant, mechanical elephant’s ass! 

The little challenge just to get in to the dungeon is fun. Blasting some weak spots on Vah Ruta with Sidon is well done, and has a very epic feeling to it. Kind of akin to Shadow of the Colossus, though not quite as involved. 

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The sunset was just so beautiful to behold from the raised trunk of Vah Ruta. While it wasn’t the highest point in the area, it just so happened to give the perfect height and location for the best view. Peaks could be too high, the beach was far too low, and the trees blocked everywhere else.

Here atop the mechanical elephant, they could see the changing colors at their best. Though Link was concerned that he hadn’t heard Mipha say anything in quite some time. Looking over to the Zora, he found her head against his shoulder, and her breathing was soft and slow.

They must have been up on the Divine Beast for much longer than he thought. He should wake her, but he knows she deserves the rest; not to mention needs a little bit of it. A few more minutes wouldn’t hurt, and it wasn’t as if the weight was uncomfortable.


Yours to love - Mikey’s mini-series - (still in progress)

summary: You and Michael are together and are in love. Introduce Luke, darling and sweet and head over heels in love with you - and chaos ensures.

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Amnesia - Luke’s mini-series

summary: Luke cheats and in the domino effect of it all you leave him. Years later you meet again. 

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Rehab - Ashton’s mini-series

summary: When in rehab battling your inner demons you meet Ashton – a boy who takes everything out on himself. He introduces you to Luke – a selectively mute kid, Michael – a boy with social anxiety’s and Calum – who refuses to let anyone know what he’s in for. Together you try your hardest to get better.

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4 in the morning - Calum’s mini-series

summary: you fall in love with your best friends boyfriend and then nothing is the same. the worst part is that he seems to like you too,

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a not so popular boy - Luke short story - request

summary: when you see some of the boys beating Luke up you decide to defend him.

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rest in peace - luke one shot - request

summary: this is your and luke’s last summer.

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except for you - Calum one shot

summary: Calum tries to be romantic. tries.

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The elephant clock, as depicted by Badi'al-Zaman Abū al-‘Izz ibn Ismā'īl ibn al-Razāz al-Jazarī from his manuscript The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices, 1206. On the construction of the clock, Al-Jazari remarked that “the elephant represents the Indian and African cultures, the two dragons represents Chinese culture, the phoenix represents Persian culture, the water work represents ancient Greek culture, and the turban represents Islamic culture”.

On a Lark to the Planets. Frances Trego Montgomery. Akron, Ohio, New York, Chicago: The Saalfield Publishing Co., 1904. First edition.

The young protagonists travel to the planets in a balloon attached to the mechanical elephant. Several of the planets visited are utopian (Venus; Jupiter; Uranus), others dystopian (Mars is warlike, Saturn the literal Hell where Earth people are tortured). The whole is a curious mixture of science, fantasy and mythology.