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hey guys, back again with some canon compliant shimadas. i wanted to write about genji’s baja blast because i am enamored with it like every other perv in this fandom so therefore, i did. regular warnings for shimadacest, so if that ain’t your thing steer clear. this is also mad filthy, so be warned on that part as well. 

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And here is why:

I LOVE that she has traditionally feminine interests, and not only indulges in them, but tries to perfect them, as we see when she says she was trying to make an apple pie as good as Gracia Hughs’ aka the best apple pie she had ever tasted.

Seeing her passionate about something so traditionally feminine like baking is so realistic, because in so many other films and shows, a woman character with masculine interests (like mechanics) is ONLY a tomboy, and scoffs at feminine things, which is super unrealistic because people never have only one layer like that.

I LOVE that she has other interests, and that those interests consist of: mechanics, engineering, human anatomy, surgery, and entrepreneurship.

Having these interests and talents is so unique of a female character who also has feminine interests, because so many female characters who have feminine interests are reduced to one dimensional characters and don’t get any development and aren’t given any other interests to add to the character. It also shows that she is really intelligent (she read medical textbooks instead of children’s books for goodness sake) and has a fantastic work ethic.

I LOVE that she wants to be the best automail mechanic around, and that it was her best friend who inspired that desire

This shows that she is really invested in her relationships, and chooses friends she can look up to. It also shows that she isn’t too proud to say that it was her closest friends’ determination that inspired that goal for her. I LOVE that she tells Ed she’ll have an apple pie for him when he gets back. Her best friend has just been unceremoniously appointed Saviour of Amestris™ and there’s not much she can do to help him besides remind him that she’ll still be there when he comes back, and that he has a home and family to return to when this is all over. And really, what else WOULD she be doing after Ed leaves to fight on the promised day? She can’t follow and join the fight, she’s not an alchemist, not military, and not skilled in combat; and she has other customers to take care of too. She was going to stay in Resembool anyway, might as well promise her best friend an apple pie as a thank you for saving her life. Not to mention all the trauma she had already gone through; taken hostage by the military, learning about what’s really going on, then choosing to put her life in the hands of the serial killer that murdered her parents, as opposed to putting her life in the hands of the military, which is more likely to kill her. After all that, I’m surprised she even kept up her automail business instead of shutting down and trying to recover from all that. In conclusion: Winry Rockbell is a very well developed realistic character

‘Extremes & Inbetweens’-

In the mechanic anatomy of an animated scene, there are essentially just 2 types of drawing- they are either an extreme or an inbetween (and sometimes a mixture of both within a drawing).  This identification helps keep the animation workflow streamline and clear.  

The extremes charted the path of an action, providing all necessary anchor points and act as the skeleton that holds a movement.

The inbetweens are strictly followers, following diligently within the established charted path by the extremes and control the velocity of a movement.  The inbetweens filled in the ‘space-time’ dimension, providing a ‘feel’ (like mass) to the skeletal structure made of extremes.

Generally we put emphasis on the extremes, but the inbetweens are equally important as the flows of velocity are also critical information.  (Imagine all the extremes are in right places but the inbetweens while staying on path but spacing relation is off, we’d get a very ineffective result.)

In attempts to communicate the animating process, we named drawings to describe our workflow.  Because there are many different approaches, the terminology can become cumbersome, causing the workflow to be unnecessarily complex.

The many terms are keys, storytelling keys, extremes, breakdowns and inbetweens.  For me, the terms can be understood as follow-

Keys- are the major moments in an action.  They are extremes but fewer in numbers and incomplete by themselves.  They need more added extremes to uphold a movement.

Storytelling keys- are extremes that address the emotional points in a scene.  There might be just one storytelling key or several, pending on the complexity of the emotional flow.  They too are incomplete by themselves and need supportive extremes to be complete.

Breakdowns are trickier based on certain workflow. They can be a breakdown extreme or the simpler breakdown in-between.  Originally, a breakdown is really an inbetween that addresses the widest gap between extremes.

In shaping up an animating workflow, it is very resourceful to fully understand the functions of terms in relation to personal significance, as they will affect communication in a more collaborative environment.

And so truly simply- it is just extremes and inbetweens (in an equal and balance partnership).



Polish-born scientist Marie Skłodowska Curie - known to most as just plain “Marie Curie” - was the first woman to ever win a Nobel Prize. She shared the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics with her husband Pierre Curie and physicist Henry Becquerel for their joint efforts researching radiation. Notably, she was responsible for coining the term “radioactivity”, and within this time period, she conducted the first studies on the treatment of diseased, tumor-forming cells.

After her husband Pierre’s death in 1906, Marie was offered his position in the physics department at the University of Paris. She took the job, and became the first woman to act as a professor at the institution. This was especially remarkable at the time, since she spent most of her early educational days rejected by universities in Poland due to her gender.

Despite a sensationalized affair with her husband’s former student that led to media accounts deeming her a home-wrecker, Curie won the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering the elements radium and polonium, including her work isolating radium to study the nature and compounds of the element. This made her the first person to win two Nobel Prizes, the only woman to do so, and the only individual in history to win for two different sciences.

During World War I, Curie learned how to drive and quickly gave herself a crash course on anatomy, auto mechanics and the use of X-ray equipment in order to develop “Little Curies”, mobile radiology units designed for assisting battlefield surgeons. It is estimated that over a million soldiers were treated in Curie’s units.

Though Curie’s work positioned her to become one of the most celebrated women in the field of science, it also managed to take a major toll on her health. She passed away in France on July 4, 1934 of aplastic anemia, likely due to continued exposure to radiation.

"I Slipped" - On the Politics of Traditional Masculinity, Insecurity and Power

I just watched it. Guys, my thoughts are going to be so, so long. And I will probably manage to disappoint literally everyone at once. I’m exhausted, and this will possibly be incoherent. I don’t care.

Up here is the short version:

  1. There were a lot of great jokes. I giggled. A lot. I also really enjoyed the B-plot. Jeremy was the cutest and Morgan was perfect.
  2. I feel for Mindy a very great deal in this episode. Her struggle is relateable and feels real despite the comedy. I’m glad they decided to open the door to this topic, because this is a relevant conversation for TMP viewers.
  3. Danny doesn’t come off great and needs to learn him some stuff about consent, just like every other man alive.
  4. I officially fucking hate Peter with the fire of a thousand suns.

Now, for the in-depth bits. I just want to apologise in advance for the length, and the fact that I think I’ve simultaneously managed to go against and agree with everything I’ve read about this episode to date. Just, this isn’t going to please anyone. I’m so sorry.

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Why Do Some Noises Make You Cringe?

The majority of us can probably agree that the sound of nails on a chalkboard is unpleasant, but why is that? Theories range from evolutionary survival mechanisms to the anatomy of the human ear. Find out more in this episode of SciShow!

You have too much power over the mechanisms of
my anatomy
because the minute my eyes are laid on you,
I am tongue tied
and my stomach is in knocks,
my feet are shaking, knees unable to comprehend how to move
while my palms are either sweaty
or frozen,
my skin slowly prickles up and
prepares for the goosebumps

and the heart?
oh you have no idea how fast it goes
thud thud against my chest
and suddenly and all i

is you

—  anatomy control by emotionsarecrazy