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Touch Therapy

Prompt: Either Bucky or Tony is very shy when thi[n]gs turn towards cuddling,kissing,nudity,sex and the other helps them overcome it 


I took it and ran with it, sorry not sorry

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The first time Steve tried to talk to him about Bucky, Tony just stared at him over the rim of his coffee cup until he got the picture and walked away.  But later, when Tony was dragging himself up the stairs after forty straight hours in the lab, he saw Bucky curled up on the couch, all but hidden in baggy clothes and staring into the darkness.

“JARVIS, see if he wants to watch something on TV,” Tony said as he fell into bed, fully dressed.

“Yes, sir. Any suggestions?”

“I don’t know.” What would a traumatized amnesic supersoldier want to watch? Documentaries? Cooking shows? “Put on that show with the rescue dogs and the inmates,” Tony said finally, and passed out without hearing JARVIS answer.

Six hours later a breakthrough idea for the lab had him rolling out of bed and heading back down the stairs.  Passing by the living room, he paused when he saw that Bucky was still watching television in almost exactly the same spot.  He came around the couch and saw that it was also the same show.

“Was the dog show your idea?” Bucky rumbled from the hidden depths of his hoodie.

“Do you like it?  Ready for a dog now?” Tony tested the temperature of the pot of coffee in the kitchen and put it in the microwave.


 “Alright, you don’t stab anyone and one of these days I’ll find you the ugliest mutt in New York. Deal?”

Tony felt a smile pulling at his lips when he heard the surprised laugh coming from the direction of the couch.  “Deal.”

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Tipu’s Tiger, ca. 1793, a life-sized wooden automaton toy of an ornate tiger mauling a figure representing European colonialism. Turning the crank operates a hidden mechanical organ that plays the sounds of the tiger’s growls and the dying man’s wails as his left arm moves helplessly. It’s a horror and a delight at the same time—a toy, an impressively crafted gold-embellished machine, and a symbol of anticolonial sentiments from the era of ruthless subjugation and corporate-imperial plunder by the East India Company in south Asia. 

Mechanical tiger.
- 50*70 cm, acrylic on 300gr watercolor paper

Finally finished this giant, first time trying to paint something surreal this big and I have to say I enjoyed it so much!!! It is a gift for a friend, when I asked her what would she like from me she only said: “White tiger, something surreal and mechanical. Colours can be blue, purple, red…oh you know me!!!” Tried my best, hope I succeed!

AU Idea

Okay so I have a super weird idea for a BBS & Dream Team AU and it’s like an infamous AU with the guys with jobs that represent themselves in some sort of way which are:

Evan- Hockey Player

Delirious- Mechanic (Jason’s Auto)

Tyler- Tiger Keeper (@ City Zoo)

Craig- Nurse

Brock- Construction worker

Brian- Mechanic (Jason’s Auto)

Nogla- Musician/ Street preformer, part time Veterinarian

Lui- Bouncer

Marcel- Tattoo artist

Ohm- Bartender (Rabbit’s Den)

Luke- DJ

Bryce- Musician/ Street preformer

I don’t have a secure name for this AU but what I have so far is “Over On Wrecker’s Street,” because one of the main locations the story is set in is the Rabbit’s Den, which is located on Wrecker’s Street.


Brastle Tiger: Bombay Special.

Standard Brastle Tiger Kit given some detail; I was originally going to do filigree but then I decided on a more paisley patterning on the bristle mechanism.

I think Brastle Tiger as a kit is under-rated. Its a solid chunky kitty, with a ton of cool features. Its a very plain kit, so I detailed a lot of the panels with a mix of enamels and metallic gundam markers [metallic red in particular]. Gold leaf’d the thermal cannon covers and caps. I love its foot locks too!

I tried some graphite powder on the claws and teeth but it didn’t quite work as expected. Still, very happy with the kit.

This is a life-sized mechanism of a tiger devouring a European man. It belonged to Tipu Sahib, ruler of Mysore in India until 1799.

Tipu had two great passions, a fascination for tigers and a hatred of the British. Concealed within the tiger is a mechanical pipe-organ operated by a crank-handle at the tiger’s shoulder. This handle also operates bellows which create sounds of the tiger growling and of the victim crying out. The cries vary in intensity, as the mechanism raises and lowers the man’s left arm to cover his mouth.

This object is in the collection of Victoria and Albert Museum


|| 1st studyblr post || Had kind of a busy morning studying English Syntax and Semantics but the effort was worth it :] 

I really, really love taking colored notes. One of my most recent purchases have been these colorful mechanical pencils from Tiger. I also adore the Moleskine I was given as a gift… it is so helpful as a planner c:

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New Character Information!

Elma Voiced by Houko Kuwashima (Medusa from Soul Eater, Tomoyo from Clannad, Rose Thomas from Fullmetal Alchemist)

Team Leader of the mercenary group ‘B.L.A.D.E.’. 
She’s a calm person with acute decision-making power and insight and is thus respected by her team’s members.
On Earth, she was colonel of the General Government’s Special Vehicle Operations Corps (known as the 'Doll Corps’)

Lynlee Ku Voiced by Maria Ise (Stocking from Panty&Stocking with Garterbelt, Mika Harima from Durarara!!, Pao-lin from Tiger&Bunny)

Mechanic for and member of the mercenary group 'B.L.A.D.E.’. 
Despite her age, she’s an expert at mechanical engineering and, being a child prodigy, was involved in the development of the battle robots known as 'Dolls’. 
She has a bright personality and interacts with everyone without prejudice. 

Tatsu Voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi (Jacuzzi Splot from Baccano!, Souta Tamadate from Guilty Crown, Gnome from Tales of Symphonia)

A member of the Nopon race, you meet up Tatsu on the planet Mira.
He comes under the player’s care, after a chance meeting. 
He appears to be innocent and naive, as though he’s not thinking much, but occasionally will say something very perceptive. 

Irina Voiced by Nao Takamori (Blaze the Cat from Sonic, Katarina Cott from Suikoden IV, Kaede from Onimusha)

Belongs to the mercenary group 'B.L.A.D.E.’. Back on Earth, she was in the General Government’s Special Vehicle Operations Corps (known as the 'Doll Corps’), where she served under Elma. 
Now in B.L.A.D.E., she still adores and respects Elma. She has a strong-minded and frank personality, but is committed to her duty of protecting the people living on Mira. 

Van Damme Voiced by Tessho Genda (Xord from Xenoblade the first, Kratos from God of War, official Japanese voice for Tigger)

The commanding officer of the B.L.A.D.E. mercenary group. 
Previously, he worked as the Chief Engineer on the emergency emigration ship 'The White Whale’. 
He’s broadminded, arrogant towards everyone, and has a sharp tongue, but these are his only flaws.

Translation from StreetsAhead at Neogaf, I added in some of the most well known roles I could find for the voice actors and running on little sleep so please don’t yell at me if I missed something even more notable.

I just want to put this out there

The advancements in technology are crazy awesome.

People connecting artificial limbs to nerves…

People bypassing spinal injuries by plugging directly into the brain…

We already have the technology for amazing things, we just have to advance it a tad more and put it all together…

In other words, I want people to be able to have a full-body amputation. I want for an artificial body to be connected to a brain via spinal cord.

I want this person-in-an-artificial-body to be able to see and smell and touch and taste, and have all their senses like normal. Maybe even amplified senses!

THEN, once we perfect the body-transplant… 

I want engineers to make new mechanical bodies. Better bodies. Tiger bodies and horse bodies.

I want to be able to spend a shit-ton of money and have my brain transferred into the body of a flight-capable bird. 

Or a dragon. 

Not only the shape, but the senses as well. Optic ports that can sense a greater light range, or have night-vision,  olfactory sensors that detect on the level of a dog, that you can manually adjust sensitivity. 

An internal dialysis/heart machine keeps whatever blood-like fluid that is nourishing your brain, pure and pumping. 

Where you can pick up wi-fi with your antlers, and hold the internet in your palm. 

A body that you can customize and repair like you would a car, or a computer. 

That moment in time when you realize Science-Fiction could become ‘Science’ and the world is galloping headlong into innovation. 

Photo: Rob Carr/Getty

Watch Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime performance, with Lenny Kravitz & Missy Elliott

If you haven’t yet seen Katy Perry’s Super Bowl XLIX (that means the 49th one, btw) halftime performance, then here you go. 

There’s not much else to say now that hasn’t already been said, from the dancing shark people and her entrance on a mechanical giant tiger to Perry riding out on the More You Know star:

To read the full four-star review of her show, from Alex Needham in the Guardian’s US office, just click here.