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Girl Genius Liveblog #104

UPDATE 104: It’s Your Old Friend, Zola

So, last time Tarvek had collapsed because it turns out entering a death trap and riding mechanical tigers doesn’t help to recover from gunshot wound. Who’d have thought. So now Agatha has to deal with that too, as if she didn’t have enough problems in her hands. Let’s continue.

While Tarvek starts mumbling incoherently everyone manages to carry him to one of the many medical labs in the Castle. Convenient! Mainly because the Heterodynes loved experimenting. This should mean there’s plethora of materials and items that can be of help, as long as the right hands use them, of course. And Agatha here is the right hands, or at least she’d be if she knew anything about medicine. Moloch is a mechanic, Violetta is a ninja…this may be more difficult than expected.

Also the Castle has a scream machine because of course it does.

Oooooor it may actually be kind of simple. Yeah, I didn’t know you had any medical knowledge at all, Agatha. What’s up with that? Turns out in Beetle’s university the lectures included hundreds of operations, and she watched every single one of them, wanting to get her hands on a patient. Cool! And while Tarvek may not be in top shape and he’s still kind of sick, at least he’s not in immediate danger of dying. Violetta will be capable of guarding him while Agatha goes to find Gil. You coming, Moloch?

Who knows if he’s coming. Remember that someone called for Gil’s name from offscreen? Turns out that person was Zola, and Gil recognizes her. Hm? Zola reacts with a lot of familiarity, behaving as if Gil is some kind of childhood friend who did something stupid. I think I’m missing something here, have you two met before, by any chance?

Apparently they met in Paris and Zola used to receive a lot of help from Gil. Now she sees her chance to repay the favor because she is the Lady Heterodyne. Gil is in no particular hurry to defuse this delusion, hah. Hey, this could be useful! Depending on how much Zola grows to trust Gil, of course, but maybe he can sabotage Zola with subtlety. The rest of Gil’s companions will want to, either way.

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An impressive picture of a King Tiger from schwere Panzer-Abteilung 501 being repaired by field maintenance team in harsh winter conditions of 1944-45 in Poland. Both sides of the suspension have been damaged and the drive sprocket has been removed for access to the final drive. To allow easy access to the engine bay, the mechanics has set up of this useful hoist on the turret and removed the heavy engine cover plate.

This is a life-sized mechanism of a tiger devouring a European man. It belonged to Tipu Sahib, ruler of Mysore in India until 1799.

Tipu had two great passions, a fascination for tigers and a hatred of the British. Concealed within the tiger is a mechanical pipe-organ operated by a crank-handle at the tiger’s shoulder. This handle also operates bellows which create sounds of the tiger growling and of the victim crying out. The cries vary in intensity, as the mechanism raises and lowers the man’s left arm to cover his mouth.

This object is in the collection of Victoria and Albert Museum

Mechanical tiger.
- 50*70 cm, acrylic on 300gr watercolor paper

Finally finished this giant, first time trying to paint something surreal this big and I have to say I enjoyed it so much!!! It is a gift for a friend, when I asked her what would she like from me she only said: “White tiger, something surreal and mechanical. Colours can be blue, purple, red…oh you know me!!!” Tried my best, hope I succeed!


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I really, really love taking colored notes. One of my most recent purchases have been these colorful mechanical pencils from Tiger. I also adore the Moleskine I was given as a gift… it is so helpful as a planner c:

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Photo: Rob Carr/Getty

Watch Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime performance, with Lenny Kravitz & Missy Elliott

If you haven’t yet seen Katy Perry’s Super Bowl XLIX (that means the 49th one, btw) halftime performance, then here you go. 

There’s not much else to say now that hasn’t already been said, from the dancing shark people and her entrance on a mechanical giant tiger to Perry riding out on the More You Know star:

To read the full four-star review of her show, from Alex Needham in the Guardian’s US office, just click here.