mechanical tattoos

Okay, but runes.

Seriously. Runes tattooed on mechanics’ fingers to help them deal with car parts deftly, or to protect them from hot fluids and engines.

Students writing runes around the edges if their notes to reappear on a different page where they’ll actually be legible.

Teenagers writing runes in henna behind their ears or at their temples to help them concentrate.

Boys and girls casting runes to tell how this next date will turn out - not the relationship, mind, because there are too many variables and if it is something that lasts, it’s too far in the future to tell, but the date next Tuesday? Totally manageable.

Parents sewing runes into their kids clothes to prevent stains or to return it to their bag when summer camp ends.

Artists carving runes into their supplies to prevent losing them/keep them from being stolen

Doctors using tools with runes on them to ensure a steadier hand

Glasses with runes to automatically adjust prescription as your eyes change

Just. Runes.

› › mechanic/tattooed/pierced jaebum.

a close-knit party.
frisky, harmless lap dances were given to commemorate her special birthday.. but he wanted to make it a little more.. personal..

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Post-timeskip Laz’ab.

He’s spent the last five years languishing inside a tomb, fighting off the local Tuk’ata and eating K’lorr slugs to survive, but other than an arm and some more sanity he’s mostly intact.

Couldn’t decide which version I liked better, so have both.


“God,” Claire shook her head, picking at her noodles. “I wish I could live by that. I try, I really do. I do a lot of yoga, and that’s a meditation I am working on.”

“I like yoga,” Dan leaned back in his chair. 

“Really?” Claire questioned. “You don’t really…”

“What?” Dan grinned. “The tattooed, pierced mechanic can’t like yoga and art and gardening?”

Claire opened her mouth to say something and shook her head, “I didn’t mean it like that.”

“You’re gorgeous,” he studied her face. Claire blushed, shaking her head again. “The sun setting behind you…kinda looks like a halo or something.”

“Thank you,” she bit her lower lip. “You’re uh…yeah. You’re hot. But God, I have to ask. How old are you?”


Claire’s mouth fell open, “oh shit.”

Dan laughed riotously, “you should see your face. No, I’m twenty-four. I’ll be twenty-five next month.”

“Jesus,” she muttered. “That makes me a cougar I think - I’m thirty-one.”

Dan grinned again, “oh whatever. That doesn’t really matter to me. Whattya say we get some desert and maybe go walk around a bit?”

Claire nodded and smiled, “yeah, I’d like that.”

Wash It Away

Pairing: Sam x (female) Reader

Summary: AU - mechanic!Sam who left the hunting life after Dean ended up in purgatory. Barely plot, mostly smut, tattooed!mechanic!Sam comes home from work covered in grease and dirt so you help him clean up.

Word Count: 2,075

Warnings: A terribly edited photo (made it myself, so I know how poorly done it is), lots of smut, slightly dom!Sam, oral sex (both receiving), shower sex, unprotected sex (wrap it, y’all), some fluff because I can’t write Sam without fluff

A/N: Of course, a conversation with @spontaneousam led to this. I know the picture is awful, but if you wanna use it, feel free. Just keep the equally awful watermark :) #isuck but enjoy the smut!

Stepping through the door, you shrugged out of your jacket and hung it on the back of a chair. You groaned when you inhaled, realizing you smelled like all the food you’d been carrying around all night at the diner. Kicking off your shoes, you realized Sam wasn’t home yet. You headed for the shower in an attempt to wash the night off of you.

As you turned on the water, you heard the thud of Sam’s heavy boots against the floor. You smiled when you heard his feet padding toward the bathroom. Stepping under the spray, you let the hot water cascade down your body. You relax under it, muscles finally losing the tension they’d been holding. 

The door creaked open and you felt a cool breeze as Sam pulled the curtain to the side. Your eyes were closed as you wet your hair, leaning back into the stream of water. They opened in surprise when you felt Sam’s hands on your hips.

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