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What if you did a story where one of the humans got a tattoo? All of the alien life forms on the ship would be concerned and confused because, why do you have different markings? Are you sick? Is is something you need???

Humans are fast healers compared to the Draxians. It’s what makes them ideal for going on more dangerous missions. Something that would incapacitate a Draxian for several months would only hinder a human for a week. Cuts and bruises on human skin heal with relatively no trace, so when Human-Jackie develops a skin mark after a vacation to Earth that doesn’t disappear, the Draxians get worried.

A crewmember approaches her one day while she is fixing the air cooling unit for the dining hall. “Human-Jackie?” the Draxian asks tentatively, tail flicking nervously.

Jackie looks up from under the system, grime and oil covering her face and clothes. The marking is visible on her left forearm; a swirling pattern of smoke that curls around and morphs into several flying creatures. The Draxian wonders what type of fungus or disease would cause such intricate detail.

“If you don’t mind my asking,” the Draxian continues once Jackie gives her a nod of approval, “are you ill?”

When Jackie only makes a confused noise, the Draxian indicates the mark on her arm. “Your arm,” he clarifies. “Have you not sought medical treatment?”

Jackie laughs, making the Draxian’s spines ripple with surprise. “No, I don’t need anything like that,” she chuckles. “This is a tattoo.”

“A… tattoo?”

Jackie shrugs. “Yeah, it’s something humans to do make our bodies look cooler. I have a couple more; they just aren’t visible.”

The Draxian puzzles over this for a second. “But wouldn’t your body just regenerate its skin to make it disappear? What is the point?” He is getting more and more confused.

“Well, yes, that’s how it normally happens, but we like them to stay permanent so we have to use needles to imbed ink into a deeper layer of skin.” Jackie moves back under the broken piece of machinery again, then calls out, “I’m not totally sure how the whole thing works. I’m a mechanic, not a tattoo artist.”

The Draxian waves his tail back and forth in thought. “So,” he starts, hesitantly. “You’re not sick?”

Jackie laughs again, her voice muffled by the machine she is under. “Nope, at least not physically.”

The Draxian doesn’t know what that is supposed to imply, but before he can ask for clarification, his caller signals that he is needed in the cockpit. He would have to talk to her later.

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Modern Marauders? Just go crazy

i was two Marauders in and i accidentally deleted it i want to shoot myself 


  • played american football in high school, was definitely the star quarterback
  • gets the nickname “Prongs” from Sirius after Moony joked about him being graceful and effortless on the field
  • a total sweetheart
  • a little bit nerdy tbh
  • all of the girls want him but he’s only got eyes for a certain red head cheerleader who finally agrees to date him when he asks her to prom 
  • indie/alternative/rock… mostly ACDC or Nirvana, especially The Beatles
  • letterman jackets and converse, the messiest hair you can imagine
  • looks great in beanies
  • those square Ray Ban glasses taped up at the bridge of his nose from where he broke them on the field, until he finds round ones at a vintage shop with Remus and has his prescription put on them because “they kind of look like John Lennon’s”
  • a great student, but practice is tough, you can find him asleep at the library next to Lily or Moony during free periods
  • probably plays the guitar
  • has gotten scholarships for football but is a total math whiz and is brilliant at chemistry and physics


  • fursure hipster
  • I’m talking rolled up torn jeans and oversized sweaters, maybe even a hat, his curls falling messily into his face, almost fringe like
  • has his ears pierced. the little silver hoop earrings
  • wore Sirius’ leather jacket once and almost gave Sirius an aneurism, sticks to his oversized denim jacket now
  • has a matching tattoo with Sirius, he’s got the dog constellation (why they call Sirius Padfoot) on his inner upper arm 
  • the coolest socks, only when he decides to match them
  • a feminist
  • started the book club
  • Arctic Monkeys, maybe some Lana, mostly The 1975 
  • has his mum’s old record player sat on a shelf by his window and a million record players. Mostly his, the other half belonging to Sirius 
  • bisexual af
  • carries a journal. mostly filled with really bad jokes or doodles, and some sick poetry, mostly about Sirius and “the stars in his eyes” 
  • is an insomniac. Tis why he’s called Moony ;) because he’s “alive at night”
  • takes his coffee Black “like my man” (HAHA) It kills Sirius every time he makes that joke
  • an A student of course. Does extra credit work for fun even though he doesn’t need it
  • a sailor’s vocabulary. cusses better than anybody you know. also has the most extensive vocabulary
  • an English major 


  • leather jackets, doc martens, and man buns, a few loose dark strands fall into his face
  • often wears eyeliner
  • a fucking nose piercing (a silver hoop to match Moony’s)
  • his half of the matching tattoo is the full moon on his chest 
  • Introduced The 1975 to Remus. Loves Cigarettes After Sex {the band too ;)} can absolutely jam to The Beatles with James. his music taste is very influential. loves jazz. But also talk to me about punk rock music like The Adicts or Misfits.
  • loves to attend concerts or go to museums
  • smoke cigarettes
  • knows every line to Grease
  • is in the drama club
  • an amazing dancer
  • very polite and formal unless you piss him off
  • a total drama queen 
  • a brilliant artist. had his art hung in the school’s art gallery 
  • has an apprenticeship at a tattoo parlor nearby and his line work is incredible
  • can fix anything. a car, his motorcycle, a computer, anything stuck or jammed, he’s got it? something need rewiring? Sirius’ can fix it
  • is majoring in mechanical engineering but the tattoo parlor holds his heart
  • loves Moony more than anybody in the world. 


  • not too tall, a little shy (kind of mousy, why he’s called Wormtail) blonde hair a little tousled, probably  in superhero t shirts or hoodies
  • a comic book nerd. has a massive collection of all of them. Marvel and DC
  • also a video game nerd, is in computer animation classes because he plans to become a computer engineer so he can design his own video games
  • great at history. probably photographic memory because he can remember dates and events better than anybody 
  • probably into like classical music or house music, dubstep and all of that
  • is quiet and a little bit anxious
  • will never stop talking once he’s comfortable around you
  • is a great student as well
  • maybe asexual? is more into his comics than having physical relationships
  • runs track
  • is insecure about his height so he hits the gym to bulk up a little 
  • knows he has amazing friends. loses touch with them a little when they’ve all graduated 


  • Nobody misses their parties
  • usually thrown at James’ house when his parents are out of town
  • the music is good and they’re friends with everybody so everyone is welcome 
  • Sirius and Remus are def the school’s power couple 
  • they’re loud and they make their presence known wherever they go
  • own every room they walk into
  • definitely know everybody’s name and are so kind to everyone 
  • their friendships don’t make sense sometimes  because they’re so different but that’s why they work 
  • pulled the most epic senior prank before they graduated 
  • probably lived together during college and each moved out when they got married (James with Lily and Moony and Pads) 
  • def live next door to each other
  • see Peter once in a while when he’s in town for conferences 

I hope you liked this anon and that this was what you were hoping for. this is exactly how i picture the marauders today. :) i had loads of fun writing this thank you for requesting 


Post-timeskip Laz’ab.

He’s spent the last five years languishing inside a tomb, fighting off the local Tuk’ata and eating K’lorr slugs to survive, but other than an arm and some more sanity he’s mostly intact.

Couldn’t decide which version I liked better, so have both.