mechanical scenery


Our dnd campaign had a variety of riddles, some of them involving an actual chemical experiment, labyrinths and jigsaw puzzles.
Here’s two of them; the first one is a classic find the differences challenge and the second required to decipher a poem into a series of simple mathematical operations! Had a real blast working on these (also got a small case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but that’s a story for another time :P)

I’ll have 5 slots open! Prices are as follows:

FULL COLOR: $40 adding more characters will be $10 per character
(in example, the top left image would be $50)

FLAT COLOR: $25 adding more character will be $10 per character


I’m willing to do animals, complex scenery, mechanics/robotics, and anthros.
I’m NOT willing to do any porn for this blog, nudity is fine if not sexualized.

I’ll ask for payment up front through paypal, please don’t hesitate to ask me questions or to get quotes if you’re interested! 

y'all should be watchin julie's greenroom

like NOW
- shit ton of diversity
- and not just in race!!
- an asian girl who wants to be an actress and loves the frontline part of theater
- a latino girl who is interested in costume designing
- a black boy who wants to write songs and keeps a word book for the new words he learns
- a paraplegic boy who wants to play in the orchestra pit
- a nonbinary ray of sunshine who wants to work with robotics and lights and mechanics and scenery AND GENERAL THEATER TECH
- Julie Andrews cmon
- special guest stars who highlight the importance of various forms of performing arts (not just Broadway or stage performance)
- legit Henson company muppets
- I could go on

guys with schools cutting the arts as a first resort for budgeting issues and just general stereotyping of theater kids and making kids believe they can only be in the arts if they can sing this show is brilliant and informative and will help plant those little seedlings so we can have more performing arts kids gah I love this show plz watch