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Unlocking Ice & Tropical Country

Just like in any other game - this new title of the Harvest Moon franchise series has “The Big Boss(es)”, and they are called Ice Country and Tropical Country. If you decided to take ‘em down, I admire your determination! I hope this post can help you plan in advance and slowly but surely work on these two last vendors :)

Firstly, let’s talk about the benefits!

What do you get by unlocking them?


Philosophers Tools :: blueprints for the last tool upgrades.
Ice! :: Tons of ice! for big fridge, smoothies, and safari expansion.
Black Stone! :: You’ll never have a hard time again finding them. She is generous with the request rewards. 
Storm protection combo! :: 15 guardrails + 2 maiden with spears statue + 2 maiden with shears statue = 80% storm protection. 
Minerals :: her request rewards gives out silver, gold, orichalcum… and she sells orichalcum, mithril, and philosophers’ stone. No more savescumming the mine!
Exotic fishes :: Tuna, Anglerfish, Sturgeon etc etc as request rewards.
Rare items :: Ancient fish fossil, elli leaves…
Blueprints & Patterns & Recipes :: Her patterns include the accessory combo for slowing down time. The blueprints include white, silver, retro themes.
Safari animals :: Polar Bear & Penguin to complete your Safari.
Safari expansion :: the third and final one, the Iceberg.
Vehicle :: a cute Mechanical Penguin!


Sacred Rod :: the only way to upgrade your fishing rod, which will increase your chance to win the Fishing Contest, and enable you to catch the Kingfishes. (There’s another way, but you need to befriend Maurice and get birthday gifts from him for 6 years)
Tools upgrade :: orichalcum hoe and watering can.
Exotic seeds & items :: pineapple, watermelon, lily, hibiscus, sugar cane, banana, mango, cacao… also aloe and coconuts.
Rare items :: corals, downy tufts, venus comb murex, triton’s trumpet. Also SEA URCHINS.
Blueprints & Patterns & Recipes :: blue, tropical, jungle themes.
Safari Animals :: a white Parrot and a white Sifaka. Befriend the parrot to get its cute friend to come to your Safari!
Vehicle :: a cute Mechanical Duck. It’s the cutest vehicle imo xD

Sounds interesting? Well, these two last vendors surely will complete your farming experience in SoS! Plus, you got a really special event and a credit roll after you got them :) 

But when we’re talking about the requirements, most people (including me, at first!) will go “NO WAY THEY’RE IMPOSSIBLE TO DO”… Well, I tell you what - those requirements are certainly possible to accomplish, even as fast as in three in-game seasons! Keep reading to find out some advices to tackle them!

How to unlock them?

Besides reaching the total shipment of 3,000,000 G, you also need to ship certain number of items in certain categories to unlock Ice and Tropical. Original & Seedling Mode differs on the number of items needed: 

++ Original Mode:
> Ice:
100 fences, 200 decorations, 200 gardening objects, 100 paths, 100 furnitures/house items, and 100 wallpaper/flooring.
> Tropical: 100 tools, 500 seeds, 15,000 vestures, 15,000 cooked recipes, 10,000 products, and 600 clothing items.

++ Seedling Mode:
> Ice:
70 fences, 140 decorations, 140 gardening objects, 70 paths, 70 furnitures/house items, and 70 wallpaper/flooring.
> Tropical: 70 tools, 350 seeds, 10,500 vestures, 10,500 cooked recipes, 7,000 products, and 420 clothing items.

If you have gotten access to 5* flax seeds, the seed maker, and the sewing shed, money shouldn’t be a problem :-) Having lots of money is very helpful for buying out materials and products from the shops/vendors, which helps to craft more items and reach the shipment requirements faster. You can also grow lots of softwood & hardwood trees in your own farm.

In Seedling mode, it is possible to fulfill these requirements on Year 1 (I completed Ice requirements in Y1 Fall and Tropical in Y1 Winter. I’ve met two other players who did this too). You can get Tropical Country as early as in Year 1 Winter :D However, Ice Country won’t come before Year 2. These two vendors have a slightly different schedule from the others - they come to town for 2 days, then take a break for 4 days. (The other vendors have 2 days on & 3 days off schedule.)

@storiesofskyler​ has put together an awesome spreadsheet to help you keep track of these requirements. Thank you Skyler! 

Keep reading to find the list of requirements plus some tips on easy items to ship for each category. I hope this will be helpful! Happy farming ^__^

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The thrilling conclusion to this post.

(Kid recovered his and Killer’s belongings once he dried off)

 Based on tofyuu‘s idea!

headcanon based off the millions of doujins/fics where law happens to be the first doctor kid’s crew sends kid to whenever he gets injured, whereby killer shows up in the middle of the night at law’s submarine somehow with kid in tow all bloody and bruised

and law just kicks kid into the ocean with a deadpan face saying ‘salt water helps clean wounds’ .


Dachshund Vs. Mechanical Penguin 🐶🐧

Holy shit this might just be real
  • Penguin: ok
  • Penguin: well first thing i noticed rereading homestuck
  • Penguin: just like the trolls have two teams, RED and BLUE by the way, when they start off
  • Penguin: there are two different ways of thinking going on before cascade
  • Penguin: one, dave and terezi, is that everything is predetermined and you can't escape fate
  • Penguin: two, blue team (the other was the red team) vriska and john, believe strictly that they can challenge fate, rebel against it if you will
  • Penguin: now who is the main puppeteer of all the fate strings in paradox space
  • Penguin: Lord English
  • Penguin: he travels back through time rigging every event to his liking so that he is born and no one can oppose him
  • Penguin: he is literally the guy behind every single frustrating homestuck shaenanigan
  • Penguin: so the fact is aspects like breath and light don't believe in things like destiny. Breath is all about freedom of choice and light is strong in believing in luck
  • Penguin: you see it in vriska trying to face jack anyways, or rose being reckless to figure a way to save everyone
  • Penguin: and well, john being his spazzy glitchy self
  • Penguin: time and mind on the other hand
  • Penguin: when terezi does the coin flip thing while talking to dave she says 'let me tell you a secret'
  • Penguin: 'luck doesn't really matter'
  • Penguin: thats not just her hating on vriska that is because she has an understanding of mind and the mental paths a person will take and those are bound to logic. Part of a pre determined scheme
  • Penguin: which is why she mixes so well with time, because time in lord english's universe is also set in stone. You cannot defy what lord english has planned or you die
  • Penguin: so we already have two massive ideologies going one up against the other
  • Penguin: then theres another thing, dave and john aren't actually these adorable dork buddies like the fandom makes them out to be
  • Penguin: i mean they are best bros but, they also have a friendly rivalry going on
  • Penguin: its also a very typical thing, the 'dork' vs the 'jock' or in this case, cool guy
  • Penguin: matter of fact when john achieves god tier dave starts bitching with terezi about getting to god tier too
  • Penguin: then theres the fact that as soon as that doomed dave who didn't make it to god tier dies, he's contacted by aradia
  • Penguin: hussie would literally have no reason to make them meet aside from time shenanigans, but instead aradia hints to her being a 'servant' and that dave is too. And guess what, that very important conversation they have with one another happens just while gamzee vriska and eridan are making a murderdome out of the meteor and everyone else in the fandom is preoccupied with a lot more shit than two time players casually meeting in dream bubbles.
  • Penguin: then theres dave's quest
  • Penguin: remember the legendary POS, the sword
  • a pied wagtail: the one he already has?
  • a pied wagtail: (and aradia's a /maid/. She serves time)
  • Penguin: Dave breaks it the first time to get it, and Davesprite tells him that it is part of his quest to break it
  • Penguin: guess who hands him that sword, again, later
  • Penguin: grimbark Jade
  • Penguin: serving condy, who, likewise, is the servant of....
  • a pied wagtail: le
  • Penguin: yes
  • Penguin: if my hunch is right, dave's personal growth will have to rebel
  • Penguin: to the rules time has set in stone
  • Penguin: and to lord english
  • Penguin: 'breaking the sword'
  • a pied wagtail: ooooh
  • a pied wagtail: that would fit in with the cool kid thing
  • Penguin: definitely. Hussie is making everyone believe dave is gonna die heroically, killing lord english
  • Penguin: and maybe he will, but hussie also has this way of suddenly making characters turn bad out of the blue or causing massive plot twists
  • Penguin: i would not be surprised if this happened with dave instead, and he became a temporary antagonist due to time mechanics he can't escape
  • Penguin: john is obviously gonna be a big doofus, understand jack shit and attack him
  • Penguin: theres way too much juxtaposition between dave and john anyways
  • Penguin: and the theme 'red vs blue' keeps recurring
  • Penguin: do you really think hussie would pass the chance to make all davejohn shippers die in anguish
  • a pied wagtail: no
  • a pied wagtail: so far as i'm aware, hammertime has the most fics on ao3
  • Penguin: exactly
  • Penguin: hussie is going for the kill
  • Penguin: (well here i am gathering the clues to that theory)
  • Penguin: (altho i don't think dave is gonna act explicitly evil)
  • Penguin: (more like, cold, controlled evil)
  • a pied wagtail: (perfect)
  • a pied wagtail: (that is exactly how he would act)
  • Penguin: (yeah man)
  • Penguin: (also guess what)
  • a pied wagtail: (hmm?)
  • Penguin: (i wonder why dave got so scared of time travel over 3 years that he barely wants to use it)
  • Penguin: (i mean, i know theres the dead dave thing)
  • Penguin: (but, what could hussie possibly add as extra meaning)
  • Penguin: (and what if dave subconsciously has 'a feeling')
  • Penguin: (that every damn time he time travels he's just accomplishing someone else's, not his own scheme)
  • Penguin: basically time players are like puppets to Lord English
  • Penguin: And, holy shit, I just realized something that happens in Homosuck
  • Penguin: JOHN vs
  • a pied wagtail: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • a pied wagtail: D:
  • a pied wagtail: DDDDDD:
  • a pied wagtail: in all the witch-related books by terry prachett, there's this thing called borrowing. and it's basically a way of being other animals? but for it to work you have to give the animal gentle nudges in the right direction, not fully take it over. maybe le can do that?
  • Penguin: hmmmm
  • Penguin: well its not exactly that i had in mind
  • Penguin: this is not a thing that comes from influence over decisions, not as a direct consequence, at least. This is a thing that involves time travel in a stable 'alpha' timeline
  • Penguin: lord english doesn't rule over peoples minds and is pretty bad at persuading them, i mean, have you /seen/ Caliborn?
  • Penguin: but he rules over time
  • Penguin: and time means events, history, plot
  • a pied wagtail: ooh
  • Penguin: time players are more sensible to how time flows and 'happens'
  • Penguin: so dave might just be aware of how LE is influencing him
  • Penguin: if not get fully manipulated by his orders
  • a pied wagtail: but don't lords destroy?
  • a pied wagtail: so
  • a pied wagtail: maybe le's not influincing the events so he gets what he wants
  • a pied wagtail: maybe he's destroying the outcomes that he dislikes
  • a pied wagtail: he's basically making sure the alpha timeline happens how he wants it to
  • a pied wagtail: and making all the others doomed
  • Penguin: exactly man, although lords don’t just destroy, those are princes. Lords rule over all.
  • Penguin: that, thats the whole basis behind every single doomed timeline
  • Penguin: the ones that 'lord english didn't like'
  • Penguin: its not paradox space itself that causes doomed timelines
  • Penguin: well it is since time is a major component of space and LE rules over all time
  • Penguin: but basically its lord english’s will that decides the events that will take place and be considered 'alpha'
  • Penguin: you get it easier after you re read it
  • Penguin: if you think about it, that would make calliope one half of paradox space, and lord english the other half
  • Penguin: well, caliborn
  • a pied wagtail: that fits in with the swirls on the cheeks
  • a pied wagtail: and therefore the colours of the sburb logo
  • Penguin: It's all starting to connect