mechanical kira

i was a light I couldn’t turn off.
a signal i wasn’t able to ease.
i was a gun devoid of silencer.
i was constant sound, ready to burst your ears.
i was a broken windup toy, a doll marching on, disconnected, loose arm, hair reduced to a blackberry bush, a sequence of shadows. of shadows.
—  Kira A, Lilium | Silence
Blood is coming in
The eye is conveying a devastating loneliness.
He speaks
Over and over again
He fills your stomach with rotting words.
The crime marks his legs, it stains each step of his.
He’s walking the white line between desertion and murder.
My wrists were heavy.
I should have delivered you to your absence.

Knives are shaped beneath the waters
They rise
They rise to the surface
The sea returns everything.
You grew wings even before leaving your egg.
You moved them, hit against your shell
And made yourself smaller just to gain more space:
You were advancing by consuming yourself.
My wrists had been cut away by your roses.
I should have delivered you to your hunger.
Close to white

The mother is singing
Senseless lullabies
Calling Mary again and again
(outside the sky is crumbling)
Mary is standing still
Her arm hung down
Lying on the bed
Her face
Aimed to the border
She is brushing against the orchids
Blossomed on the floor
Mary is moving the water
To make the orchids fluctuate
- the bed is an island -

The man lies on her
He asks nothing
He turns and his face is
Mary strokes his cheek
She runs away
- the bed is an island -

She - with pearls
And black feathers on her eyes
Speaks no more

The bed is nine meters under
The dress in tulle and
It is an island

The walls are closing in

My point of view is peculiar
Your vague ways
Your lack of focus
The rules are mine
But what are you trying to tell me?
I understand so much I don’t understand at all
I need to come back to this moment
This physical place
My current self
These legs of mine
It takes an endless quantity of courage
Like running through the darkest forest
Holding a pair of scissors
Is that courage?
He says he needs to talk
He says I have to go back to the fortress
But I need to come back to this moment
Instead of thinking about my lungs
This lack of oxygen
Your strange rules
His bitter weakness