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Avatar Au

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This is set in Fire Nation vs the Avatar time period btw

Most of the stuff in Italics just means it’s mostly to be ignored/not very important

What nation/what bender each character is:

-Allura is obv Avatar. She’s from the Air Nation.

-Coran is an airbender.

-Shiro is a earth/metalbender (he uses metal bending more, due to the training he underwent, so it’s less likely for him to use regular earth)

-Hunk is a earth/lavabender(Kinda accidentally learned lavabending, but is kind of a natural at it anyway. He uses an equal amount of lava/earth bending (but does tend to use reg earth more.))

-Lance is a waterbender

-Keith is a firebender

-Pidge is a nonbender

-Zarkon is Fire Lord Ozai

-Haggar is his trusted advisor

Basically, the alteans are the airbenders and the galra are the firebenders.

The Garrison Trio:
(Pidge and Hunk live on Kyoshi Island. Pidge’s family has been there for a long time, while Hunk’s family has only lived there for a few generations or so.)

They’re buddies and they talk about machines and mechanical stuff a lot. Pidge talks about ways to advance nonbending and mechanics and junk, while Hunk helps her tinker and create the machines she programs. Hunk didn’t discover he was an earthbender/he had bending until a shop incident/experiment gone wrong and a result of Pidge almost getting crushed by a boulder. (He was about ten?)

Lance lives on a small island in the southern water tribe that’s close to Kyoshi. They do lots of trading and Lance ends up accompanying his father on a trade day, and he meets Hunk and Pidge. They end up becoming fast friends, and often Lance sleeps over at Hunk’s house for days at a time (in between the fishing trips.) and Lance learns he can waterbend when Hunk nearly drowns. (at about 12 years old)

Pidge is a Kyoshi warrior. (I can’t think of anything else for that…i just really like Kyoshi Warrior Pidge)


Keith’s mom is from the fire nation, but Keith doesn’t really remember her. Keith’s dad is who he lived with in the Omashu region. Until Keith was 6 (really early on) and he discovered he had fire powers (to the devastation of his father. He loves him, but he knows it’s going to be an extra hard life for Keith), and for a little bit he hoped he could control it, but it was hopeless. They moved to the Su Wong Desert.

After that, they lived kinda nomadic? Keith learned to control his powers on his own, he even taught himself self-defense with it, he and his dad learned to never get attached to something they couldn’t carry on their backs, and they learned how to keep low profiles.

One day, however, someone in the new town Keith and his father were staying at, had ratted them out. Keith had been out that day for training, and when he came back, his father was gone.(he was 11)

After that, Keith stopped living in towns, and stuck to hunting, selling and traveling. He hardly got a full night’s sleep, but he continued to live like this until he met Shiro.


Keith had met Shiro when he was 13. Keith had been attacked by some local kids at a town. He was about to out himself when Shiro came in and told the other kids to leave him alone. Shiro heard Keith’s story, and they became adopted brothers ever since.

2 years later….

Shiro was on an excavation of the Southern Air Temple when he disappeared. Along with Pidge’s family members: Matt Holt and Dr.Sam Holt.

How they met/decided to go on an excavation? Shiro had met Sam at the library(that really big desert one) years prior, and they had talked about air nomads and their history. Sam had talked about his son wanting to come along as well, and they kept in touch, planning the mission out. Shiro had never officially met Pidge, but Sam had talked about her in his letters, along with Sam talking about Shiro and their plan.

A year later, Shiro had washed up on Kyoshi. The people of the island were trying to understand his story, but it was slurred and seemed like sleep deprived ramblings to them.

Keith, who had heard rumors of someone who went by the name ‘Shiro’ has washed up on Kyoshi. 10 months earlier, he had started his search for his adopted brother and had briefly met Hunk, Lance, and Pidge. Lance (after being cold shouldered due to his focus on Shiro) dubbed Keith his “rival”.

Keith showed up to Kyoshi a couple days after Shiro washed up, he found Shiro in Hunk’s home, being attended to by Hunk’s mother, the village doctor.

Once Shiro was able to start walking again, Keith noticed the metal arm acting as Shiro’s right hand. It had a big fire nation symbol on it, and whenever Shiro saw it, he went into a panic attack. Hunk (with permission of course) ended up smashing the symbol with a rock (which created an extremely hard to make out symbol).

Shiro couldn’t remember much about the time of his disappearance, but what he does remembers, he wishes to forget. (But with some stuff I don’t really know what to do with yet,) they end up going back to Su Wong Desert where Lance briefly goes into the spirit world and find the lion turtle who tells him to take the others and travel to the Northern Air Temple. He said it would take a long time before they could get there, so she uses spirit powers and gets all of them transported to the Northern Air Temple.

The Air Benders:

They end up finding two Air Nomads who had been locked away for a long time(idk how that’s up to you I guess). They had unsealed the two Air nomads, one, an older man by the name of Coran, the other a woman named Allura. Pretty soon they had all been caught up on what happened in the past couple hundreds of years.

Allura had told them who she truly was; the Avatar. She had mastered 2 out of the 4 elements, Air and Water. She had learned the basics of Earth bending, but she still hadn’t learned any firebending.

She talked to them about Voltron, a form of spiritual enlightenment that only a select few people can achieve(it enhances a lot of capabilities for them). Allura explains to them how they may be able to achieve it(again, only if they “have what it takes”).

They all end up traveling to the spirit world (Pidge ends up being a Spirit Guide(from LOK??? idk)so she can go there too…I guess) and they meet with their element’s lion turtles.

Shiro and Hunk meet the Earth lion turtle, Lance the water one, Keith the fire one, and Pidge talks the most with the air lion turtle, but when they others/she was being sent back, the water lion turtle kinda basically told her “Yeah, I trust you can handle yourself or w/e but like…you’re smol and tiny, here child, take this.” and he blesses her with the ability to waterbend plants (that’s about it, she tries other water stuff but it doesn’t work, so just plants it seems).

When they all like…go back to where their physical forms are, no one really feels all that different(except Pidge who’s like…w tf cause she just got a new power along with becoming the Spirit Guide thing).

Except when Allura asks them to like…try out their bending, they find it; takes less energy, feels much more natural and like they’ve unlocked something, can do things they hadn’t been able to do before???(Lance can do the ice thing now but like…to the point of where anything that comes into contact with it is instantly frozen (like that freezing ice/water thing???), and Keith can make blue flames and even greek fire (a type of fire that never goes out//is very very hard to go out)).

So now after training to get a hold of their new power(s), Allura asks them to join her to defeat Zarkon. Lance immediately says yes, so does Keith, Hunk is hesitant but since Lance is doing it he says yes as well, Shiro is also hesitant but agrees, Pidge is reluctant but she knows her family is somewhere in the fire nation so she decides to go along with them (for now).

That’s all I got for now, add on if you’d like!

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Stony: what disney princess would the other one be?

“Steve would be Bella, ”with his nose stuck in a book“. And seeing the hidden beauty in people and being oblivious to his own attractiveness.”

“Tony would be Ariel - not listening to anyone, having his own idea for life and collecting all kind of mechanical junk, finding it fascinating.”

“Um.. We kinda answered this awfully fast, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, we did.. But it’s not like we ever thought about it or had such discussion earlier. That would be awkward.”

“Of course, we didn’t talk about it earlier. We are Earth mightiest heroes, we don’t discuss Disney in our free time, but strategy and stuff. Important stuff.”

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A miracle of christmas!! Maybe Spencer and the reader are destined to be together and the universe/ or christmas magic is trying to get them together. Just a look into each other eyes makes them realize that they are soul mates. Sorry that it's long.

All I Want for Christmas Is You

Contains: Fluff!


Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 7/ Part 8/ Part 9


TiMERs. Spencer had a hard time understanding how they worked. Yes, for a ‘provable genius’ He did understand the mechanics and all that junk, but he didn’t really understand love.

These things were invented about a 10-8 years ago, and everyone wanted to get one. The TiMER prides itself on how now the were so popular, 200 people a day were meeting their soulmate.

Over the past few centuries, no one ever needed a TiMER to find their true love, but since the divorce rate became so high recently, people became frightened that true love didn’t exist.

Spencer sometimes likes to wonder why he had actually agreed to get the device. It was all Morgan’s idea- of course- but Morgan admitted, he was a little scared to get one all by himself. So Spencer had agreed, and was surprised to find out that he only had to wait a few months. Morgan would meet his soulmate in the next 2 years, so he was pretty happy.

Right now Spencer was at work, staring at the aforementioned device. Some people on the team decided not to have one, (Garcia, Rossi, and Blake.) JJ still wore hers as a reminder to Henry that the TiMER had brought her and Will together. Hotch had refused to get one, claiming Haley was his soulmate and he didn’t need any machine to tell him that. Even after her death, he still respected his wife.

But lately Spencer was acting nervous, hands clammy and stomach in knots. When he checked his TiMER that morning, he was surprised that he only had 3 days until he would meet his soulmate.

He had actually thought Meave was supposed to be his soulmate, but was surprised to learn that his TiMER was representing an actual living human. It couldn’t be her, he had watched her die.

Emotions did sometimes frighten the Doctor. If he felt so strongly for Meave that he thought she was his soulmate, how would he feel about his actual other half?


When you woke up this morning, you almost screamed. Three days until you were to meet the person you would spend the rest of your life with. You couldn’t stopped smiling, even after everyone at work tried to calm you down, but in the end it was useless.  Most of them were with their soulmates, and if you asked them, they probably would tell you they were just as excited when it was within the Five-Day Range.

You could say you were a romantic.

For a long while your TiMER had been blank, you being one of those crazies who bought them within the first week they were sold. You were so excited as a teenager to get one, silly romantic thoughts filling your head. Oh how disappointed you were when you found out that it was blank.

Your father (who begrudgingly didn’t want to take you to get this- just forced by your mother) told you that since they were still relatively new that you shouldn’t be surprised that your soulmate didn’t have one.

That was 8 years ago.

So to say, you were so excited a few months ago when you were handing reports to your boss that your TiMER beeped, indicating that your countdown had finally begun. You had been so excited, you ran to hug your boss, squealing excitedly and almost making him spill his coffee. He was pretty sweet about it.

But told you to never do that again.

So for the next two days, you had tried to not continually freak out over the countdown, not wanting to go crazy, so you instead bury yourself into your work. Your boss was pretty happy about that.

When you woke up, your TiMER started counting down by hours. hours! You couldn’t believe it!

You had the day off today, and were wondering what you were going to be doing today. Continuing the recent tradition of burying yourself into your work, you decided to clean up your house a bit.

You had left out boxes from the Christmas decorations you put up, making your living room a cluttered mess. You huffed and returned them all to the basement, accepting the fact that you would have to do this again in a week when Christmas was over.

After that, you made yourself brunch, took a shower, put some make up on, and got dressed. Coming back downstairs, you realized there was one box you had left out. Picking it up, you were surprised to fins out that there was something inside.

It was a pair of skates! You had forgotten about those, a gift from your mom last year, knowing how much you loved to skate when you were a kid by the pond behind your parents house.

“I haven’t used these all year.’ You mumbled to yourself. “Maybe I should skate at the park today.” Maybe that was were you would meet him?

So it was a plan. You would come at six to your nearby park to skate. It just always seemed prettier that way, when the street lamps surrounding the pond would start to light up.

It would be perfect.


Spencer seems to think that he should stop agreeing to things he doesn’t seem all that interested in. He was anxious all day, watching as every second that went by his TiMER was telling him that he was one second closer to meeting the love of his life.

So why did he agree with the team to all go ice skating?

He’s not bitter, just terrified out of his wits. For a man with an IQ of 187, he wasn’t prepared. No scientific fact could help him now.

He had bought a pair of skates today, never really having a pair due to the fact that he had never actually gone ice skating. Looking once more at his TiMER he felt his stomach sink. Only 30 minutes left.

He was the last one to arrive, the rest of the team waiting on him. When he approached, everyone crowded around to see how much time he had left. Everyone couldn’t be more happy for him.

Once everyone laced up, the whole team started out in groups so not to crowd one all altogether. Garcia wanted to try skating alone, so Spencer and Morgan grouped together and started slowly.

As Morgan drew him into conversation, he started to forget about the TiMER, although he was also focusing on not falling. The entire time the two men were skating, Morgan let Spencer take hold of his arm. That is until Morgan left him due to Garcia falling.

“Looks like Baby girl took a tumble. I’ll be right back.” And somehow Morgan slipped out of Spencer’s grasp, making Spencer fall in turn. Right on top of whoever was  behind him.

“I’m so sorry! This is my first time skating, and my friend just left, and I was using him as a support system so I ended up falling on you! And I- I’m rambling aren’t I? I’m sorry. Let me help you up.” Spencer turned to see you, your (h/c) hair sprawled out on the ice.

Beep Beep

Both of your TiMERs went off.

Your eyes, which had been closed due to the impact of your head hitting the ice, opened widely. Both of stared at each other for a moment with a million emotions crossing each others figures.

Spencer realized that what he felt for Meave compared to what he felt in that moment for you, were about the size of a crumb.

“H-hi.” You mumbled, accepting his hand which was frozen in place. He pulled you up, wrapping his arms around you once you were standing. “I finally found you.” You whispered, nuzzling your face into his chest.

Out of everything you asked for this Christmas, you never thought Santa would bring you your soulmate.


(Wrote this just now, since my computer decided to be a douche. I think I’ll be able to get the second one out later tonight)

More than 36 percent of American adults and 17 percent of youth under 19 are obese, according to the latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Scientists still don’t fully understand what got us here. And sometimes, the answers they’ve come up with turn out to be wrong. Consider the changing advice on fat, which has been amended of late from its days as a dietary demon.

By now, it would seem that the link between the obesity epidemic and the consumption of high-calorie, low-nutrition foods like sodas, cookies and fries is well-established. But as two recent studies show, researchers are still probing the mechanics of that connection.

Are Junk Food Habits Driving Obesity? A Tale Of Two Studies

Photo: Morgan McCloy/NPR