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You wake up to find a text from Abby on your phone. She asks if you’re hungover. You send her a selfie back of you resting your tired head on the table next to a glass of orange juice.

She tells you that she’s glad you’re alive and she has an early shift. You tell her that you wish her luck and many impaled people while you’re on the beach.

You take off for the beach right after you eat breakfast. You have Octavia’s bag in the back of your car. You’re not sure you’ll spend the night, but you’re looking forward to some time in the sun.

You have your windows down and your sunglasses on. You’re ready to have some fun on the beach. Your car roars underneath your hand and it makes you smile. Rebuilding it from nothing was totally worth it.

When you pull up behind Octavia’s Jeep, you see everyone on the beach. Before you get out of the car, you check your phone. Abby sent you a text, letting you know that she had her first impaling of the day. You congratulate her and ask what it was.

“Hey Raven,” Bellamy walks up to your car.

You open the door and get out, “Hey, I didn’t think you guys would be up so soon.”

“Octavia got everyone up to go surfing at eight,” he answers, grabbing Octavia’s climbing bag out of the back of your car. You leave the rest of your stuff, dropping your keys in the backseat.

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Help an Immigrant Trans Woman Afford Grad School

The short and sweet version is this: I’m a Queer Trans Woman trying to pay for Graduate School. I’ve been Admitted to NYU to study Mechanical Engineering. If I can’t afford it, not only am I not able to attend school, I would have to leave the country as well, since my F-1 visa is only valid whilst in school. Supporting me is supporting Queer and Trans people in STEM and also helping a Trans Woman stay in the only place she’s ever been able to call home.

The long version goes like this:

 I’ve been living in the US for five years, I did my Undergrad here. I realized I was trans here. I made the best friends I’ve ever had here. After college I moved to NYC to start my transition. I’ve now been on HRT 3 months and am presenting as my gender full time.

When I moved I thought I’d be able to go on Optional Practical Training (a Work permit for International Students) and get a job to finance my transition. When I was denied OPT, I had to adjust my goals until reaching the point where I’m willing to do anything just to stay. I was planning on taking a couple years before attending Grad School, but I pushed that forward in order to stay in the country.

I applied to the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering for the Mechanical Engineering program. I applied under my name and gender, despite not having yet changed them legally, and I got accepted! However, now I may have to be forced not to attend due to lack of funding.

  As an International student, any form of Federal aid is barred from me, including Fafsa and Federal Student Loans. A large number of non-federal forms of aid are also barred or available at increased difficulty, for instance, I’m trying to obtain a private student loan, which is often easy for Grad Students, but I’m required to have mine cosigned by an U.S. Citizen of which I know none with good credit.

 All the money donated will be used to pay for tuition. The current goal will only cover one semester. If the campaign is successful, I may raise the goal to cover other semesters. It is a 2 year (4 semester) program.

Please, consider donating anything you can or at the very least signal Boosting. I would like to reiterate that, for me, going to school means more than continuing my education and adding to the lacking Queer presence in STEM. It also means survival, since New York, for all its issues, is the only place I’ve ever felt safe and welcomed. It’s a feeling no one should ever have to give away.


Movement by Guido Mocafico

About the project and book:

Time is naturally divided by astronomical phenomena, such as the seasons or day and night, which repeat themselves in a cyclical fashion. To divide Time into finer fractions, artificial means such as sundials which mark the movement of the shadows projected by the sun, or clepsydra based on water flow, were invented. Ever since 1657, when the first watch was created, we use oscillatory movements of a mechanical system to measure time. The photographer Guido Mocafico has explored these movements. He chose more complex and rarer mechanisms: a whole new world of know-how controlled by Master Watchmakers without any trace of electronics. A plunge into an unknown world, comparable to the exploration of living being.

Yup, the above clip is actual footage of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. In 1940, gusts of wind managed to sway the bridge at just the right frequency so as to create resonance.

When you hop on a swingset, you make yourself swing higher and higher by using your legs—propelling your body either forward or backward depending on the direction you’re swinging. This shift in the position of your legs happens at a specific point as the swing moves (can you think of it?!) in order to help you swing higher—hitting that point in the cycle is what creates resonance. The frequency required to hit that point every time is called the resonant frequency.

This is the same phenomenon that allows you to tap a basketball that is motionless on the ground, and continue to hit it so as to bounce it higher and higher without stopping. Notice how you can’t just randomly hit the ball and expect it to continue to bounce higher. When you dribble a basketball from the ground to your waist you are dribbling the ball at its resonant frequency. And if you were superhuman, you could continue to dribble the ball at its resonant frequency until the ball collapsed from the force.

Which is exactly that happened to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge!

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed just months after its opening, and sparked greater research in the aerodynamics and resonance of structures such as bridges and buildings that are greatly affected by wind and weather.

A surviving geared fragment of the Antikythera mechanism. The device was discovered in 1900 as part of a shipwreck off the Greek island of Antikythera, and is thought to have been constructed around 100 BC. It is believed to have been used for calculating various astronomical measurements and is considered by some to be the first known analog computer.

Constant-velocity joints (aka homokinetic or CV joints) allow a drive shaft to transmit power through a variable angle, at constant rotational speed, without an appreciable increase in friction or play. They are mainly used in front wheel drive vehicles, and many modern rear wheel drive cars with independent rear suspension typically use CV joints at the ends of the rear axle halfshafts and increasingly use them on the propshafts (drive shafts).

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Korrasami/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover

(or: maybe just an elaborate excuse to draw abs)

I SAID I WAS GONNA DRAW IT tumblr this crossover is giving me a lot of feels~



         Sigur may mga panahon talagang nawawalan tayo ng interes sa ating mga aralin. Yung nanaisin mong may powers kang magteleport matakasan lang yung sitwasyong iyon. Normal ngay lang ito. Madalas ito kapag sure-pass na ang subject o kaya naman pahirap na ng pahirap ang mga topic.

          Iba’t-iba ang paraan ng bawat estudyante maovercome lang ang mga sitwasyong ito. May nagpapakabusy sa pagtetext, paglalaro sa kanilang cellphone, nakikinig ng music na pasimple, nagdodoodle at kung anu-ano pa. Merong mga pasimple na ok lang naman pero may iba ding lantaran. Yung bastusan kung bastusan. Ito yung nakakainis. Di man langnahiya sa instructor. Buti kung lahat eh mababait. Paano kung sutil din at ipahiya pa sa klase? Kaya ang payo ko lang, kung wala mang interes sa inyong aralin, pilitin na lang umacting. Yung nakikinig kunwari? Effective yun kung sakali.