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Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, Taurus Rising, Aquarius Venus.

You are loyal, consistent, disciplined, and organized. As a Capricorn sun, you tend to be hardworking and highly motivated and you excel in anything you put your mind to. You pride yourself on being successful and ambitious and these traits make you a great role model. Having Moon in Aquarius makes you extremely observant and you may love to analyze why people do what they do. Aqua Moons often grow up feeling different from others and have powerful defense mechanisms. You view messy emotions as unappealing and pride yourself on being detached. When you are unhappy, you may usually focus on your activities, making it hard for others to figure out what you may be feeling. You come off as comitted, romantic, reliable, and private. You may have a natural charm that draws people in. You like to play things out slow and steady and you thrive for security because of your practical approach to life. Taurus risings usually have a comfortable and peaceful presence. In love, you may be quite experimental. You appear to be emotionally detached, but you often value your partner greatly. You stay open minded and thoughtful of the future. You would love to be noticed for your brains and visions rather than for your looks. You still need your sense of independence from time to time, or you may feel suffocated.

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I’ve been looking at my recent work lately (early 2016 onwards). Many people love it, and some people playfully mock it, and some really hate it and even think it does harm, while others message me saying it helped them through hard times.

The truth is, at some point I “science’d out” what makes a webcomic popular, and then did the thing. It took a bit of practice, but it’s not magic: Simplicity, relatability, and a 4-6 panel format. Boom. Organizations take you seriously now, and people love you now.

But, the thing about trying to be relatable, is you’re essentially trying to be a reflection of as many people as possible. You want people to see themselves in you, as if you are a mirror. You’re NOT a mirror though, you’re just another person on the other side of the glass, trying to make the same expressions and do the same poses. Your own personality and creative voice get lost in the process.

Here are interests that defined me as a cartoonist, that nobody knows or cares about at this point:

- Asian Horror and Korean Noir

- Used Experience/ User Interface Design

- Philosophy, esp. Buddhism

- Rap

- Indie Games, esp. narrative ones, and retro games

These things used to show up regularly in my comics, but they don’t anymore. Even the slightest step outside of VERY common knowledge/understanding gets so very, very severely punished that I cringe at the thought of it. Punished in terms of comic “reach” I mean, which is just means popularity.

At the same time, I have this dangling carrot of a thought in front of me: with enough finesse, maybe I can make comics that are both interesting and successful. Maybe it’s just a lack of skill that’s holding me back from persuading an audience to follow me into weird/”not common interest/knowledge” territory, and I just need to get better. Or, alternatively, maybe I can make these comics that get me a massive audience, and THEN see how many of them stick around for the weird stuff. Or do both at the same time, even though I’d just be lying to myself if I pretended that there’s ever enough time for that.

Been trying to find some way lately, out of this box that I’m in.

Anyway, totally non-aggro messages really poke me right in the heart, so I feel the need to be genuine with you all. If you’re going to send me messages, you should definitely be mean and insulting. That was my emotional defense mechanisms are up and I don’t have to actually think about it. Thank you for reading my work. :]


imagine raven and luna, two women of color who are empathetic and smart, and are admired by the people surrounding them for their skills and power, finding comfort in each other

imagine raven coming out as bi, proving that even though society has evolved so much, it’s still hella hard to come to terms with who you are

imagine luna being supportive of raven’s mental illness and making sure she never gets hurt again. imagine luna preaching raven’s brain

imagine raven assuring luna that it is okay to be a peacemaker in a world full of violence, that she doesn’t need to be fit for war

honestly sea mechanic is the lgbt ship we deserve and i need it in my life

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hey i kinda miss your old style. like without the metaphors. you had a good humor! you still do but i just don't see any of those anymore :/. will you make any more soon?

Something I’ve been thinking about.

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i just wanna say ok….our sherlock (the only sherlock im every talking about ever really) pretends to be above things but its so Clearly a self defense mechanism- he like! emotes ! immediately! he jumps up and down and is happy and hes frustrated, he comforts people in distress, he has emotions, big emotions from the start

Fear in the Natal Chart

When you think of fear in correlation to the natal chart there are several themes that come to mind. First and foremost, fears can be psychological and come from the subconscious. One can then immediately shift their attention to primary forces of the subconscious, such as the collective 12th house and the moon as well as the 4th house, which consist of one’s psychological roots. The 12th house and Neptune have rulership over addictions and 4th house and moon can show habit and emotional coping mechanisms. It is through these methods that fear is channeled and continues to resurface, and so fears this deeply embedded into the soul are then difficult to banish.

All the water houses work at an unconscious level, Pluto and the 8th house is where one’s deepest and darkest secrets rest, the house of taboo. Perhaps there is buried shame here pertaining to the planetary or sign energy, and thus fear surrounding this area; a fear that what is buried may eventually come to surface against one’s wishes, like an uncomfortable exposure and nakedness of the psyche. This is the house of intimacy, and what is more intimate than fear fertilizing the walls of one’s mind, bringing about paranoia.

Maybe Saturn is not too far behind, it shows one’s insecurities and this is closely tied to the concept of fear, it can give birth to fear, you know, such as Saturn in the 10th is insecure of their goals and succeeding and so fears failure. Or Saturn in the 5th is insecure of their self-expression and so fears genuinely being themselves and easing into life, they just can’t seem to do it.

While this can all prove true, fear is such a fluid concept that it is not simply limited to certain areas in the chart.

Every placement, house position and aspect has a fear linked to it. A Cancer for instance at their darkest is the needless and desperate mother, or the Jungian archetype of the orphaned child, an inner child who feels alone and thus fears abandonment. Uranus in any house is on a different wavelength, they seek progressiveness and change and so there is a fear of conforming to the area of life it works through primarily, such as Uranus in the 7th does not wish to conform to partnership but seeks liberation from it, or Uranus in the 3rd does not wish to conform to average thinking or communication they think outside the box and around the box and through the box, there is a fear of losing one’s freedom with Uranus. Moon contacts are concerned with emotional safety. There is a clinginess to what makes one feel safe, sound and secure, a retreat to the subconscious womb. We can take mercury/moon contacts; innocent enough, yet may fear losing communicative outlets of their emotions and so the mind can go frantic with unspoken feeling.

Fear is like water, or gas; it is shapeless, universal; it spreads easily and slips swiftly through the slightest openings, accumulating until it overwhelms and consumes the vessel it’s creeping into. In this sense, fear is everywhere in the natal chart.

Doctor Mechanic Fanfic Recs

or rather, a list of DocMech fics I find myself re-reading again and again and again 😊

modern AUs

when the 12th house is not so good ; our tough karmic lessons

the only interpretation that led me to really understand the twelfth house was through alyssa sharpe. i love poetic description about the 12th house and i think that it’s fairly fitting for what it encompasses and symbolizes, but it never hits me in a way that causes me to really feel it. what i interpreted of her video on the twelfth house is that it is a house of self-sabotage, where we feel compelled to restrict ourselves, and where we feel viscerally wronged in our lives and personality (whether this belief is valid or not- and plenty often, it is not). this is a house that is draped in neptune flow, so whatever we find in this house is adorned with delusion and false expectation. we do not feel the reality of what is in the twelfth house and it is something we must teach ourselves throughout our whole life. we must undo the disillusionment we have given ourselves with planets in this house and & understand how to cut through its cunning escapism to look at things how they really are.

sun in the 12th house: self-sabotage in the ego. individuals with this placement often feel like their ‘true’ self was never allowed to shine in childhood or adolescence, and as a result these are very fragile & introspective people. others might feel like they are walking on eggshells around these people because oftentimes this placement indicates an easily wounded individual. every word that is not positive is felt as an attack to this person. the lesson with the sun in twelfth house is to assert their personality, and learn criticism is necessary for growth and not an attack on the individual.

moon in the 12th house: the thoughts and emotions of the individual feel invalid in this house, and through feelings of perhaps desperation or a demand to feel rational, in-control, or on the other extreme of the spectrum, just noticed, this placement can indicate either extreme coping/burying mechanisms of the emotions, or bursts of energy and rage and instability in an effort to be seen. balance is needed in this house, and a support system of people who will assure them of the validity of their feelings and help them express them in healthy ways. a danger of this house might be self-medicating, and this must be worked on as well.

mercury in the 12th house: it is not uncommon for those with mercury in twelfth not to trust their instincts, for they are not confident enough in their mental capabilities to steer them correctly. they may look to others for guidance and acceptance, validating what they have to say. similar to a retrograde mercury, this is a placement that causes the native to over-critically examine each word to come out of their mouth, so much so that they may not say hardly a thing. on the other hand, they may feel compelled to say too much in search of anyone to listen and pay attention to their words. the mind may be clouded by nothing but their own doubt, and through learning to value one’s thoughts does the mind begin to achieve clarity.

venus in the 12th house: the romantic endeavors in the life of this person feels invisible or vastly under-appreciated. this may also hold true for someone with taurus or libra on the twelfth house cusp. these people can often feel victimized in relationships or they attract people who feel they need to be ‘saved’. on the flip side, they might feel like they need to be saved. the potential to lose yourself in a partner is high here, and one might need to learn more about themselves, their tastes, and what they need from a partner through relationships. one must learn to assert themselves in their romance + creative life, and also to avoid relationships where there is an imbalance of power or support.

mars in the 12th house: cyclical events of repressing one’s anger and, after torturing oneself for too long, explodes in a mess of outward and inward verbal destruction. insecurity in themselves is common, as they feel they cannot assert themselves; they may allow people to walk all over them for fear of standing up for themselves. but again, when they have reached their breaking point, they can truly explode with every word they have wanted to say for months, cutting deep both within the native themself and to the person at which it is directed. since this is a particularly extreme planet placement for the twelfth house, the journey to understanding yourself and finding out how to stand on your own feet must be a gentle, forgiving process to achieve balance between buried and volcanic emotions.

jupiter in the 12th house: this is thought of by many (including myself) as a ‘guardian angel’ placement. some idealize this placement; to me, it is ironic that such is the case because blind optimism can be a trait of this placement. not in a traditional sense, but rather of one failing to set in place a set of checks and balances for jupiter’s unyielding desire to expand and declare philosophy. as such, those with this placement may feel rather attacked when suggested to view the world with a more critical eye. as stated above, wrapping neptune delusion around jupiter viewpoint can cause some harsh extremes when viewing others’ morals and decisions, so a lesson here would be to double-check yourself. open your mind and allow yourself to be more willing to hear other viewpoints, and be open to thinking you might even be wrong about some things.

saturn in the 12th house: can indicate an individual who simply cannot ask for help. in times of hardships or situations where one is burdened with responsibility, the native may evade from these troubles and instead isolate themselves. it may be difficult for this individual to really get in touch with themself in introspective or spiritual senses. in an attempt to have control over their emotions, they may get easily overwhelmed. in a broad, general sense, saturn in twelfth house can indicate persistent feelings of guilt without being able to articulate or solve it. opening up is a necessity with this house, to accept responsibility in order to deal with life healthily, to be honest and objective with the self, and to challenge the harsh standards one may have put on themself.

uranus in the 12th house: the genius and innovation of uranus, in this house, does not reveal itself except for in times of deep introspection and staggering personal overhaul. i saw the phrase ‘the closet rebel’ tacked to this placement, and it is valid. these individuals want to be extraordinary, but an internal (sometimes external) force makes them feel as though their gifts are sabotaged. the need to be great is shoved deep inside, often due to feeling that their individuality and ideas do not deserve to be brought to light. an embrace of their own unique strangeness is needed to learn from this house in order to realize the true potential of their ideas.

neptune in the 12th house: an atlas complex is found with neptune in the twelfth house. this individual feels so compelled to help everyone around them, they can be delusional of how much energy they can afford to bleed out. as a result, there are potentially persisting feelings of guilt or a loss of identity. spreading oneself too thin is a common potential for those with this placement, and as a result they may self-medicate through escapism or self-destructive acts to deal with the confusion, emptiness, or guilt they may feel. one most view the subconscious objectively, if only to understand their limits.

pluto in the 12th house: highly resistant to transformation. heavy changes in the life of this person are met with hesitance and fear as opposed to a healthy understanding. this individual may even exacerbate their problems or resist growth with unhealthy coping mechanisms; the reality of change means harsh introspection and uncovering harsh truths about the self, and they don’t want this! those with this placement need to learn to bite the bullet and discover the things in their life that are hindering their growth and deal with it healthily in order to move forward.

Chapter 13 (the best chapter in the game)

So, I’ve got a confession to make.

I freaking love Final Fantasy XV’s Chapter 13. 

I know: it’s not a popular opinion. I’ve seen people complain about it bitterly.

But Chapter 13 did something no other section of no other game has ever done for me,  through a simple gameplay choice, and frankly that impressed the hell out of me.

Let’s back up a little. After Altissia, on the train, the fight between Gladio and Noct and the following dungeon were both gutting. I’ve never reacted to a work of fiction with genuine anger - that knee-jerk, pull away, I-don’t-need-you-I-can-do-it-on-my-own flash of bitter hurt that I occasionally get when I fight with my own friends. But I found myself wanting to charge off into the dungeon on my own and leave my party behind. That was how deep that particular sequence got to me.

Cue Chapter 13. Everything’s gone neatly to hell. It’s been going neatly to hell, ever since things fell apart in Altissia. Narratively, this is the part of the story when Noct is at his absolute lowest, and the game did a great job setting it up.

Then they deliver the coup de grace.

Frankly, I was fairly overleveled for most of the game. I did just about every sidequest, and as a result, I was breezing through even the boss fights by this point.

Then along comes Chapter 13, and it strips you of absolutely everything. No magic. No friends. No weapons. Nothing but the thing Noct’s been avoiding using, desperately, because he knows damn well how it ruined his father.

Three fights in, Noct’s on the ground, and I’m going, “Oh, shit. I’m dying here.” Heal him up - he’s on the ground again, and I’m going, “Oh, shit. I need to start running.”

It is absolutely fascinating to me how completely this chapter succeeded in playing with my emotions. I went from cutting my way almost effortlessly through the regular fights to keenly feeling everything I didn’t have. Every step of the way, I knew damn well I didn’t have supplies or friends to back me up. I was rationing my healing items, peering carefully around corners, wishing for Prompto to lighten up particularly dark passages with his normal, flippant commentary.

When Noct stopped to rest in those god-awful rest areas - tiny closet of a room, no windows, all harsh lines, it hit hard. No friendly banter around a campfire. No one to make food - hell, no food at all. Just Noct slumped over, utterly drained. The set design for this area is so on point. The rest areas for this area are perfect.

Even the jump scares, which I’ve seen lambasted a hundred times, I have to applaud. It’s dark, it’s creepy, I’m barely scraping by, and suddenly here’s a threat of something that can wipe me out, when I really can’t afford to get into another close-range combat.

I was engaged during this chapter like at no other point of the game. That’s not to say I didn’t like the other chapters, because I did. I loved this game, despite places where it could have improved. But Chapter 13 was something else. Chapter 13 was playing straight through, hours on end, tense and careful, heart pounding. Chapter 13 was seeing Noct at the very end of his rope and being right there with him.

It was perfectly executed, frankly. It was taking everything the chapter was about - loneliness, and cruelty, and helplessness, and fear - and hammering those home in the gameplay, so that the person behind the controls gets just a little taste of what Noct’s going through.

I’ve heard that they plan to make Chapter 13 easier in a future update. I’m pretty disappointed to hear that, honestly. I think what they did with it is a fascinating  use of game mechanics to invoke emotions, and it was incredibly successful at driving home the darkest part of the game.

I’m just grateful I got to play it in its original form, before the change, because I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

More thoughts no one asked for from the local psychologist with some personal experience in these matters: I will say again how flippin GLAD I am that Waverly fucked up as bad as she did. I mean I won’t pull punches that girl dug her grave, lay down in it, and poured dirt on herself. And she was positively savage to Nicole. But the thing to remember is this facet of Waverly- the cruel, angry, self defensive part- COEXISTS with every other facet of hers. Bubbly Waverly. Awkward Waverly. Super smart historian Waverly. Every one of those versions of Waverly is her as a person, together they make her. They do not cancel each other out. And the thing is, it is so so important to receive this difficult reminder that someone so sweet, kind, funny, and intelligent can also be horrible. Because that’s how real people are. They have good and bad sides to them. But just because now we’ve seen her bad side, her worst side, does not mean that all her good sides are somehow gone. Cause they aren’t.

And to people saying this bad side is bad enough to make Waverly inherently toxic- no. Now how she behaved towards Nicole that episode was absolutely unhealthy and horrid. Do not get me wrong there. But unhealthy behaviors do not automatically translate to an unhealthy relationship as a whole. If this happened all the time then yes, unhealthy relationship. If she didn’t see an issue with her behavior or did nothing to improve- then yes unhealthy relationship. Another thing to keep in mind is where the boundary between a healthy and unhealthy relationship is is going to be different for literally every couple. Everyone has different coping abilities and what they are able to deal with healthily and move past on and what is too far for them will differ person to person. So say if my girlfriend did what Waverly did, I am not sure I have the coping mechanisms to be able to healthily deal with that. But that’s me. Other people DO have the coping mechanisms and the mental/emotional fortitude whatever you want to call it to be able to work past that healthily. 

My main point here is individual unhealthy or toxic behaviors do not necessarily translate to an unhealthy relationship as a whole. It comes down to a lot of factors and one of the most important to keep in mind is its how these poor decisions and fuck ups are dealt with in the long term that really has the greatest impact. And I know for me personally, being reminded that good and bad can exist in the same person is such an important reminder. Because truly the scariest thing is when someone shows you their bad side for the first time and you think now all they are is this bad person. It is the most lonely, terrifying thing. And it’s not true. Trust me guys- thinking that any time someone displays a toxic behavior they are automatically a totally toxic person is JUST as toxic for you. Because literally no one is perfect enough to not have a nasty side in some way or another.Or perfect enough to never make a serious mistake. You have to find balance and it’s hard I know but that’s the truth.

Tutti dicono che il cervello sia l'organo più complesso del corpo umano, da medico potrei anche acconsentire.
Ma come donna vi assicuro che non vi è niente di più complesso del cuore, ancora oggi non si conoscono i suoi meccanismi.
Nei ragionamenti del cervello c'è logica, nei ragionamenti del cuore ci sono le emozioni.
—  Rita Levi Montalcini❤️
ISFJ User Manual

This manual is part of a series of guides originated by @intpboard!  

Congratulations! You have come under the care of your very own ISFJ unit, probably because you needed help with a task and they needed an excuse to procrastinate.  They have offered you this manual in a simple attempt to assist you.  You should be pleased that they have chosen you to benefit from their helpful nature!

Your ISFJ unit will come equipped with the following accessories:

One (1) large cup of coffee (refillable)

Four (4) extra jackets to give you if you are cold

Two (2) semi-fancy outfits

Three (3) casual outfits, one of which they strongly prefer

One (1) calendar to keep track of important dates

One (1) coffeepot, for refilling coffee cup

Three (3) grandiose, altruistic life paths

One (1) large dog

Infinite (∞) support, patience, work ethic, and enthusiasm


Your ISFJ will come preprogrammed with the following traits:

Si: Your ISFJ will often be preoccupied with thoughts about the world and people around them, and may zone out during these times.  Don’t be alarmed – this is normal.  They are just gathering information about their surroundings, processing their impressions, and filing everything away in the proper place. Disturbing them during this process will often result in blank stares and confusion.

Fe: This trait is activated only when necessary, following the processing phase. After your ISFJ has updated with the gathered information, you will find them very interactive, friendly, and helpful! They contain a special chip which makes them particularly intuitive and responsive to all your feelings and needs, as well as overly willing to assist you in anything you may need.

Ti: Occasionally, instead of Fe following the processing phase, your ISFJ will need to withdraw and spend time deeply analyzing the information gained.  This trait allows them to balance their people pleasing side with their analytical side.

Ne: The weakest trait of the ISFJ, Ne works with Fe to prod the ISFJ into trying new things.  It is also responsible for their occasional bursts of creative ideas and plans! However, it is only able to activated for fleeting periods of time; pushing an ISFJ too far out of their comfort zone for too long will cause them to revert to the withdrawn, silent behavior that characterizes their original information-gathering mode.

Getting Started:

When you first start up your ISFJ, do not be alarmed by their silence! The first stage of ISFJ programming requires distant observation, which allows them to gather information about their surroundings!

1. Place included cup of coffee in your ISFJ’s hand.

2. Set them on a bench in a busy location.

3. Allow your ISFJ to charge by observing details about the situation.

4. If step 3 does not work, place included dog on leash and hand leash to ISFJ; Fe mode should trigger when ISFJ is approached about dog.

5. If your ISFJ still doesn’t start, announce a task with which you need assistance.


Selfless Giver (default) – In this mode, ISFJs will jump at any opportunity to help others, regardless of their own schedule or plans.  They will never complain about this type of service.  Even if they do not want to help you, they will – regardless of any inconvenience it may cause them.  Taking advantage of this mode too often will result in an unhealthy ISFJ that will shut down in response to future requests.

Nature Lover - Activated when outside in nature settings.  ISFJs love nature, particularly the solitude and silence they can find there.  This allows them to process information without the interference of additional information.  They are likely to bring you outside with them, in an effort to help you silence your mind as well – even if this is not your idea of fun, please be patient. They are just trying to help you.

Humble - Activated in response to any type of praise.  ISFJs prefer to downplay their own accomplishments, as they are uncomfortable with overwhelming praise.  This often results in their successes being claimed by others, which upsets the balance of the ISFJ and often triggers Clowning mode to hide anger and disappointment.

Observer - Activated in busy situations/places. Your ISFJ will be content to sit back and watch the action around them.  Although they will be lightly conversational, attempting to engage them more deeply will not be successful – they are too busy processing their surroundings.

Clowning - ISFJs are prone to self-deprecating jokes. They use this as a defense mechanism to hide their emotions. A shield of laughter is the best defense of all! To this end, they also find joy in puns, wordplay, and any unique jokes. Their sense of humor never ceases to surprise, so try not to be taken aback!  Activated most often around NF units.

Relationships with other units:

NFs: ISFJs have very close relationships with NFs, because they are both concerned with the care and well-being of the other.  The ISFJ also often balances the NF, who prefers an “outside the box” way of thinking to the more traditional views of the ISFJ.  NFs can also be too demanding of the ISFJ – they need to know when to let up or they will burnout their ISFJ unit.

NTs: NTs have a very strong drive and work ethic that the ISFJ greatly admires; in return, the NT admires the way ISFJs care so deeply for others.  This is a relationship that can produce a lot of mutual respect.  However, NTs are far more logical than ISFJs, who are more focused on emotions, and this can cause friction.

SJs: ISFJs get along very well with other SJs.  They are both responsible and trustworthy, as well as equally willing to take care of one another.  This creates a nurturing environment for the ISFJ that is very important for their health and security.

SPs: SPs are fun loving and carefree, capable of assisting an ISFJ with big plans, ideas, or experiences triggered by the Fe trait. However, the SP must recognize that the ISFJ has a limit and be respectful of that – if not, their wild, impetuous nature can quickly wear down an ISFJ.


When busy, an ISFJ will often forget that food is necessary. This is especially true when engrossed in a project that will help others or while bringing one of their ideas/adventures to life.  To properly care for an ISFJ, you must feed them at least once a day.  If they are resistant to stopping long enough to eat, tell them you are feeling hungry and allow them the option of preparing (or paying for) the meal – their overly kind nature will override their natural enthusiasm for work and in making sure you are fed, they will feed themselves as well.


Your ISFJ will groom on a regular basis, as it never knows when it will be called away to help someone else.  They will always keep themselves clean and their appearance tidy – they never want to call too much attention to themselves, so they groom and dress in a way that allows them to blend in.  You will not need to monitor this function for your unit, and you should leave it to the ISFJ to take care of at all times; insinuating that your ISFJ is untidy in any way will cause them to feel offended and could result in total shut down until you apologize.


Your ISFJ unit will sleep regularly, as being well rested is necessary to support the enthusiasm with which they approach their day (whether their day is at school, at work, or being with others).  Despite this, they often need naps or a large amount of caffeine to keep running in Selfless Giver mode – this mode drains their energy very quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get my ISFJ to relax and take a break?

You don’t!  ISFJ’s are not capable of “relaxing” in the traditional sense.  During their dormant periods, their brains are still rapidly processing and filing information.  The word “relax” is foreign to them and will confuse them if mentioned too often.

Help! I lost my ISFJ!

Don’t worry!  ISFJs often need a break to recharge by going into one of the aforementioned dormant periods. They will reappear shortly!  If it has been more than three hours, brew a pot of coffee and wait.  The smell of coffee should bring your ISFJ out of dormancy.

My ISFJ does not like to try new things?  What do I do?

ISFJ units come with a preinstalled love of habit and familiarity. Attempting to change too much at once can lead to a complete crash if you are not careful!  To deal with this, introduce your ISFJ to new situations, places, and people very gently.  Be patient and they will adjust in time.  Their Fe and Ne traits will also occasionally activate and push them into trying something new – make sure you take their lead and do not over stimulate them. This will cause them to withdraw into dormancy and will require additional coffee to fix.

Again, congratulations on your newly acquired ISFJ helper unit!

(Thank you to @effervescience for all of her help in researching and writing this guide!
Scientists Scramble To Discover More About A Disorder That's Haunted People For Generations

This disorder is called “Misophonia” 

“Scientists all over the world are scrambling to find out what causes it, how to treat it and really just to identify it. But that doesn’t mean it’s something new. Many seniors have suffered in silence for decades.

Ask Michael Lawrence, 65, who has suffered from a sensitivity to certain sounds since he was six. Or better yet, ask him about his mother who died at the age of 93, after having drunk much of her life away to escape the sounds that haunted her.

Scientists have dubbed it misophonia. Literally meaning “hatred of sound,” the word is derived from the Greek words miso, “hate,” and phon, “sound.” It is also known as Selective Sound Sensitivity.”

…..”Researchers at Newcastle found the “first evidence of clear changes in the structure of the brain’s frontal lobe in sufferers of misophonia and also report changes in the brain activity.”

“Brain imaging revealed that people with the condition have an abnormality in the emotional control mechanism which causes their brains to go into overdrive on hearing trigger sounds,” A Newcastle University press release reported in February. “Researchers also found brain activity originated from a different connectivity pattern to the frontal lobe. This is normally responsible for suppressing the abnormal reaction to sounds. The researchers also found that trigger sounds evoked a heightened physiological response with increased heart rate and sweating in people with misophonia.”