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Observer Effect: The theoretical foundation of the concept of measurement in quantum mechanics is a contentious issue deeply connected to the many interpretations of quantum mechanics. A key focus point is that of wave function collapse, for which several popular interpretations assert that measurement, or observation, causes a discontinuous change into an eigenstate of the operator associated with the quantity that was measured.

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me @ bioware stop showing me loyalty missions and cora makeouts and START showing me whats REALLY IMPORTANT: CHARACTER CREATION

(Update) me @ bioware after seeing the character creation STOP showing me character creation I TAKE IT BACK

i like this rewrite of passengers that’s all emotional and inspiring and whatnot but honestly i think you could keep all the main elements and just change the tone. the plot sounds like something out of a horror movie and it could just be that.

a woman (not jennifer lawrence tho because C’mon) wakes up from cryo and sees this guy who (seemingly) just woke up too. he clearly knows more about ships than her so she trusts him when he says it was just some random mechanical failure that only effected their pods, and she believes him when he says that he’s trying to figure out a solution. after awhile he starts trying to grow closer to her and at first she shares the same feelings. probably throw in a cute scene of them cooking together or something. but as time passes she starts to grow suspicious of all the time he’s spent to no avail. any questions she asks are quickly shot down. he always seems to be popping up wherever she is on this giant ship, and even when he’s not around she thought she saw the cameras following her out of the corner of her eye.

at one point, while trying to accomplish something minor with the computers, she stumbles across all the different files of the passengers. all the files have numbers next to them indicating how many times they’ve been accessed on the ship’s computer–most are 0, a couple 1s or 2s here or there. amused, she scrolls to find her own and to read what it says about her. but when she does, she sees the number. 387. she stares at it, confused, trying to understand what it means, and then the man comes into the room and she quickly exits out and makes some excuse.

she figures out that he’s keeping something from her, but she can’t get enough time alone to access the computers. eventually she stages a minor malfunction on the outside of the ship, knowing he’d have to leave to repair it, and when he does she quickly gets to work.

she accesses the ship’s logs and finds out the horrifying truth. the man was awake long before she was. way, way longer. and then she finds out, concretely, that he was the one that woke her, dooming her to die in this metal tube with only him.

there’s a lot of other stuff you can do from here. the robot could seem like he’s helping the female protag, but then it’s revealed that he’d been reprogrammed by the male long before he woke her. she would want to kill the guy of course, but if she did that she’d lose her one chance at fixing the cryo. there are so many interesting directions this story could go, which is what needs to be understood about this. because it IS still the same story ultimately, just with a couple minor tweaks–a shift in perspective, and elements that make that perspective more authentic/believable. if these writers could have just laid off the sexism for ten minutes they could have realized they had a bone-chilling gothic horror in space at their fingertips but naw let’s just do a really bad/gross romance and sell it as an action flick so that we can offend the tastes of both sci-fi fans and romantics in one fell swoop.

butterflyadventurer  asked:

Hello ly. For the past few months, i went back to school, quit smoking and drinking. I also broke up with my boyfriend 3weeks ago. i feel really isolated. I have trouble talking to people without alcohol, and i barely see my friends now that i don't party with them anymore. Being on my own is okay i guess, i love what im doing and actively choose to spend time doing it instead of hanging around, but i wish i was more open to people, less anxious of judgement. Can you help ?

I can certainly point you in the right direction. 

All of this begins and ends with your mind. 

Anxiety and judgment are plagues with which most people have grown accustomed to living. Instead of uprooting the causes of anxiety and judgment, they find coping mechanisms. 

The kind and combination of coping mechanisms are different for everyone. You seem to have found alcohol as an effective coping mechanism. 

Most coping mechanisms aren’t sustainable for a happy and healthy future, not to mention a happy and healthy present. Alcohol has added health risks on top of the mental challenges it enables. It is good you have quit using substances while you get this stuff sorted out. 

Ways to Avoid Feeling Judged:

  1. Know yourself. We fear judgment because we are afraid to be told something about ourselves that we don’t already know. Or we are afraid to have certain fears confirmed. 

    If we do not know ourselves then the judgments of others will be more overwhelming. You will look to other people to tell you who you are. 

  2. Do not judge others. Judgment is a mental habit. It is useful for inanimate things, like comparing cars. It is not useful for regarding living phenomena such as humans. 

    Judgment is a reductive mental process that breaks things down into parts and then assigns values those parts. Humans are not machines; humans are more than the sum of their parts. Therefore by judging people, you kill their living humanism by perceiving them the way you would a machine. It is objectification. 

  3. Do not rely on labels. Following on the subject of judgment is labeling. Often we label ourselves and we label each other according to judgments. These labels create a kind of prison. We tend to restrict our activity and perception according to our labels. 

    The problem, like judgment, is that it is a two way street. If you rely on some self-appointed or other-appointed labels as a form of identity, then other less desirable labels may offend or hurt you. They might cause you suffering. 

    To be free from labels means to take none of them seriously as being solid or real. This doesn’t mean you will never be labeled but it means the labels will no longer sink into your mind and heart, creating limits. Instead, the labels will be these temporary superficial things that fail to trouble you. 

How to actualize all of these? Daily meditation and mindfulness practice. Such practices will help to overthrow the habits of your mind and grant you freedoms you forgot were possible. 

Socializing with others can be draining and anxious when we are afraid. We are afraid of how we might appear, of what we might discover about ourselves, or of how we might embarrass ourselves. But if we find peace and clarity in self-knowledge within ourselves, there is no trouble. 

Then there is nothing to be gained and nothing to be lost through socializing. It’s just like fingerpainting with friends or strangers. No one cares about the outcome; you’re just there to enjoy yourself. 

Two books that may be of help to you are The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and Tantra: The Supreme Understanding by Osho. 

Namaste :)

“Crybaby” Pt 1

Members: Jungkook, Rapmon, Reader, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, Jin, Yoongi.

Genre: Mafia/gang!au + angst/fluff/smut

Summary: You can’t say your choices have been any better. You often did what you thought was the best idea and in the process, you hurt a lot of people that didn’t deserve it. Sometimes you wanted to go back, feeling the need to change your actions, but it was always too late.

Part: 1/?

Warnings: Bad language, mentions of blood, torture, rape, death, suicide, violence and mental illness. Maybe smut too.

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You can do it, babe“ he kept whispering in your ear. The tears streaming down your face were telling you the opposite, but they weren’t going to help you in any way so just focus on your task, you kept thinking.

You had to do it. You didn’t want to but you had no choice. That orange haired guy was waiting. He was waiting for that mechanical sound effect you knew so well, too well. He held you hostage with his muscular arms giving you no choice but to proceed with what you were doing. You had to shoot him.

Shoot him. You kept thinking. Do it fast before the three of you die in the most disturbing and painful way possible. He wouldn’t stop talking, making things harder so you just stopped listening.

“Hoseok, I’m so sorry”

A wrecking sound was heard by everyone near that warehouse. And then complete silence took place right before you started crying like the little baby you were

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Why do you rip into Arthur so often and so harshly compared to everyone else?

I know I talk about Arthur a lot. A LOT. And some of it is pretty damn harsh, mostly because of my frustration with his back and forth development stasis. And yeah, I can and do talk about Merlin and Morgana and Gwen a lot, too, but Arthur gets the brunt of it for a few reasons.

1. The whole show is about him. It’s called “Merlin,” yeah, but…everything Merlin does is “for him.” Not for himself, not for Gwen or Morgana. Arthur. So even when it’s not about Arthur, it’s still kinda about Arthur. Even in the prophecy about him and Merlin, “the Once and Future King” is given priority. Merlin’s just there to make him king, and Morgana and Gwen’s entire existences revolve around Arthur after a certain point. Gwen’s reduced to her romance with Arthur while Morgana is reduced to her hatred for Arthur.

2. The whole point of the prophecy and the show itself is literally Arthur’s character development. Specifically his character development. Even more specifically, how he’s going to become a great king, when he’ll be ready to rule, what makes him so wonderfully amazing that there are prophecies about him, what he thinks about magic, when/if he’s going to accept magic, how that bully in ep1 could possibly become the wise and just Once and Future King.

It’s a damn vital part of the show, and it doesn’t happen.

He changes a couple of Camelot’s laws/traditions, like allowing peasant knights and easing up on Druids and not being a paranoid execution-happy dick like his father, but he hasn’t changed significantly since the first episode, and I’m not okay with that.

3. I’m especially not okay with people thinking what he accomplished in canon was “good enough” or worthy of his prophetic status, because throughout it all, nothing changed for magic users. That’s ~just one thing~ or whatever, but it’s also the Big Thing that multiple episodes were dedicated to exploring and pushing at, but nothing ever came of it. Not legally, not in public opinion, regardless of whatever slight pardon Arthur might have given the Druids.

The Arthur we saw in glimpses throughout the series, in the most powerful scenes in the show, who showed real compassion and open-mindedness and wisdom–that’s the Arthur I believe could have brought magic back to Camelot in peace, could have figured out on his own that Merlin’s secrets were darker than he might have imagined when he still didn’t quite see servants of people worthy of respect or consideration, could have confronted his insecurities and the shadow cast by his father for good, could have faced his privilege as a wealthy, sheltered noble and seen through the eyes of his people.

I’m not okay with so many people accepting, worshiping, and defending canon Arthur when their tactics often involve trying to shift the focus and the blame to other characters to avoid talking about any of Arthur’s real flaws instead of just the funny/quirky/acceptable ones. 

His insecurities, his brashness, his outward display of arrogance, his awkwardness, his inability to display/communicate emotion clearly, his easily-trusting nature: “acceptable.” 

His privilege of wealth and status, his constant physical and emotional abuse of Merlin, his complicity in his father’s cruelty, his extreme prejudice against a persecuted minority group, his hypocrisy: “WELL MORGANA’S A BITCH SO THEY ALL DESERVED IT

I just really wish that worship/defense would go to the Arthur who deserves it, the Arthur who could have been, instead of his shady-ass canon shadow.

4. I’m really really passionate about Arthur as a character??? He deserved so much more development, oh my god. WHAT A GREAT SETUP. WHAT A GREAT MESS OF FLAWS AND MISTAKES. what an amazing person we see when he CONFRONTS his flaws and mistakes and strives for change holy shit

He’s complicated and conflicted in a million ways, and the writers dumbed him down because they literally never wanted anything to change. 

Every time he reached that point in the series, the point where he was right at the edge of making a real difference…..They hit the reset button and dragged him back to Square One: Magic Is Inherently Evil. 

Arthur is change. Courage. The person who isn’t afraid to step forward and fight for their beliefs—or the person who is afraid, but fights all the same. Because turning away from people he has the power to help would be unthinkable.

He cannot think of his pride while people are suffering.

The Fluid Mind

The more fluid a mind becomes, the more dangerous it becomes–for it is free. Be free from rigid concepts, don’t let yourself be controlled by anyone–including yourself. Let your mind roam everywhere, travel free across the lands of conceptual reality like the masons travelled freely between borders.

A rigid mind is trapped in its own prison, all it takes to control one is to learn the map of the prison and what the prisoner is starving for, then the rest is child’s play–mechanics of cause and effect, bait and switch.

mjsswjtch  asked:

On your Lazy Witch's Ring Consecration post: You said "when the candle is done burning". Does that mean burn it to a nub? Wouldn't that get wax all over the ring? Sorry, I'm new to consecrations. Please clarify.

Hi! I probably should’ve specified in the post, but placing the candle in a holder (or, in this case, since the candle is smaller, on top of a safe replacement holder like a small square of tinfoil) would let it burn down without the wax hitting the ring itself (the ring’s slipped over the candle still, so the spell mechanics still take effect!) Hope that clarifies! :>

(For the curious: The spell post referenced is here)