mechanical effects

Shepard: Are those huge intelligent war machines that have been killing civilizations far more advanced that ours for hundreds of years and that have just attacked us while we were not ready *loads gun* no problem, guys, I got this shit.

Ryder: Ok, ok, we got this *deep breath* it’s ok, we’ve read the manual, this is going to be ok. Just follow the protocol. Ok, let’s see, a new plant, how niceWHY IS IT TRYING TO EAT ME NO GO AWAY *running sounds* LIAM NO SUVI DON’T LICK THAT ROCK *bullets wheezing by* WHY IS THE WATER ON FIRE *crying on the intercome with Kallo* PLEASE SEND HELP

Can we just admit that mass effect 1 is a bad game and the only reason its even still played is for a feeling of a complete run? Or by first time players?

The History of the Photoelectric Effect

In 1905, Albert Einstein gained world fame for supposedly being the first to propose that light has a nature of both a wave and a particle. This theory lead to the development of “photons,” or photo-electrons, which describe light with a wave-particle duality. In 1921, Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his theoretical physics and his explanation of the photoelectric effect. A theory that even today is still accepted as a certainty.

In 1887, Heinrich Hertz discovered the photoelectric effect, but it is a fact that Nikola Tesla was the first to explain the effect. Einstein was a very intelligent scientist, but he lacked wisdom. Unlike Einstein, Nikola Tesla wasn’t just a theoretical physicist who based all his theories off other scientists’ work (like James Clerk Maxwell and Heinrich Hertz), but was an experimental physicist as well, who based all his theories off experimental research and data from which he himself conducted and recorded.

In 1896, with experiments with radiant energy and high-vacuum tubes, Nikola Tesla was the first to publicize that light had both particle-like and wave-like properties–predating Einstein and other quantum physicists by nine years. With his high-vacuum tubes, or cathode ray tubes, Tesla shot cathode rays at different metals noting the differences in reflection the streams made upon the metals. Initially, he noticed the streams, being shot at the metals like bullets, broke into smaller particles, and or, vibrations of extremely high frequencies (technically, this would be the first demonstration of breaking electrons into subatomic particles), but upon further investigation he proved that they were indeed just waves. This lead to his conclusion that light is merely a transverse, longitudinal disturbance in the ether, involving alternate compressions and rarefactions, or in his words, "light can be nothing else than a sound wave in the ether.” Tesla would go on to file a patent based off these experiments titled, “Apparatus of the Utilization of Radiant Energy,” published in 1901.

Tesla’s conclusions would obviously get ignored by main stream science, but it seems that today’s technology, which seemingly works off Albert Einstein’s theories, are in reality, working off Tesla’s.

Sugilite: What was Sapphire’s deal?

For a long time since the reveal of Ruby and Sapphire, I’ve been seeing posts that (jokingly or not) suggest that Sugilite’s behavior, as a Fusion of Ruby, Sapphire, and Amethyst, was the result of the rambunctious Ruby and Amethyst dragging Sapphire along for the ride.

I kinda get why people say that, because obviously both Amethyst and Ruby are prone to anger and sometimes lack filters and coping mechanisms. Meanwhile, Sapphire seems so calm and in control. Surely Sugilite was mostly Amethyst and Ruby getting carried away.

But y’all have seen “Keystone Motel.”

“This will pass. She’ll eventually just burn herself out.”

Sapphire, when she’s upset, pretends to be above it all, ignores others’ emotions while denying the effects of her own, and even resorts to shaming those she loves when she’s not happy with their behavior. 

She can be callous. Cold. 

Sapphire is just as responsible for everything that went on with Sugilite as Ruby and Amethyst were. 

Now here’s the thing. Fusions can feel like they’re one being–especially when they get used to being fused–and though they’re “a conversation” and “a relationship,” they’re also capable of functioning like a single consciousness despite that they technically can never quite be “individuals.” So I do hesitate to pick apart “what comes from which Gem” when examining Fusions’ behavior. However, much like you can analyze the traits of a child and surmise which parent they “get it from,” you can sort of do that with Fusions. But there’s another element you have to keep in mind when you do this.

A manifestation of the fusers’ influence on each other.

Guide to the Crystal Gems is the source of this tidbit–a canon source authored by Rebecca Sugar. You don’t really see the “influence” aspect discussed explicitly in the show, but this implies that Fusions aren’t just what their components are, but what they inspire in each other. What they think of each other, what they expect from each other, what they want to be together. What they bring out in each other, regardless of whether that element is usually part of the individuals.

Look at Smoky Quartz. Before they appeared, Steven and Amethyst had just had an arc with a competitive and self-deprecating tone which led directly to forming Smoky for the first time. They literally fought each other over who was the worst, had a discussion of not living up to what they were supposed to be, and aired their grievances over the proper path to improvement.

“Us worst Gems stick together, right?” “That’s why we’re the best.”

Amethyst and Steven literally formed their collective identity based on their low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy. They play it like a big joke, of course, cracking puns and offering distractions, but when Sardonyx presses them during their second appearance in “Know Your Fusion,” Smoky heaps on the self-abuse.

“I guess zero plus zero equals zero. They say two wrongs don’t make a right–I guess I’m living proof that that’s true! I’m just one big super-wrong good-for-nothing dud with a yo-yo!”

Delivered with a smile. 

Supposedly it’s a common trait of youngest children to be the comedian of the family–if you’ve spent your whole life feeling like those who came before you have won all the awards, done it all before you, and met stratospheric goals before you even found your feet, you might feel like there’s no point in performing well, so you joke about it and poke fun at everything, including yourself. Amethyst and Steven have both spent a lot of their lives feeling like the youngest child who’s a bit of a screw-up with whom everyone must be patient. Smoky doubles that feeling, and when they start to feel inadequate, out come the self-deprecating jokes.

Sugilite is more complicated because she’s a three-Gem Fusion, but I’d like to first refer to my “How Fusion Relationships Work” post and assert that Sugilite is far more a relationship of Amethyst and Garnet than she is a relationship of Amethyst, Ruby, and Sapphire. If Sugilite were to internally argue with herself the way Alexandrite did in “Fusion Cuisine,” you’d probably hear Amethyst’s and Garnet’s voices, not Ruby’s or Sapphire’s. I could be wrong, but I think Sugilite is better understood as Garnet and Amethyst’s Fusion. Therefore, to find out what comes from Sapphire and what comes from Ruby in Sugilite, it makes more sense to pick apart where their traits feed into Garnet first.

Sardonyx and Sugilite are both Garnet Fusions. And Sardonyx and Sugilite have both shown an incredible capacity for showing off for Steven. We know Pearl loves to perform, but Sardonyx seeks to impress through grace and precision, while Sugilite is about power. That is likely a strong Amethyst trait–she REALLY wants to be strong, and she thinks Garnet is this incredible pillar of strength. Amethyst’s beliefs about Garnet and desire to be strong would feed into making Sugilite the powerhouse she is.

And Amethyst also has abandonment issues.

“What about ME, huh? I had someone who was always there for ME until she started hanging out with YOU!”

What was Sugilite’s apparent main complaint?

“You left me behind!”

She was left alone with no one to perform for, no one to encourage her or make her feel cool for being strong enough to take out all those pillars.

This seems like an awful lot of Amethyst, but what about Garnet?

“We don’t need to be careful. We just need to be huge.”

Get the job done, Garnet. Who cares about Pearl’s feelings? Who cares if there might be some speed bumps? It’ll turn out with the result we need, and that’s all that really matters.

Well, that’s some Sapphire there.

That’s probably exacerbated further when all the frustration and feeling of being left out was amplified by Amethyst’s perspective, and it’s all directed at Pearl. What might Sugilite be thinking about Pearl? “She’s to blame! She took Steven away and abandoned me! She called me ‘too much’ because she’s just too little! And now she wants me to unfuse just when I’m enjoying myself! She’s probably just jealous Garnet didn’t pick her instead!”

There’s a ton of feeling in there and not a whole lot of thinking. And feeling is something Ruby does extremely well. Meaning she does a lot of it, and she doesn’t think about the past or the future. Now is all she can think about, and her incredibly important, long history with Pearl and any future consequences are beside the point in the face of all that emotion. Sugilite feels hurt and angry and vengeful now. And she has a ton of power that this little Gem Pearl wants to take from her. She won’t let it happen.

But here’s something complicated. Ruby is emotional, but she isn’t selfish. She’s almost entirely selfless. I mean that literally, too–at the beginning of her life with Sapphire, she expressed that it didn’t matter if she was broken because there are tons of her. Even more recently in her life, in “Jailbreak,” she cared about what happened to Sapphire but had no thoughts for herself.

“Did they hurt you?” “WHO CARES??”

And if you listen to her rant about Blue Diamond in “Gem Heist,” Ruby still offers an onslaught of anger that has almost nothing to do with slights against her.

“She’s a shatterer! She yelled at Sapphire, she hates fusion and love!”

Hear that? Blue Diamond had specifically threatened to shatter Ruby, but she doesn’t say “she threatened to shatter me.” She just uses general terms about her being “a shatterer” before launching right into how Blue Diamond mistreated Sapphire and hates their union. And, going back to “Keystone Motel,” it’s more of the same from Ruby: she’s angry not because Pearl personally hurt her, but because Pearl disrespected fusion. Disrespected Garnet.

“It’s FUSION, Sapphire! What’s more personal to us than fusion?”

She’s so, so angry, but it’s on behalf of their relationship, not on her own behalf. She’s not mad at Sapphire for wronging her. She’s mad at Sapphire because this is about fusion. Without fusion, Ruby doesn’t even think of herself as worth something to be mad about. But the fusion she’s contributing to? Wow, nobody better EVER say anything against THAT, or insult it for ANY reason!

So, no doubt this is magnified in Sugilite.

“I AM myself, and I’m SICK of being split up!”

Amethyst’s respect for power, Ruby’s respect for fusion partnerships, and Sapphire’s respect for outcome over process all contribute to Sugilite’s motives. But Amethyst’s sullenness over abandonment, Ruby’s single-minded emotion, and Sapphire’s callousness make those motives manifest in a destructive way.

When Garnet is just Garnet, she has effective coping mechanisms most of the time, at least when it comes to losing control. But Ruby’s EXPLOSIVE emotion is very present in Garnet–we repeatedly see her punch first and ask questions later, or break things just because she’s pissed off. Sapphire’s soft-spokenness and withdrawal from full engagement are also very present in Garnet, and we see her withholding emotion or letting her overconfidence make her stubborn. But she’s balanced, and she carries leadership without cracking, and she rarely makes her problems into other people’s problems.

But when Garnet is part of Sugilite, emotion is streaming in from Amethyst AND Ruby, and neither of those Gems likes to think outside the present. If you said Sapphire’s future vision and composure is “drowned out” by such passionate energy, you wouldn’t be far off, but I think it’s more nuanced than that: Sapphire’s traits manifest differently. Amethyst respects the heck out of Garnet, and Ruby feels like Sapphire matters far more than she does. Sapphire holds a good deal of the self-respect in Sugilite–the part of her that thinks she deserves attention, dignity, and honor. There’s still some aristocrat in her. In Sugilite, that respect is up against an overwhelming amount of self-directed belittling and inadequacy. So you get someone who knows she should be respected but feels that she doesn’t deserve it.

Ruby and Amethyst may be the source of Sugilite’s fury and pain, but without Sapphire’s cold indifference, she wouldn’t have ever posed such a threat. Some of the most brutal aspects of Sugilite may have their roots in Sapphire.

Costs of a Failed Skill Check

Game Master Tip: Failed skill checks must affect and/or advance something. Otherwise, it’s just meaningless, time-wasting, and pace-breaking padding.

Have you ever had a tabletop experience akin to the following exaggerated strawman example?

PC: “I want to look for tracks.”
GM: “Roll for Survival/Nature/whatever.”
PC: *Fails to meet the DC*
GM: “You don’t find anything.”
Party: “Alrighty. We go home, then.

QUEST FAILED, everybody goes to sleep in the game world and IRL

My own personal rule of thumb is: a failed skill check doesn’t always outright fail a quest. Instead, these unfortunate events costs the party in-game resources. Resources include, but are not limited to, money, time, hit points, supplies, etc. Essentially, a failure streak results in depleted resources over time, as opposed to abrupt anticlimactic mission failure. If there is no mechanical effect for a mandated skill check other than “for the rollz,” just get on with it and move the players to where/who they need to be/meet.

Please keep in mind that I’m not stating that parties should be allowed to proceed if they keep failing. I’ll leave it up to individual GM preference, but after enough consecutive failures you gotta drop the axe or move on.

Here is an example of each of the three main aforementioned costs, to get the think-tank bubbling. I usually come up with at least two for all applicable skills, perhaps more if the check is likely be invoked multiple times in a game (Perception, Nature, and Survival come to mind the most).


The usually silver-tongued bard failed to charm a guard (Diplomacy) into letting the party into a quarantined part of the city. The watchman instead offers to grant you passage and his silence in exchange for double his current rate.


[To clarify, I am talking about in-game time, not IRL time. You and your players have places to be, after all.]

The ranger follows the wrong set of tracks (Survival) for several hours, and the party is forced to double back in order to find the enemy encampment. When they finally arrive, the orcs had taken the extra time to fortify their defenses and place scouts along the perimeter. The sky has also become noticeably darker, which would give the enemy’s inherent darkvision a keen advantage in the fight to come.


The druid, in an attempt to regain her bearings, focuses too much on the surrounding foliage and fails to notice (Perception) the wandering mother bear escorting her two cubs. True to its matriarchal and overprotective nature, the bear charges forward, teeth and claws bared.

[Optionally, I’d force a hard DC follow-up check for the entire group to avoid taking damage, just to be fair. Details about who gets hurt and how badly, how the conflict is resolved, etc. is entirely up to GM’s discretion and player’s actions. The point of this is to be a quick hazard, not a prolonged encounter. Quickly resolve it and move on with the quest.]

The more subtle kind of gender dysphoria

For the longest time, I couldn’t tell whether I had gender dysphoria or not.

I don’t get severe “flare-ups” of dysphoria often. Most of the time it’s so low that I can ignore it. As I’ve said before, when I do feel dysphoric, it’s usually because I got triggered by being in a heavily gendered space, or by being treated in a strongly gendered way by other people. I’ve had other sources of dysphoria, too, but much more rarely.

When people talk about gender dysphoria, we almost always describe it as a feeling - a negative emotion or subjective experience, which exists only inside your head. So the implication is that, if you aren’t currently feeling unhappy or uncomfortable about gender stuff, then you must not be currently experiencing dysphoria. And if you never feel those nasty twinges of awkwardness and wrongness, then you must not have gender dysphoria at all…right?

No. There’s something else going on that we need to consider: coping mechanisms.

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Hey I’m struggling with staying enrolled in college and can’t afford to basically live rn and if it wasn’t for my roommate id be homeless. I’m crying in the hospital parking garage after my abusive parents kinda went “well if you’re suicidal it’s not our problem you’re just faking and have no reason to be feeling this way”. My ptsd is making it hard for me to feel safe anywhere and I’m disassociating so badly. Anyways, if anyone would like to donate $3 to my PayPal so I can buy some soy milk to drink while I cry over my financial struggles, inability to get healthcare, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and the physical effects of my self destructive behaviors (inability to digest food, not being able to perceive reality, scars from self harm all over, etc) that would be awesome! I’m probably gonna die anyways whether it’s by suicide or by how physically unhealthy my body is being treated so I figured instead of asking for handouts to stay in school and have basic living stuffs, soy milk is my new priority. Please don’t ask me about my situation further because I’m honestly too exhausted to reply to anyone after breaking outta this fucking hospital.

I have like $10 bucks rn and I’m probably gonna use that on soy milk too but I’ll probably run out in a few days so ima leave this here ♡ hopefully you’re all doing better than I am today. Pet your animals for me ♡

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No Free Candy!

“No Free Candy! The money raised from the $0.25 per piece of candy sold goes to help us fund a charity that helps find missing/abducted children. Please, ‘NO’ FREE SAMPLES!”

Was typed on the bright colored sticker on the lucite clear box that had tabs on the very top to hold the charity organization’s card (rescuing missing/abducted kids, for ours), a lockable money hopper with a coin slot on top and “$0.25” on the lid with the slot (my boss even photocopied a quarter, cut out the image, and taped it next to the coin slot), and on the bottom was an open compartment stocked with Jolly Ranchers, Peppermint/Spearmint wheels, individually wrapped Starburst squares (taken from larger wrapper), individually wrapped Now & Laters, individually wrapped spherical candies that are either sour, very spicy hot, or change colors and shrink as you suck on them. We had Tootsie Rolls but nobody wanted those as much, so we quit stocking them.

I worked at a business and the candy box was up front, where I worked. I would politely remind anyone dipping into the candy for free that those cost $0.25 a piece, whenever I had the opportunity (i.e. not busy helping customers and other primary duties). My coworkers did the same thing, and so did my boss. Even a couple of customers called out these cheapskates, though they weren’t as polite about it, and made no bones about shaming these cheap thieving jerks.

But people still kept taking free candy from the honor box, without paying! How low can you get taking money away from an organization that helps kids!? My boss definitely gives the money from the sales to the organization (less the cost of candy). However, more and more people just took free candy or they underpaid by putting pennies, nickels, or dimes in there. One guy, God Bless him, put a $20 bill in there yet only took a couple of pieces of candy. But for every guy like him or even a person who put in $0.25 for a piece of candy, there were two dozen assholes who either took a freebie or simply underpaid.

The assholes who took freebies or underpaid drove really expensive cars, dressed really lavishly, didn’t spend much money in the business, were VERY rude and demanding, and yet take candy without paying from a charitable cause.

My boss had had enough and said “The 'Honors System’ doesn’t work when too many people have no honor!” So he paid, out of his own pocket, to replace the little “Honors System” candy box with a good quality gumball machine like, coin operated dispenser. He got it from a website from a company that has been making and selling these since the 1980s, in America.

The coin operated gumball machine is capable of being bolted down to the counter (my boss did that), it has barrel locking mechanisms on the top clear plexiglass compartment for the candy, a well designed hopper and dispense mechanism to effectively distribute one piece of candy per quarter (works brilliantly), and is set to take quarters only, and the money compartment is safely behind a locking metal door behind the coin drop and turn mechanism, easy to empty out. My boss taped the organization’s cars to the top part (square “globe” where the candy is filled), and the machine cannot be fooled by slugs, coins on strings, or lower denomination coins. You can’t even fool it with foreign currency (one jerk tried to use an Albanian coin to try to steal a piece of candy).

After that, the candy theft stopped, and my boss was able to properly raise the funds to aid this charity.

But seriously, fuck cheapskate customers who think it’s okay to take a piece of candy for free despite the fact it says you have to give $0.25 for each piece of candy in order to fund an organization meant to help kids (or anyone, for that matter), especially when they are driving high end cars and dressed to the nines. If you can afford fancy clothes and expensive cars you can spare $0.25 for a piece of candy.


Cheating: Jackie and Kelso vs. Jackie and Hyde

A Semi-Essay

Before I begin, I’m not counting anything that happens in season 8 as canon since that mess was created by new show-runners who didn’t understand or respect the characters.

Though what Hyde does toward the end of season 5 is in no way excusable, it isn’t in the same league as what Kelso does.

Kelso cheats on Jackie repeatedly (with Laurie, a girl from Sacred Heart, and a bunch of “random beach trash”) out of lust. He does this for months and constantly lies about it.

What Hyde does isn’t so much as cheat on Jackie as break-up with her by sleeping with that nurse. One person. Once. Out of anger and pain, not lust. And he tells Jackie about it immediately. Further, he accepts responsibility for it.

Hyde’s act is a passive-aggressive and indirect way of telling Jackie, “We’re done.” He has no intentions of stringing her along afterward. He could have been really malicious and lied about it, slept with a ton of other women, and kept Jackie as his girlfriend only to tell her, months later, “Hey, I’ve been cheating on you this whole time, same way you’ve been cheating on me with Kelso.” But he doesn’t.

If he hadn’t learned about Fez’s sex dream, he probably would’ve told Jackie, “I caught you and Kelso fooling around on the couch. Just wanna let you know I fooled around with a nurse last night, so we’re even – and we’re over.”

Kelso, on the other hand, continues sleeping with Jackie and claims monogamy while sleeping with Laurie (and that girl from Sacred Heart). He would’ve kept it going as long as he could have. And, as we know from “The Pill,” he doesn’t use condoms. I hope Jackie insisted after that episode that he do so because STD-city.

And once he is caught, he spends one week crying over her and attempting to get her back. Then he parades his relationship with Laurie in front her and lets Laurie burn her mercilessly. Adding insult to injury. It takes him months to take responsibility for what he’s done. Then, months later, he rescinds that apology and blames her for his behavior.

Moreover, when including everything else about Jackie and Kelso’s relationship vs. Jackie and Hyde’s relationship outside what broke each of those relationships up? It’s no contest.

During Kelso and Jackie’s relationship:

  • Kelso constantly “paws” at her for sex,
  • and she eventually “gives in” to make him shut up.
  • She wants him to hold her without sexual advances, but he’s just not willing to do it.
  • Jackie buys Kelso presents constantly,
  • and the money she gives him to get her presents, he spends on toys for himself.
  • Kelso uses her as a human shield.
  • He shoves her aside at their burnt-out middle school when the window slams shut and abandons her.
  • He intends to use her potential win for Miss Dairy Princess to get himself other women.
  • He strands her at work (several times) for various frivolous reasons, to watch cartoons.

The list goes on, but I’ve given enough examples. *lol*

Hyde, however:

  • gives Jackie safe place to sleep (in his cot) for weeks without sex being part of the equation.
  • He protects her from someone who could very well be a date-rapist (Chip).
  • He goes to jail in her place.
  • He takes her to Prom when a) he supposedly hates her and b) definitely hates proms, but he puts her needs above his own.
  • He generally supports her after she breaks up with Kelso for cheating.
  • He defends her against Kelso consistently.
  • He teaches her a very personal self-protection mechanism, which in effect makes him vulnerable to her.
  • He supports her against Eric.
  • He tries to protect her from Fez’s neediness (in “Jackie Moves On”).
  • He talks to Donna so that Jackie has a more permanent place to live.
  • He gives Jackie a very personal birthday present; he doesn’t have much, but he gives her what he can.
  • He teaches her how to play chess.
  • He engages her mind on a deep level.
  • He encourages and empowers her to be independent (“The Crunge”).
  • He often puts himself in uncomfortable situations to make her happy (“The Girl I Love,” “Christmas,” etc.).

Again, the list goes on, and these are plenty of good examples.

So, yes, Kelso and Hyde both screwed up. But, on the balance, Jackie and Hyde’s relationship is far more healthy than Jackie and Kelso’s ever was.


Seems Very Interesting

Part 15

Observer Effect: The theoretical foundation of the concept of measurement in quantum mechanics is a contentious issue deeply connected to the many interpretations of quantum mechanics. A key focus point is that of wave function collapse, for which several popular interpretations assert that measurement, or observation, causes a discontinuous change into an eigenstate of the operator associated with the quantity that was measured.

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