mechanic jacket


In which Furiosa accidentally rips her only pair of pants on their road trip (like seriously when did that happen?!) and Max is secretly an excellent seamstress.


when will this au die


Day one and she was forced to put on some work gloves to grab her tools, the steel as cold as the ice outside.

Day two and if only her teeth stopped chattering, she would gladly eat her own words. Rey made a mental note of never calling bullshit on a weather forecast ever again.

Day three and the storm showed no signs of abating. Maybe those global warming warnings held some truth after all.

Day four and most of the shops in her little town were closed, the sidewalks covered in thick snow.

Day five and the situation didn’t change much.

Night five, however, came with a surprise…

Biker!Kylo - Mechanic!Rey AU, or my current wip for the @reylo-sin-anthology

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Here's a prompt: Super religious virgin Church boy Castiel getting ravaged by bad boy Dean whom he practically worships more than any god.

/look ive finally written the thing. i hope its semi decent but i dont know because i havent written in forever and i dont know how to anymore so i just??? sorry/

Castielfound Dean waiting for him a couple blocks from the church, as per their agreement, leaning on the frame of the Impala with a barely lit cigarette dangling between his easy lips. With a smile on his face that he could barely contain, Castiel walked faster, fingers clutched tighter around the box in his hands.

Dean spotted him a couple feet away, pulled the cigarette from between his teeth, and grinned at Cas, rushing down the street towards him.

“If I don’t know better, I’d say you’re happy to see me,” he joked as Cas came within a foot of him. The boy didn’t stop until he was close in Dean’s space; he breathed out Dean’s name and quickly pressed their lips together, panting and smiling into Dean’s mouth as the older boy nipped at his bottom lip.

“Happy Birthday, Dean,” Cas muttered softly, freeing one hand and placing it on Dean’s cheek, cupping his jaw and stroking his thumb over the sharp jut of his cheekbone. Dean grinned and leaned back down to kiss him again.

He kissed him once more when, in a few moments, he found out the box in Cas’ hands was labeled Benny’s Pies.


Dean liked the way Cas’ lips looked when he kissed them until they were red and swollen. He liked nipping at Cas’ bottom lip, biting and tugging as Cas groaned at the pressure, little breathy sighs that Dean swallowed up with his own mouth.

He liked Cas’ lips, and he liked them even better when they wrapped themselves around Dean’s cock for the first time.

“Fuck, Cas,” Dean stuttered. The slick pull of Cas’ mouth was almost too much for Dean. He bucked his hips up, forward into the wet heat that Cas’ provided, then calmed himself before he could scare Cas off.

The boy tried to breathe through his nose as he experimentally bobbed his head, sliding his mouth up Dean’s cock until his lips caught on the head, then back down again, taking him just a little further in. Dean groaned low in his throat and patted Cas’ dark hair.

Cas wasn’t the most experienced when it had to do with blow jobs; in fact he was the next virgin Mary minus the pregnancy, but his enthusiasm made up for it.

His enthusiasm had everything to do with Dean: what Dean’s hands felt like on his body when he held Cas close, what Dean’s breathy laugh sounded like in his ear when Dean stood in his personal space. He wanted to hear Dean’s breathy moans this time around, feel Dean’s hands in his hair. He wanted to make Dean feel good.

This was the second half of Dean’s birthday present, he supposed.

Pulling Cas off his cock, Dean was met with a confused stare.

“Is everything okay?” Cas asked, voice low. Dean took a moment to respond, watched Cas’ eyes lock with his own, mesmerized. “Did I do something wrong?”

Dean chuckled.

“You keep sucking at me like that, and this is gonna be over a lot quicker than we want it to be,” Dean told him, carding his fingers through Cas’ hair as the boy rose up from his knees. “C’mere,” he muttered, letting Cas slip his hips between his open thighs as they tumbled back onto the bed together. Burying his face in Cas’ chest, Dean let out a groan. “Wanna feel you, Cas,” he moaned, a thrill of arousal coursing through him. “Wanna feel you…lemme…I want…” he panted, grinding his hips up. He remembered how fucking good Cas looked, sinking down to his knees as he told Dean ‘I want this, I want to make you feel good’ and he groaned low in his throat again, feeling Cas rock himself against the bulge in Dean’s pants, whimpering out a pretty little ‘yes’.


Dean was going to remember this for a very, very long time, this feeling of Cas tight around him like a vice as he bottomed out inside of the boy. Cas’ room spun around him, the bed overhead and the ceiling beneath him, Christian paraphernalia all around him: crosses on the walls and rosaries on the nightstand table.  He let out a chuckle at the irony, though it came out more like a huff of breath; for the hundredth time in the past two minutes he let himself wonder how Cas, of all people, had decided that falling into bed with a mechanic in a leather jacket and a cigarette in his mouth had been a religiously sound idea. He stifled a moan and looked up to catch Cas’ eyes.

They were dark and unfocused, blinking down at Dean as Cas adjusted to the feeling of Dean inside him. He looked lost and Dean reached up to run a hand through his hair, choking on a breath as he tried to speak.

“Easy, Cas,” he muttered, carding his fingers through the boy’s ruffled hair. Cas whimpered and experimentally rocked his hips, drawing a groan from both Dean and himself.

“Is it…is it supposed to feel like this?” he muttered, moving his hips again and arching his back. Dean watched his movements, watched him shut his eyes and moan, and smiled.

“Yeah,” he whispered, “it is.”


Cas was insatiable, frantic, as he ran his palms up and down Dean’s chest, trailing sloppy kisses up the other’s chest. He paused to lick at a nipple, drinking up the sounds Dean made as Cas nipped at it softly, then continued on his way to suck at the skin stretched over Dean’s clavicle.

“So much…for staying pure…til marriage,” Dean panted out, gripping Cas’ hips tighter to keep him steady as the boy ground down on Dean’s cock.

Cas fixed him with a fiery glare, rushed in to kiss him harshly.

“This is pure,” he said, scraping his teeth over Dean’s stomach. “This feels pure.”

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I wish you would write a fic where cas is the most popular omega idol and he keeps his relationship with rugged, ordinary alpha dean a secret to protect dean from the paparazzi. Then that plan all goes to hell when dean finds a bunch of fan boy love letters to cas that make dean jealous! He then thinks "fuck the paparazzi!" And finally puts a mating mark on cas. The paparazzi are super shocked when they find the infamous alpha is a car mechanic with leather jackets and a 1967 impala.

*claws screen*

I’ve got to get this into my life.

Imagine all the speculation when someone finally catches sight of Cas’ mating mark (let’s be honest, his costumes do not cover much!) and there’s all this wild speculation about who could be Cas’s mate and people are getting really obsessive about it, and Dean decides that he and Cas should start being seen together at events because he knows Cas is having a hard time with all the speculation because Castiel’s secret mate is all anyone wants to talk about.

And then Cas gets super mad when some fan sites and magazines claim Dean isn’t good enough for him, and makes it clear in his next live appearance that he sings all his love songs for Dean and that Dean’s his mate and if his fans can’t accept that, then he doesn’t want them as fans.