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based on extensive observation, I believe that my cats have only a tenuous grasp on how much of my body is “me”

It’s like, Head: definitely Big Friend, note eyes and noise-hole.

Hands: 90% certainty of Big Friend, 10% possibility of toy. comprised of two main parts, the rubby-rubby and the wriggly-scritchers. does Big Friend control them with her mind? the mechanism is unclear.

Arms, aka “Cuddle Snakes”: do these help Big Friend’s hands from getting lost? good place to sit.

Torso: ??? we have no idea what this is. smells like Big Friend but serves no observable purpose. treat as terrain.

Legs, see: “The Lap Conundrum”: 25% chance of Big Friend, totally uninteresting. WHEN LAP: 90% chance of Big Friend, excellently warm. where does the lap go? our finest cat scientists seek the answer to this mystery, but no breakthroughs as of yet.

Feet, aka “Twitchy-Kickers”: 10% chance of Big Friend, 90% chance of foe. all attempts to communicate have ended in hostility. Destroy on sight.




Sorry, I don’t speak English. But, I try to write in English only a little.
Even if the sentence is wrong, please forgive me.

I love the NPCs of Teraria.
I’ve updated the illustrations of NPCs previously.
It told me that like a lot of people.
Since I was very happy, this time I tried to draw all of the NPCs.
I hope you like it.
But..sorry, I wholly forbid the reproduction and manufacturing of my work without permission.

I’m going to draw a still NPCs.
Look forward to it!

by Taki


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@tokyoteddywolf and @mutantgurls, you guys are to blame for these, what with WolfForm!Shiro being protective over Kitty!Lance. To balance out the Shangst, I had to draw WolfForm!Shiro playing fetch.

Normally, the hybrids can’t shift. They’ve always known that they had some parts of animal in them, but being able to shift? Unheard of, unless it was a fictional story for the big screens.

But Shiro’s spent time with the Galra. He’s spent time with the Druids. They wanted to make him “stronger,” they said. So when emotions - or the adrenaline - run high, he…changes.

It’s not something he’s been comfortable with, but the team has been trying their best to help him with it.

(Image quality isn’t the best, but I’m working off my phone atm)


Production line at the Lindt Chocolate Museum in Koln. Two of my favourite things, food and technology #food #nomnom #technology #chocolate #lindt #koln #deutschland

Test fit! I’ve started doing a lot more work on my MEKA (with only 10 weeks to AX left!) I was able to finish both the stilts and the “bubble” structure for the pilot capsule recently, so I decided to try them on. Everything works perfectly but it’s definitely gonna be hard to stay comfortable. I’ll be posting a video of me walking in it soon. Next step: mechanical puppet arm guns!

toxicphandom  asked:

Ay. So I was thinking about how tony use to always tap on the arc reactor and it looked like it calmed him down so now that he doesn't have it he would tap his fingers on the back of bucky's hand and bucky's confused but doesn't really question it because he thinks tony's adorable and is so happy that he finds the arm comforting

Oooh, you sent me WinterIron fluff!!! THANK YOU!!!

Bucky has probably struggled with his arm from the start because on the one hand it’s HYDRA’s work and he just wants to blast the damn thing off but on the other hand it’s an incredible piece of work (Tony’s assured him of that) that is very useful. So he’s in this state where he’s learned to live with it but isn’t really happy about it when he starts dating Tony.

Tony who isn’t afraid of the arm at all. (He’s not afraid of machines, he confides into Bucky at one point, in the middle of the night, where he always feels more comfortable expressing emotions, if anything he’s afraid of men.) Tony who loves tinkering with it, learning more about it and trying to improve it. Tony who reaches for his metal hand all the time, holds it, taps nonsensical rhythms against it when he’s got a bad day. 

And it’s not rational, but at some point Bucky starts seeing the arm as Tony’s instead of HYDRA’s. Not because it was built by him but because he’s got just so many memories of Tony and the arm, whereas his time with HYDRA is still blurred out and hard to pin down for the most part. There’s just no looking at the arm without thinking of the way Tony clings to it sometimes like it’s his personal teddy (which is the most adorable thing he’s ever seen), no way of hearing the whirring noise it makes without being reminded of the workshop and how beautiful Tony looks when he’s in his element.

Yes, he’s got it bad. Yes, he doesn’t regret it. 

Not even on those days when Tony barely manages a weak grin, taps against the his arm erratically, and like it’s the only thing keeping him sane. On those days, Bucky sits quietly with Tony until he’s feeling calmer again, watches him seek comfort in the his arm that has caused so much damage over the years, and he feels cleaner and more at peace than ever.

Tony tells him, eventually. About the arc reactor, and what it really entailed. About the tapping and the way the feeling of metal soothes him.

Bucky kisses him on the forehead and tells him the truth, tells him he loves the way Tony treats his arm. He also teases Tony about only wanting him for his metal arm, and delights in the way Tony lights up at his joke.

[He gives Tony his dog tags the next day, a small piece of metal for those days when Tony is on a trip or Bucky is on a mission, and Tony doesn’t cry at all, ask anyone–and he really hasn’t thought this through at all because he is not prepared for the sight of Tony wearing his dog tags and nothing else at all.]



So, Destiny 2. Amazing game so far. And with the whole Red War, Attack on the Last City, the Tower getting FUCKED, I took the chance to abuse develop one of my characters. And by develop I mean make it canon to our fan lore that he loses his right arm :D

These are 4 designs for a replacement limb. The first, a mechanical prosthetic inspired by Xander 99-40. The last three are arms made up of Void, Arc and Solar energy (brilliant idea given by Guardian Guy which I wanted to try out)
Varren is a Nightstalker and Arcstrider, so I can’t see him sporting the solar one.

What do you guys think is the coolest looking arm? Let me know!

~Artistic Ghost

I found this dirty mechanic Iwa in my files and I just couldn’t let it stay unfinished… Excuse the sketchy bits and concentrate on Iwaizumi’s abs, it helps a lot, believe Oikawa.