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… push-button transmission! by James Vaughan


1957 … in the future! by James Vaughan


Diver Keri WIlk has been one of the few people to observe a strange sperm whale trait, described as a “poonado”.

This is thought to be a rarely used defence mechanism, which is different to when the whales defecate before their descent into deeper waters. The whale released an unusual amount of faeces, turned on its side and used its flipper to propel the excrement in a huge 30 metre arc.

This could be the first time this mechanism has been photographically documented, but has been observed in the wild previously.

(Via Daily Mail)

Detuve el mundo para admirar una belleza única. Una belleza extraña y llamativa.
Encontramos arte dónde algunos ven solo desastre. Encontramos deleite en locura y placer en el misterio.

“All the drugs in this world won’t save her from herself” - Coma White

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Zimbits prompt: jack goes on a long hockey trip somewhere, so Bitty has him take senor bun. Jack surprises Bitty with pics of Bun all around wherever he went !

Jack likes instagram. He understands the medium of photography, the mechanics and art that go into capturing a moment. It’s the one form of social media that he agrees to use and verifies with the Falconers, the rest can stay on the app store shelves. 

He loves instagram because he can see his friends, their silly videos and candid shots even when he’s not with them. Maybe that’s why he takes Senor Bun from the bed and poses him across the small breakfast table in his hotel room with a muffin and a cup off coffee, takes a few pictures, and finally captions one for instagram; My unexpected roommate isn’t much for conversation. Guess I’m taking care of this guy until I can get him home.

Shitty immediately messages him twenty-seven kissy faces and thirty poop emojis, Lardo follows soon after with a bunny emoji and a blue heart, and Ransom sends a video of Holster tearing up holding his phone whispering “He’s just a soft chicken tender bro. I love this bro so much, dude. He’s so good.”

Holster texts three hours later a simple “It was too fucking early for my emotions to be played like that, dude.”

Eric sends him five separate texts of several lines of hearts and a simple good luck.

Turns out, Tater loves Senor Bun. “He is being so soft.” Tater coos, rubbing a scruffy cheek on the tiny Falconers jersey Bitty had packed in Jack’s bag too. Jack gets it as his second Senor Bun photo. 

@A1Mashikov is #SenorBuns 3rd biggest fan.

It continues like this for the entire extent of the roadie, and his fans seem to enjoy it too, George is beaming about all the good press he’s getting for his Senor Bun photos. The Falconer’s official twitter even tweets his photo of the team with Bun, asking fans what their good luck charm was.

But after being on the road so long and the extra time to Samwell, he’s glad to be home. He beats Bittle to the Haus, climbing the stairs to his room and swapping the little Falconers jersey for the Samwell one on Eric’s desk. He poses Senor Bun in the window, leaning on a pillow. The caption is one word.


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Got my first mechanical keyboard~ my brother (who is a game programming/photography/film/mechanical keyboard nerd) is going to leave after summer to study film abroad. As a goodbye gift he figured out what my favorite key were, what colours I liked and managed to put this together for me. I absolutely love it. From the vaporwave colours to the green switches to the light-up keys with faces. I’ve got the best brother I could wish for.


All Equal 65 by Peter Rea
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