“Triblade” 2016. Sketch Commission. 
This was one of my commissions from MechaCon this past weekend. It’s not often I get commissioned to do One Piece characters so I was stoked to be able to try my hand at Zoro :)
(I kind of ran out of room on the right and top hand sides, so the blade, hilt, and leg kind of ‘phase out’ at those points, heh)


My dearest friend @zabka-zee was at MechaCon 2016 this past July and had snapped a quick photo for me of her friend (the Symmetra) alongside a hilarious Junkrat cosplayer who apparently totally knew what they were up to. I thought the entire story was just so hilariously sweet and I love my girl for thinking of me over the weekend and having some silly shipper fun with friends. I HAD to draw the result of these shenanigans!

2017 Con List!

♦ Anime Impulse Jan. 14-15, Pomona CA   
♦ Bak-Anime Feb. 25-26, Bakersfield CA    
♦ A-kon June 8-11, Fort Worth TX
♦ Anime Expo July 1-4, Los Angeles CA
♦ Anime Midwest July 7th-9th, Rosemont IL
♦ MechaCon July 28-30, New Orleans LA
♦ Otakon August 11-13, Washington DC

Can’t wait to see some of you guys there // v \ !!


Cosplayers- Shinrajunkie - Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Ironmantran - Diablo 3 Crusader T.Nguyen - Luffy, One Piece Pok - Ace, One Piece PhotoCred: GeekSquire T.Nguyen Mechacon 2015. With less than 48hrs, my friend Shinrajunkie and I put together the Crusader right before the Con. Was well worth the sleepless days.


Mechacon 2016 (¼)

These are all of the Miraculous Ladybug cosplay pictures I took as Chat Noir! 

Shiny Bodysuit Ladybug: @kymbawee
Dress Ladybug: @doucereuxchat
Ladybug with yoyo: (instagram 1 + 2)
Ladybug with black hair: (Instragram)
Kissy Face Chat Noir: @whimsicalparadox

If you know the other Chat Noirs and Breakdance AU’s please message me and I’ll tag them!

illegal in new jersey

my preorder of journal 3 came in while i was away at mechacon last weekend, and i thought it was about time i revisit something i drew after the finale. i got plenty of the base coloring done, but with the con stress and the ebb and flow i go through going in and out of fandom stuff, this was left behind from march. but im glad i finished it.

stanley may be banned from new jersey, but i have no doubts that before heading off anywhere else, stan and ford visited illegally for just a little while and talked some things out before going on their next big adventure together.