“Triblade” 2016. Sketch Commission. 
This was one of my commissions from MechaCon this past weekend. It’s not often I get commissioned to do One Piece characters so I was stoked to be able to try my hand at Zoro :)
(I kind of ran out of room on the right and top hand sides, so the blade, hilt, and leg kind of ‘phase out’ at those points, heh)


MechaCon New Orleans post 3/3! AtLA / LoK

I was SO excited to be Varrick for this con! I really love his character and making the outfit and Dali moustache was a lot of fun. Everyone that came up to me would say “DO THE THING” and I was told my outfit was perfect and my moustache was “on point”!

I really hoped to see more cosplays this year from LoK, but oh well. I think I missed the totally canon Korra and Asami that I saw last year; I’m unhappy about that. I really wanted to get a shot of me and Rory (Kuvira) with them two.

The Kyoshi Warrior (or it might actually be Avatar Kyoshi) and the Spirit of the Lake were so well done! Kiyoshi won an award at the cosplay competition!

We also found a really well-done Amon, an Uncle Iroh that actually was handing out hot jasmine dragon tea at his Artist Alley booth, and the Blue Spirit!

That Mako and I had a lot of fun taking those pictures together. That was probably my best interaction I had at the con! 

If you see yourself, tag yourself! Y’all were wonderful!


Mechacon 2016 (¼)

These are all of the Miraculous Ladybug cosplay pictures I took as Chat Noir! 

Shiny Bodysuit Ladybug: @kymbawee
Dress Ladybug: @doucereuxchat
Ladybug with yoyo: (instagram 1 + 2)
Ladybug with black hair: (Instragram)
Kissy Face Chat Noir: @whimsicalparadox

If you know the other Chat Noirs and Breakdance AU’s please message me and I’ll tag them!


Cosplayers- Shinrajunkie - Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Ironmantran - Diablo 3 Crusader T.Nguyen - Luffy, One Piece Pok - Ace, One Piece PhotoCred: GeekSquire T.Nguyen Mechacon 2015. With less than 48hrs, my friend Shinrajunkie and I put together the Crusader right before the Con. Was well worth the sleepless days.