Hello Popee the Performer enthusiasts! I thought I would finally post a showcase of all the masks I made for my Kedamono cosplay! Sorry the video drags on a for a bit, I made five of them! They’re a little hard to get straight, but otherwise I managed to make the mask interchangeable like I wanted to! I’ll post full-body photos later.

If you live in the New Orleans area, be sure to catch me at Mechacon 2015! For more posts regarding the process of making this cosplay, feel free to pop by the “cosplay life” tag on my blog.  



im the juuzou in most of these pics, so if u saw me and talked to me then HEY! :D

this year was so nice and great and everyones cosplays were amazing!!!!!! 

if u see urself in any of these pics then send me an ask and i’ll tag u!


the greg universe was cinnamon–bara, the pearl was kvrloz, the rainbow quartz was @ahjustrachel, the shinoa was ghoulscoutt, the touka is theangrymarshmallow, and the other juuzou in the top right pic is kaelera