mecha vs. kaiju

Inktober 2016 #10 - Mecha-King Ghidorah

Because I’m a teensy bit behind on the Inktober sketches, a part of me wanted to put this one off until later considering how complex it’d be, but then I told myself Inktober is when I push myself out of the comfort zone, including sticking to the list I made.

I really liked how this came out. I think my favorite part to work on was the wings. And you bet my SH Monsterarts MKG was my go-to reference. :)

See You Next Year!

The Closing Ceremonies are over. The crowds are leaving. I’m afraid that’s all folks. Anime Boston 2015 is over. But what a weekend it was. In the words of Anime Boston Vice Chair Lauren Gallo, “Thank you for coming and having a giant nerd party with us.” Thanks to you all, this was the biggest and best Anime Boston ever, with 26,475 people attending, nearly a thousand people more than 2014. But you all didn’t just bring in numbers, you all brought excitement, especially for this year’s theme, Mecha vs. Kaiju. According to the closing ceremonies Team Mecha won, but I doubt this battle is really over.

If you were able to make it to Anime Boston, what was your favorite part? Leave us a note and share the joy.

Anime Boston will return next year, March 25-27, with the theme Field Day. Ever high school anime has to have the field day episode. Why should Anime Boston be any different? So from the Anime Boston blog team, and from everyone on the Anime Boston staff, thank you for making this con so great and see you next year.

– Lauren, John, and Andrew, the AB Blog Staff