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“My… It’s taken far too long. Tell me… Who is going to avenge her if you don’t? Forgiving him was never the option… Such is the scream of the other you that dwells within… I am thou, thou art I…” -Carmen, Persona 5

Carmen x Ann crossover project complete! ❤️ after gluing a ton of roses on, altering a mask, sewing/ ripping a corset, etc.. it is done for Matsuricon! I feel awesome in this. Ever since I saw fanart of Ann wearing variations of Carmen’s dress, I decided to make my own. It kind of fits in with the whole Mecha vs. Magical girl theme for the con. I will be wearing this to the guest mixer!

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What would UT,US,UF and SF Undynes and Alphys's favourite anime genres be? And would they like Mecha?


Action & Magical Girl/Slice of Life, respectively. Undyne adores Mecha, & Alphys likes it if it’s combined with one of her prior interests, especially romance & stuff.


Magical Girl Battle anime for both. Undyne secretly likes Mecha while pretending to like Magical Girl stuff more, while Alphys actually prefers M.G. stuff but pretends to like Mecha more.


Horror/Action & Psychological Thriller, respectively. Mecha’s not really Alphys’s thing, but Undyne loves it.


Sci-Fi/Horror & Battle-Royales, respectively. Undyne is a little nuts for Mecha, admittedly, especially if it coincides with her interests in genre. Alphys thinks it’s neat, but actually prefers battle-based anime, M.G. or not.


Had lots of fun exploring my love for Gundam and magical girls in this #InspireByPromarker #WinsorNewtonChallenge. The goal was to create art based on the lines from @winsorandnewton logo ☺️ Watch full length video on YouTube Music Credit: Eric Skiff - Ascending

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we need more magical girls in the world. i dont even care what genre it is, put magical girls in it and it’ll be 5x better. i mean just imagine the possibilities here

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