mecha leggings

For today’s outfit I wanted there to be NO DOUBT that I am a giant fucking nerd.

Top to bottom: companion cube necklace, star fleet medical alumni shirt, N7 angle zip hoodie, mecha leggings.👌🏻🚀✨


Megumi Misaki (岬 めぐみ)/ Blue Dolphin portrayed by Megumi Mori (森 恵) was the only woman on the team in Choujuu Sentai Liveman. As well as being one of the top students at the elite science school Academia Island, Megumi was an archery genius and studied marine biology. She was an excellent swimmer and loved to bicycle. She often served as a voice of reason on the team, tempering the hot-headed attitudes of her fellow Liveman teammates and inserting a voice of compassion, even towards their enemies. 

She was the pilot of Aqua Dolphin, the twin-bodied submarine that could convert to land-based attacks thanks to retractable wheels.  It was armed with Dolphin Missiles which doubled as torpedoes underwater. Her mecha formed the legs of the combined robot, Live Robo.

My family rescued Nutmeg when she was six months old. At one year, she was hit by a car and miraculously recovered after being in intensive care for a week. Now five years old, she enjoys napping in the sun and chasing squirrels on mecha-dog legs.

We think she’s a coonhound/rat terrier cross. Any other ideas? @humandysmorphia