mecha leggings

ho ho ho!!!! it’s ya boi lennon back at it again, this time with a little kick!! thanksgiving is over and xmas is getting closer and closer, and so are finals for some of us… so i thought i’d try to spread some holiday cheer to anyone who wants or needs it!!!! so here’s what i’m gunna do: to everyone who reblogs this with or submits me a reference of something of their choice; i’ll draw it for you!! this is the list of things i’m willing to draw:

🎁 ocs!! (gemsonas, fursonas, fantrolls, ect.)
🎁 what you looked like in your canon!!
🎁 realistic portraits!!
🎁 your otp or brotp!! (as long as it’s minor/minor or adult/adult if it’s romantic!)
🎁 mild nudity!! (i won’t do this for a underage character if you’re an adult, but i’d be okay doing it if the character is also an adult!!)
🎁 and mild mecha!! (robotic legs and arms are about all i can do, sorry!)

that being said: most of my work is done traditionally, especially the portraits, but if you’d like i can do your request digitally and even make it transparent if you would like to use it somewhere on your blog!!

following me isn’t mandatory or anything like that but for those who would like to:

⭐️ here is my link page! ⭐️

if you can, please try to spread this around; i want to make sure i can do something for as many people as possible!! thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️

My family rescued Nutmeg when she was six months old. At one year, she was hit by a car and miraculously recovered after being in intensive care for a week. Now five years old, she enjoys napping in the sun and chasing squirrels on mecha-dog legs.

We think she’s a coonhound/rat terrier cross. Any other ideas? @humandysmorphia

For today’s outfit I wanted there to be NO DOUBT that I am a giant fucking nerd.

Top to bottom: companion cube necklace, star fleet medical alumni shirt, N7 angle zip hoodie, mecha leggings.👌🏻🚀✨