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[MONSTER] Gorosaurus.

Japanese name: ゴロザウルス
Romanized name: Gorozaurusu

Alignment: Varies by continuity
Type: Dinosaur, kaiju
Inspiration: Theropod dinosaur
Status: Varies by continuity.

From: King Kong Escapes, Destroy All Monsters, Go! Godman, Godzilla Island


  • Gorosaurus was substituted for Baragon during the Paris attack in Destroy All Monsters. The English dub mistakenly called him “Baragon” in that instance. In the same movie, Gorosaurus’ size was increased to be closer to Godzilla’s.
  • Gorosaurus’ roar was originally an altered version of Varan’s sound effect. In Destroy All Monsters, it had an assortment of different roars.
  • Its name and appearance bear some similarity to the tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur Gorgosaurus that lived during the late Cretaceous Period.
  • The prefix “goro” could be derived from the Japanese onomatopoeia “gorogoro” (ゴロゴロ), which is used for but is not limited to: the sound of thunder, rumbling, growling, and purring. In the context of time, “goro” (ごろ)  means “approximately.” “Gorou” (五郎) translates to “fifth son” and “gorogoro” (ゴロゴロ) is a childish way of saying “lightning and thunder.”
  • Gorosaurus appeared in the tokusatsu series Go! Godman. The suit’s wear and tear was quite noticeable in this appearance.
  • The battle between Gorosaurus and King Kong in King Kong Escapes was an homage to the scene with the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the 1933 King Kong movie.