mecha gorilla


We are still working to make the drawings/info for the last sheet of the Ow Shapeshifter AU characters, but these are the animal forms that we chose for the remaining characters:

  • Zenyatta - Alpaca
  • Bastion - Rhino
  • Orisa - Elephant (Efi - Bird/Otter (vote here!)
  • D.Va - Red Panda (Mecha - Kangaroo)
  • Symmetria - Caracal
  • Winston - Gorilla (lol)
  • Zarya - Polar Bear
  • Mei - Snowy Owl
  • Torbjorn - Porcupine, because it was the one that received more votes. But he’ll have two twins brothers, one a Koala and the other a Badger. They’re the [Torbjorn Triplets] and nothing can stop us ahaha
    Only Porcupine Torbjorn is with the Overwatch Clan tho :)

@isenatha-sulahn​ Oh gosh the lynx beard would fit so well! Thanks for your suggestion! In the end we thought that Porcupine was the best choice because they’re less agile than a lynx, but it was truly a great idea!!
 @100tifikos​ Winston   is still a gorilla, but he’ll get a human form too :)

Others character’s animal forms that we already made:
[first sheet] Hanzo | McCree | Tracer | Morrison | Reyes | Widowmaker | Sombra
[second sheet] Junkrat | Roadhog | Genji | Mercy | Lucio | Ana | Reinhardt


Ape Armor by Zane Houston
Via Flickr:
banana time