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Mecha art showcase 50: Less-is-more Edition

So, I’ve been thinking.

For every showcase up till now, I’ve been looking for artists with at least 10 works related to robots. But, I realize that severely limits what I can post.

So, instead of 10 pics per showcase, I’m gonna change it up and post less pics from now on.

(Oh yeah, also, I’m not doing this every day anymore. I can’t find enough time for it anymore)

Source: スサガネ


Mecha art showcase 11: Mecha-finger porn edition

Seriously, look at those fingers. They make me happy.

S. Shimizu’s work also consists of a whole bunch of black and white profile pics of mechs, and the occasional human every now and then, and they do it well. But those fingers. Fiiiingerrrrrssss…

once again, this is his pixiv gallery:


Mecha Art Showcase 9: Now with extra sugary goodness!

Tonight’s art kinda popped out at me while trolling the Pixiv tags. I had to double-check to make sure that these weren’t screenshots or anything, which makes it even cooler!

リンネ brings us the good stuff tonight, and more of their work can be found here:

(Remember, if you know someone who could use some recognition in the mecha-art world, send ‘em in!)