MS-09R4 Psycommu Rick Dom

Based on the concept of the MAN-08 Elmeth, the design called for a bit-equipped mobile suit. A substantially renovated Rick Dom would be used for the base. Although installing the large psycommu control unit would result in a dramatic increase in the unit’s mass and weight.

To compensate for the extra weight, the Psycommu Rick Dom was fitted with redesigned legs and several thrusters more than the standard Rick Dom, and for emergency purposes, the large Funnel back pack and shoulder armor could be purged. Although improved output of the attitude control thrusters was 120% better than before, not enough effort was made to improve maneuverability, as such, the Schnee Weiss was unable to achieve the intended purpose with the Psycommu system.



From the Birth of a Queen to The END: Female Foils in Mecha Anime

By Paige Sammartino

There are two sides to everything, even robots. In fact, especially robots. They are pleasingly geometric.

Mecha anime and manga are a goldmine for series about political intrigue, the powers of love and friendship, and the giant robots that tie stories and characters together. One trend I’ve noticed across this genre is the female foil: two female characters who fit a similar profile yet directly oppose one another in almost all characteristics—logical versus emotional, distant versus affectionate, combative versus sidelined.

The dynamics of female foils are often less confrontational than those of their male counterparts, if they interact at all. More than putting them at odds with each other, these parallels reflect the overall themes of their series, and so looking a bit more closely can bring us a whole new understanding of our beloved giant robots.

Please note that my discussion contains spoilers for Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Neon Genesis Evangelion,Eureka Seven, Code Geass, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

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Finished the build of Project Blackavar! It was a fun one for a old kit. It has good articulation. I added a manipulator arm to hold either a Gatling gun or a beam cannon. Now, I’m going to weather the head and I’ll be done. #gundammkii #Gundam #gunpla #otaku #instagundams #instagundam #plamo #mecha #mechaunion #dc23mecharts #HGUC #highgradeuniversalcentury #universalcentury #0085 #0086 #0087 #titanstestteam #titansprototype #rx178 #rx178titans #Blackavar #rattlecan #spraycangunpla #noairbrush