Poetry Tag Statistics April 2015

Another month went by! And wow, I’ve had this blog for two years now. And to fit the occasion, I also reached 1000 followers. That’s quite a lot, considering how little I post. Thank you everyone, I love you.

Except for that, I’m going through hell again, but that is ok. The Smiling Goddess is bracing hell with me as a friend and there’s little that could defeat her influence on my good mood.

Oh, definitely read The Last Spark. It’s very likely the last entry in the Smiling Goddess series and totally worth reading. Complete with redemption, katharsis and whatever you could wish for.

And now I present to you: STATS! (Also, let me take this moment to congratulate everyone for the blue tags and their splendid poetry. I heard you don’t get properly notified about blue tags anymore so take this day to celebrate the achievements of the past months. You’re all awesome!)

Total number of featured posts: 352

  • The top 10 contributed 15.3% of all posts.
  • The top 25 contributed 28.4% of all posts.
  • The top 50 contributed 42.6% of all posts.
  • 234 different contributors were featured.
  • Each contributor was featured 1.50 times on average.
  • 68 contributors have been featured multiple times, 166 only once.

1. uutpoetry, 15
2. murooned, 5
2. bobschofield, 5
2. lzlabs, 5
5. metaphorformetaphor, 4
5. mikefrawley, 4
5. raisethecurve, 4
5. the-rex-ybanez, 4
5. aubriestar, 4
5. pharmhaus, 4
5. wednesdayshambles, 4
12. labellenocturnebete, 3
12. tashtoo, 3
12. rootsandwings, 3
12. memoryslandscape, 3
12. unknowmenclature, 3
12. lookingforwisdom, 3
12. sanddollarpoems, 3
12. ofsoliloquies, 3
12. wordswritteninsilence, 3
12. ladymycroftmansfield, 3
12. ghostsista, 3
12. the-ravens-song, 3
12. trixclibrarian, 3
12. kalliope-amorphous, 3

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anonymous asked:

rex, what do u think of the "friends with benefits" thing??


But really, it depends. Usually with repeated sexual encounters feelings eventually come into play and then it’s typically a giant disaster. I’ve heard some happy stories but mostly they end on a sour note. If you keep having sex with a person and you get to know each other then those feelings of, “Why am I not good enough for you to date me?” come creeping in.

My last relationship started off as a friends with benefits kind of situation even thought I cared for him as much more than that. We eventually dated but it didn’t work out for very long and now we’re friends again with a lot of weird romantic tension.

Would I recommend that? Nah. There were a lot of nights where I wrestled with my self-esteem because of it which is never a good thing. I made the mistake of thinking that because I understood his distance that in time it’d be something more meaningful but it’s just been a struggle the majority of the time.

I don’t regret what I had with him because there were many, many happy days and memories I wouldn’t trade for anything. But I never want another friend with benefits situation ever again, if that says anything.

Just trust your intuition, dear. If there’s some hesitance in you it’s usually for a reason. Having fun from time to time isn’t a big deal but don’t do it at the cost of your emotional well-being. Always evaluate how a person makes you feel and the MINUTE they make you more unhappy then happy, just go.