meccariello shoes


Vintage baby boxcalf from Grison Annonay France

As I was going through my stock of skins, I found to my surprise several baby boxcalf skins from Grison/Annonay which I have forgotten about. These are very very small skins with very fine grain and a wonderful hand. From the stamp at the back, these are probably from the late 50’s to 60’s.

This quality of skins are no longer available especially from such small animals.  The grain is very fine and tight, the skin is thin yet very strong, and these skins will show the lines of the last perfectly and will make into some beautifully elegant shoes.


AURUM: Model Lucius

A new model for my Aurum line: a wholecut called ‘Lucius’ with broguing. Made on the chiselled Aurum last, in handcoloured calfskin


Some further photos of the prototype for my Aurum line. The final version should be ready to order by end of April/early May

This is a 5 eyelet punched toecap derby in black Freudenberg calf.


Aurum: Model Quintus

Plain captoe oxford in handcoloured calfskin. Made on the Aurum soft square last.


Aurum: Model Romulus

An captoe adelaide oxford made on the Mayfair last with a slightly larger welt. In blue handcoloured  french boxcalf.


Something old and something new

Two prototype shoes I am making. The black captoe oxford is made on my new Aurum Classic English last. The brown Adelaide oxford is on a last I made over 10 years ago and now revisiting (you can see by the differences of the colour of the last).


Aurum: model Antonius

Marble grey Museum, bespoke leather


Making of A.dAM: (Aurum di Antonio Meccariello)

I will be making a black nubuck 3 eyelet derby in the Aurum line.  I will be utilizing all the methodologies and the final shoe is the definitive Aurum workmanship.

Above you see the white alligator skin that I have chosen to make these pair of shoes, the cut pattern and initial dyeing of the leather.


Some further photos of the prototype for my Aurum line. The final version should be ready to order by end of April/early May

Classic 3 eyelet derby in olive carpincho suede.


Prototypes continued. These are the two toe shapes, one round and one semi square. The finishing on these shoes are not what will be on the final production shoes, which will be even more refined. These prototypes are being used to test the fit. I believe I still need to tweak the lasts a bit more to make them perfect.


Making of Aurum part 3.

I have been very busy the past few days so I was unable to upload these pictures earlier. The upper has now been lasted (mounted onto the shoe form) and I have handstitched the welt.


Meccariello standard line

A navy blue suede perforated oxford with rubber soles. Made for a client to use in very very warm climates.