by MeccaDonna

Feminism that hail women who shirk feminine roles to dedicate themselves to imitating men, calling it “gender equality”, is not only an extreme, but it denigrates the very importance of women’s natural presence in humanity.

Women never were created to be “equal” to a man.The sexes need to function complementary, contrasting even, for there to be balance. True “gender equality” for women lies in the ability to wholly assume the feminine role. No man can substitute. As women can not substitute the male role. The brand of feminism that touts college  degrees as being “evolved,modernized and liberated” and condemns being a stay at home mother as being “enslaved, unintelligent and antiquated” has left the basic truism that motherhood, not a masters or doctorate, is the single most influential, intelligent, ever evolving force on the face of the Earth. It is also the only force vital to the survival of both humanity as a whole biologically and the human psyche (from the Greek meaning  ”soul, mind, breath, life”).