Dear Outdoor Apparel Designers and Retailers:

This could be shocking (and if my recent shopping experiences are indication, it will be) but there are in fact women that enjoy outdoor activities that do not fit your narrative of skinny and straight up and down.

I know. It’s terrifying that a size 12 curvy, healthy, active woman such as myself could possible be into things such as hiking, climbing, and mountaineering. Nature is for skinny people after all.

“But we make clothes up to size 16!” You say. “We’re being inclusive!” Regardless of the fact that all outdoor clothing fits small - which I have accepted and don’t really care about - you seem unaware of the fact that more than one body type dares to exist. It’s true. So when I, a size 12 woman, try on a pair of size 16 pants in every major outdoor brand there is, and they are too tight in the leg and butt in every. single. brand. AND every. single. cut. I start to get a little frustrated. I’m not asking for much. Just one cut that accepts that women come in more than one size. One cut of convertible, durable hiking pants that has some room in the leg.

Please, keep making the straight leg pants. They work well for many people. But I am a curvy woman who has been enjoying the outdoors my entire life, and I should be able to continue to without being limited by your narrow interpretations of what an active body looks like.

Please. I just want to give you money.



“Quanto mais longe, mais perto me sinto de ti, como se os teus passos estivessem aqui ao pé de mim e eu podesse seguir-te e falar-te e dizer-te quanto te amo e como te procuro, no meio de uma destas ruas em que te vejo, zangado de saudade, no céu claro, no dia frio. Devolve-me a minha vida e o meu tempo. Diz qualquer coisa a este coração palerma que não sabe nada de nada, que julga que andas aqui perto e chama sem parar por ti.”


O Amor é Fodido, Miguel Esteves Cardoso