body of improbable life
easy vessel of my death

body which has never betrayed me
body which will ultimately betray me

body which is earthbound, snowbound,
starbound, a spacesuit, a shell

body of brilliant sorrows
body of ecstasy beyond recall

body which contains your body
body of precious oils, body of love

body of many wings, beloved,
body of many blue wings

Gwendolyn MacEwen, “Blue,” in Afterworlds

Sterek fic recs

Untitled by petals42- [Sterek| ficlet | Canon divergent! Derek writes diary| Therapy]

Prompt: I would die and rise from the dead to read a fic where Derek is writing a diary.

Little talks by Vendelin [sterek| M| 5,387| 1/1| 14 Feb 2016] [stripper!stiles, shy!derek]

Your favourite is here,” Danny says, smirking. “I tried to steal him away by giving him some extra attention, but he just looked uncomfortable.”

Stiles snorts, though he’s secretly pleased by his regular rejecting Danny. “He always looks a bit uncomfortable. I bet he’s married with a kid and a permanent guilty conscience when he’s here.”

It had been quite the surprise for Stiles to realise that he had a regular. A pretty young, hot regular, on top of that.

In which Stiles is a stripper, and Derek is the always-polite regular at the club where he works.

Especially Derek, who still scares me by LoveActually_rps [sterek| T | 4941 | 1/1| 2016-03-02] [High school AU, Teen!Derek, Humor, Dragon!Stiles]

“The Hales are dangerous, Lydia,” Jackson butted in, coming to Stiles’ rescue. “Haven’t you heard the rumors about how they eat newly turned weres on the night of the full moon?”

“Wha-” Stiles let out a strangled noise and Jackson patted him in fake sympathy, suppressing his usual cocky smile.

“Well, haven’t you heard the rumors about how they grow horns and a pointed tail and carry a pitchfork on other nights?” Allison countered, huffing out a soft laugh. “Those rumors are ridiculous,”

“Can we please stop talking about the Hales?” Stiles pleaded, shivering and tired, rubbing the towel over his flat dripping hair. “…especially Derek, who still scares me,” he swallowed hard.

[aka, even though Talia Hale’s first and foremost plan on moving to Beacon Hills was to “Clean up the Hale image”, Derek looked far too contented with his “Scaring the shit out of Stiles” plan. Just - he didn’t know Stiles was already of age and maybe transforming into something pretty badass any day]

i was seven and you were nine i looked at you by crossroadswrite​ [high school AU + friends to lovers]

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