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~Notes On My Writing Makes Me V Happy~

  • Bold=Contains Smut
  • Italics=Just Angst
  • (^)=Male Reader
  • ($)=Threesome
  • (!)=Multiple Current Relationships (With the reader)
  • (+)=Basement AU
  • (*)=Punk AU
  • (@)=Danger Days AU
  • (%)=High School/College AU (or implies that they are younger)
  • (-)=Vampire AU
  • (&)=Parent/Pregnancy AU or involves kids (such as  Bandit)
  • (#)=Self Warm TW

Fall Out Boy:




My Chemical Romance:





No Pairing:

Panic! At The Disco:







“Suddenly you’re 21 and screaming along in your car to all the songs you used to listen to when you were sad in middle school and everything is different but everything is good.”

I turned 13 in 2008. The Myspace era was coming to a close and Facebook became the new preferred social media platform. The music I had found in my preteen and early teen years majorly shaped my current music taste at 21 years old. Like for most people, middle school and high school were not easy times. The music that I came across on Myspace and the early YouTube years reflected the real emotions and struggles that I faced. It made me not want to only listen to songs like Gold Digger, Ms. New Booty, Smack That, My Humps, I Kissed a Girl, or whatever else was playing everywhere. I craved music that I could relate to. I needed music with true emotion behind it. 

Anyways, here are the songs that got me through my preteen and early years and shaped who I am today. They’re in no particular order. 

Move Along

All American Rejects, Move Along - 2005

It Ends Tonight

All American Rejects, Move Along - 2005

How to Save a Life

The Fray, How to Save a Life - 2005

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Green Day, American Idiot - 2004

Stay Together for the Kids

blink-182, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket - 2001

Adam’s Song 

blink-182, Enema of the State - 1999

Face Down 

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Don’t You Fake it - 2006

Hate Me

Blue October, Foiled - 2006

Welcome To My Life

Simple Plan, Still Not Getting Any - 2004

I’m Just a Kid 

Simple Plan, No Pads, No Helmet…Just Balls - 2002

I’m Not Okay (I Promise) 

My Chemical Romance, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge - 2004

Famous Last Words 

My Chemical Romance, The Black Parade - 2006

The Great Escape

Boys Like Girls, Boys Like Girls - 2006


All Time Low, Nothing Personal - 2009


Papa Roach, Getting Away With Murder - 2004


Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory - 2000

You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I’ll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds

Mayday Parade, A Lesson in Romantics - 2007


Matchbox Twenty, More Than You Think You Are - 2002

In Too Deep 

Sum 41, All Killer, No Filler - 2001

Meant to Live 

Switchfoot, The Best Yet - 2008

On The Brightside

NeverShoutNever!, The Summer EP - 2009 

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send me a color and i’ll tell you:

white: a song that describes me/my life

black: a song I listen to when i’m in a bad mood

brown: a song that makes me feel nostalgic

red: a song that gives me energy

orange: a song i hate

yellow: favorite summer song

green: a song that inspires me

blue: a song i listen to when i’m sad

violet: favorite song of the moment

pink: favorite love song

purple: a song to listen on full volume

grey: my top 5 music artists/bands

  • Professional cuddler, loses only to Blue
  • Helps Black on watching over the others
  • Most pure and caring soul ever
  • GG stands for Gentle Giant (I’m so sorry this is more like an internal joke with myself because the larger clothes in Brazil are classfied as “GG”)
  • Loves to get attention from literally everyone
  • Tries to defend Red from Blue and Green sometimes
    • Yellow: Why don’t you go pick on someone your size
      Green: Red is almost the same size as me
      Blue: Y'know she’s got a point there
      Yellow: …….. Well shit
  • Loves it when Lance decides to gather the Lions in Blue’s hangar to tell them stories from Earth
    • Lowkey saves it all as audio files to treasure them for eternity
  • Just as Green likes to lay down over him, he also likes to lay down over her. Just for the laughs. She panics.
  • Can’t lie to save his life. He just can’t.
    • Black: Yellow, did you see Pidge around here? They did some maintenance on Shiro’s prosthetic and now it makes a weird noise everytime he activates his arm
      Yellow: I… Uh… I don’t… I don’t think so…? I mean… I think I didn’t see Pidge… Like, they’re totally not here… In my hangar… Hiding from him… Definitely not…
  • Doesn’t always realize when he’s abusing of his armor or not. Laser blasts from Galran ships? No problem. I’ll shield you all. Ion cannon from a Galran cruiser? I’ll shield that shit to not hit you either.
    • Black needs to remind him all the time to not jump in front of those cannons for Alfor’s sake stop doing that damn
  • Red gets along with him the better. Yellow doesn’t pick on her or on Keith, so they’re good
  • Is slooooowly convincing Red that Lance is good for her Paladin, just as much as Shiro
    • Yellow: Their personalities balance each other’s
      Red: Riiiiight…
  • Is totally on the Chaotic Good side of The Force
  • Hunk totally installed a huge sound system in Yellow
    • They totally DID NOT use it to blast “Baby Come Back” out loud for the entire Castle to hear after a fight broke between Lance and Keith for whatever reason
    • Shiro and Black couldn’t ground them afterwards because Allura found it hilarious and they didn’t want to go against her
Masterlist (As of 9/20/16)

~Notes On My Writing Makes Me V Happy~

  • Bold=Contains Smut
  • Italics=Just Angst
  • (^)=Male Reader
  • ($)=Threesome
  • (+)=Basement AU
  • (*)=Punk AU
  • (@)=Danger Days AU
  • (%)=High School/College AU (or implies that they are younger)
  • (-)=Vampire AU
  • (&)=Parent/Pregnancy AU or involves kids (such as  Bandit)
  • (#)=Self Warm TW





Fall Out Boy:



My Chemical Romance:





No Pairing:

Panic! At The Disco:



creatsoulblog  asked:

Dibuja el ship que mas te guste de un bebo tuyo (un personaje tuyo x otro personaje que te guste shippear)

No sé si vale, porque es canon pero… 

Dibujé mi otp ;w;


nfkdnfgdknfkd so many mamories came to my mind while drawing this

i really missed them

pero da igual

DeathPaint - me

Blue Phoenix (Nix) - @darkness-pure

plant dinosaur
flower dinosaur
tree dinosaur
fire lizard
angry fire lizard
teenage turtle
gun turtle
dick joke
pointy worm
angry dick joke
pointy bee
smol birb
big birb
mohawk birb
bigger rat
edgy birb
pointy birb
backwards snek
face snek
slut for publicity
Aztec soccer ball
that’s what you get for kicking me
blue is for girls
I’m a big kid now
watch the queen conquer
pink is for boys
angry and pointy
why can I learn surf
moon fairy
secretly a ghost
snooty fox
bitch don’t touch me
singing fairy thing
it’s a rabbit I guess?
too many bats
large mouth bats
emo bulb
what smells like death
zombie bug
cute gnat
gnats don’t turn into moths
a head
three heads
better cat
migraine duck
what do you mean you’re not psychic
angry monkey
boxing ape
what the fuck
okay you literally just gave it eyebrows
sleepy baby
time for breakfast
eat wheaties to escape your feelies
muscle head
muscle head: now with undies
go so hard you grow extra arms
how do you walk
see now you don’t even have legs
okay what the fuck
angry jellyfish
fist rock
fist rock: now with more rock
where did your arms go
fire horse
pointy fire horse
which came first the species or the insult
no homo
goodbye computer
wifi hotspot
be strong for mother
mother fucking tri attack
pointy seal
pointy seal but after puberty
you but sludgier
why he lick me
pussy joke
bigger than you thought
now featuring hands
secretly a moon fairy
rock snek
unnecessarily creepy
Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs on steroids
literally just a fucking pokeball are you fucking kidding me
oh you turned it upside down that’s so much better
not actually eggs
taller in Hawaii
orphan dinosaur
not quite sure how this works but okay
Bruce Lee but a Pokemon
Jackie Chan but a Pokemon
cunnilingus joke
edgy poison cloud
edgy conjoined twins
rock rhyno
pointier rock rhyno
egg mom
vines with nice shoes
born mother
masquerading as a dragon
calico goldfish
bes frans starfishes
mime, also comes in female
cool bug
racist joke
cooler bug
useless fish
angry fish
glorified boat
I wanna be like the cool kids
identity crisis
mermaid fox
battery fox
flaming fox
not an Eeveelution
look at me dance
no I’m shy
just kidding now I’m pointy
ancient birb
a friend
wise birb
meme birb
powah birb
cute snek dragon
pretty snek dragon
broken base dragon
and remember, if you can’t catch the ancestor of all Pokemon, storebought is fine



blue & yellow | troye sivan aesthetic // jungkook



blue | boyfriend aesthetic // jungkook

Prompt +18 - Tylko twój!

Anonim: Ja bym prosi艂a Larry'ego : Louis ma 16 lat i mieszka sam ze swoj膮 mam膮. Obok nich wprowadza si臋 Harry ze swoim przyjacielem Zaynem i oboje s膮 na drugim roku studi贸w. Kiedy mama Louisa idzie powita膰 nowych s膮siad贸w dowiaduje si臋, 偶e Harry studiuje j臋zyk francuski, z kt贸rego lou jest fatalny i pyta czy m贸g艂by da膰 korepetycje jej synowi. Niech na kt贸rym艣 spotkaniu dojdzie do nami臋tnego poca艂unku i scen膮 w 艂贸偶ku i niech lou b臋dzie nie艣mia艂y bo nigdy si臋 nie ca艂owa艂 i to jego pierwszy raz. Dzi臋kuj臋^^

Autorka: Ok, prosz臋 b膮d藕cie wyrozumiali. Po raz pierwszy pisa艂am homoseksualn膮 scen臋 +18 i nie藕le si臋 nam臋czy艂am. Nadal nie czuj臋 si臋 zbyt dobrze w pisaniu takich scen, chocia偶 wiem, 偶e jeszcze si臋 takie pojawi膮. W mojej skrzynce czekaj膮 jeszcze 3-4 propozycj臋 ze scenami +18. Mam nadziej臋, 偶e podo艂am.

Zostawcie po sobie opini臋:)


聽- Louis William Tomlinson, w tej chwili do mnie! 鈥 po domu rozni贸s艂 si臋 krzyk Jay. Lou domy艣laj膮c si臋 o co chodzi, niech臋tnie zwlek艂 si臋 z 艂贸偶ka i opu艣ci艂 sw贸j pok贸j. Po chwili sta艂 na 艣rodku salonu, wpatrzony w swoje stopy, podczas gdy jego rodzicielka przeszywa艂a go w艣ciek艂ym wzrokiem.

聽- By艂am w twojej szkole i dowiedzia艂am si臋, 偶e jeste艣 zagro偶ony z francuskiego. Dlaczego dopiero teraz si臋 o tym dowiaduj臋?

聽Szatyn jednie wzruszy艂 ramionami. Nie mia艂 odpowiedzi na to pytanie, wi臋c po co w og贸le mia艂 si臋 odzywa膰.

聽- Masz to poprawi膰. Rozumiemy si臋?

Lou jedynie pokiwa艂 g艂ow膮.

聽- Id藕 do siebie, ja id臋 powita膰 nowych s膮siad贸w. Jak wr贸c臋 to podejm臋 decyzj臋 co do twojej kary.

Ch艂opak cicho westchn膮艂 i ruszy艂 schodami na pi臋tro.

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the night you lost your colors

it started with red
like the fire in your heart
like the stoplights in the dark
like the blood staining your thigh

i met orange
in the face of the F train
and a Dunkin Donuts seat cushion
where i waited for you
and your hands full of clementines

yellow snuck by
in headlights
and cab rides,
drivers with heavy eyes
and sharp tongues

i saw green
in unfamiliar street signs
and bus stop benches
and the bills in your left hand
when you stumbled toward me

blue looked like
the ink in my pen
as i tried to capture
the blue in your sigh

i only caught a glimpse of purple
the bruises on your arm
blushed violet
before they went
dark dark dark

you have disappeared inside yourself,
turned your thoughts
into gray
into black

you say your colors are long gone
as you sit alone,
still bleeding

Ten Years

Sam tries to start the day like any other. He gets up around 7:30, goes for a brisk two mile jog around the neighboring farmland, sweating all the reminders of what today is out of his mind. At 8:30 he starts up the coffee maker in the kitchen and puts on one of the local radio stations while he makes himself an omelet. The eggs and vegetables sizzle on the stove while he drinks his first vanilla, flavored cup of caffeine. Tom Petty transitions into Elton John and the moment the first notes of Blue Eyes hit his ears, a sob starts to rise up his throat.

Blue eyes
Baby鈥檚 got blue eyes
Like a clear blue sky
Watching over me

Blue eyes
Ooh I love blue eyes
When I鈥檓 by her side
Where I long to be
I will see

Blue eyes laughing in the sun
Laughing in the rain
Baby鈥檚 got blue eyes
And I am home, and I am home again

He鈥檇 been doing so good, while he was running he hadn鈥檛 thought about Jess for at least fifteen minutes. Now the ache of guilt mixed with linger sadness returns to his body, filtering in like a dark, angry poison.

Ten years since Jess died. Ten. Years. He still misses her.

Shakily, he turns around towards the counter and rests the coffee cup on the surface. He buries his face in his hands and lets the sobs wash over him. The dark spreading sadness, continues to slide through him, and all he wants to do is go back into his room, turn off all the lights and hide away from the world for the next week until everything stops hurting.

A hand on his shoulder startles him so much he almost knocks his coffee all over the floor. Instinctively, he tries to cover his teary-eyes with his fingers, peeking through them and aggressively wiping at them to hide the evidence. He sees dark, floofy hair and blue eyes through his blurry vision and tries to turn away from Cas鈥 prying gaze.

鈥淪am,鈥 Cas says gently, hand remaining on his shoulder, grip tightening a little,聽鈥淎re you alright?鈥

Sam gulps and shakes his head,聽鈥淣o.鈥

Another arm slides around his waist, tugging him away from the kitchen and into the main room. Cas gently maneuvers him to a chair, slowly helping him into it. He pats Sam鈥檚 shoulder once and disappears for a brief minute to return with Sam鈥檚 coffee and half-burnt eggs.

Sam trains his eyes down at the hardwood floor, tears still leaking down from his eyes onto his sweatpants. He hears Cas pad over and settle across from him, feet peeking into Sam鈥檚 line of vision. A hand settle on his shoulder again, comforting.

鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry, Sam,鈥 Cas says, 鈥淚 know how much you loved her.鈥

Sam shrugs, sniffling, 鈥淵eah, I did. Dean鈥檚 got it rough today too, dealing with Mom鈥檚 death and all.鈥

鈥淵es, you both do. Is there anything I can do to help?鈥 Cas asks, squeezing Sam鈥檚 shoulder.

Sam looks up at him then, giving his friend a small, but bleary smile. 鈥淢aybe, I don鈥檛 know, just thanks for being here.鈥

Cas smiles back, bright and genuine, 鈥淭here鈥檚 no where else I鈥檇 rather be.鈥

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The Ultimate Supernatural Playlist Collection

Season One

AC/DC—Back in Black

AC/DC—Highway to Hell

Rush—Fly by Night

Ratt—Round and Round

Bad Company—Movin’ On

Metallica—Some Kind of Monster

Fall Out Boy—Sugar, We’re Going Down

The Rolling Stones—Laugh, I Nearly Died

Iron Butterfly—In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

Filter—Hey Man

Free—All Right Now

Quiet Riot—Bang Your Head

Boston—Peace of Mind

Def Leppard—Rock of Ages

The Scorpions—No One Like You

Bad Company—Bad Company

Blue Oyster Cult—(Don’t Fear) The Reaper

Bad Company—She Brings Me Love

Blind Faith—Can’t Find My Way Home

Little Charlie & The Nightcats—You Got Your Hooks in Me

Blue Oyster Cult—Fire of Unknown Origin

Blue Oyster Cult—Burnin’ For You

Ozzy—Road to Nowhere

Grand Funk Railroad—Bad Time (To Be in Love)

Triumph—Fight the Good Fight

Credence Clearwater Revival—Bad Moon Rising

Kansas—Carry On Wayward Son

Season Two

Ted Nugent—Stranglehold

The Chambers Brothers—Time Has Come Today

Journey—Wheel in the Sky

AC/DC—Back in Black

REO Speedwagon—Can’t Fight This Feeling

Soundgarden—Fell on Black Days

Foreigner—Cold as Ice

Robert Johnson—Hellhound on My Trail

Robert Johnson—Crossroad Blues

Nazareth—Hair of a Dog


Bob Dylan—Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

The Animals—The House of the Rising Sun

Queensryche—Silent Lucidity

Alice in Chains—Rooster

Boston—Foreplay/Long Time

Boston—Don’t Look Back

Kansas—Carry On Wayward Son

Season Three

AC/DC—Hell’s Bells

Creedence Clearwater Revival—Run Through the Jungle

Bad Company—Crazy Circles

Poison—Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Asia—Heat of the Moment

Huey Lewis and the News—Back in Time

Bachman-Turner Overdrive—You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Howling Diablos—Mean Little Towm

J. B. Burnett—I Shall Not Be Moved

Goodnight City—40,000 Miles

Mother Superior—Did You See It?

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins—I Put A Spell On You

The Doobie Brothers—Long Train Runnin’

Grand Funk Railroad—We’re an American Band

Focus—Hocus Pocus

Leslie Gore—It’s My Party

Bon Jovi—Wanted Dead or Alive

Kansas—Carry On Wayward Son

Season Four

AC/DC—You Shook Me All Night Long

Billy Squire—Lonely is the Night

The Allman Brothers Band—Ramblin’ Man

Survivor—Eye of the Tiger

Nine Days—Just as Through With You

Bad Company—Ready for Love

Foreigner—Long, Long Way from Home

White Zombie—Thunder Kiss 65

George Highfill & Jai Josefs—Perfect Situation for a Fool

The Kinks—A Well-Respected Man

Kansas—Carry On Wayward Son

Season Five


Foreigner—Long, Long Way from Home

Lynyrd Skynyrd—Simple Man

The Contours—Do You Love Me

Beck, Bogert, & Appice—Superstition

The Main Ingredient—Everybody Plays the Fool

Santana—Oye Como Va

Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band—Rock & Roll Never Forgets

Warrant—Cherry Pie

Bob Dylan—Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Steve Jeffries—My Fantasy

Jen Titus—O Death

Def Leppard—Rock of Ages

Kansas—Carry On Wayward Son

Season Six

Bob Segar—Beautiful Loser

Deep Purple—Smoke on the Water

Kenny Rogers—The Gambler

Chris Jones—All that for Me

David Bowie—Space Oddity

Aerosmith—Back in the Saddle

Blondie—One Way or Another



Federal—The Hanging

Hot Chocolate—You Sexy Thing

Billy Paul—Met and Mrs. Jones

The Rolling Stones—Play With Fire

Kansas—Carry On Wayward Son

Season Seven

Foghat—Slow Ride

The Doobie Brothers—Black Water

Air Supply—All Out of Love

Phil X—Wolfman

REO Speedwagon—Ridin’ the Storm Out

Traffic—Dear Mr. Fantasy

Brett Detar—The Devil’s Gotta’Em

AC/DC—You Shook Me All Night Long

Bell Biv DeVoe—Poison

Don McLean—Vincent

Stepperwolf—Born to be Wild

Kansas—Carry On Wayward Son

Season Eight

Jethro Tull—Locomotive Breath

Styx—Man in the Wilderness

Reverend Horton Heat—The Devil’s Chasing Me

Milo Green—What’s the Matter

Soundgarden—Fell on Black Days

The Animals—We Gotta Get Out of This Place

Creedence Clearwater Revival—Born on the Bayou

Marlin James—That Old Familiar Pain

Bob Segar—Katmandu

Supertramp—Goodbye Stranger

The Rubens—I’ll Surely Die

David Bowie—Changes

Kansas—Carry On Wayward Son

Season Nine

George Thorogood and the Destroyers—Who Do You Love?

AC/DC—For Those About to Rock

Journey—Stone in Love

Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band—The Famous Final Scene

Billy Squire—Lonely is the Night

The Velvet Underground & Nico—Heroin

David Alan Tomilson & Gary Alan Jones—Plastic Princess

Frankie Volli—The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine

The Ozarks Mountain Daredevils—If You Wanna Go to Heaven

Blind Faith—Can’t Find My Way Home

Kansas—Carry On Wayward Son

Season Ten

Pat Benatar—Heartbreaker

Right Said Fred—I’m Too Sexy

Warrant—Cherry Pie

Warren Zevon—Werewolves of London

Gorgon Lightfoot—Sundown

Bob Seger—Travelin’ Man

Electric Light Orchestra—Long Black Road

James Gang—Ashes, the Rain, and I

Taylor Swift—Shake it Off

Hozier—Take Me to Church

Kenny Rogers—The Gambler

The Lizzy—The Boys are Back in Town

The Who—Behind Blue Eyes

Patty Griffin—Go Wherever You Wanna Go

Kansas—Carry On Wayward Son


34 | Larry | Gotowanie i skutki

zapyta艂(a) Ci臋:

Prompt Larry . Harry po dlugim czasie przyjecha艂 do wsp贸lnego domu z Louisem. I niech b臋dzie wsp贸lne gotowanie ? (H.gotuje bo Louis nie potrafi,ale rozprasza Hazze) :)

Ilo艣膰 s艂贸w: 641

marehullam: Nie by艂o 偶adnej informacji o typie AU, wi臋c ch艂opcy s膮 s艂awni i wgl :) Najpierw b臋d臋 bra膰 si臋 za pisanie tych prompt贸w kt贸re powinny mi wyj艣膰 kr贸tkie, a potem bd szale膰 xd Mam nadziej臋 偶e si臋 spodoba, zapraszam do czytania ;) x.

Larry - Gotowanie i skutki

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