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How did Harry even sign with someone like Mebed, doesn't he work only with serious feature actors?

Lol :)

Yes he does, and i suspect it has a lot to do with the help of Jeff Azoff and the seriousness with which Harry approached his acting career. Mebed wasn’t gonna take him on if he thought he was just a popstar who fancied an easy shot at the movies.

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My point is how does it happen... Does CAA make him audition and based on acting assign who's gonna be his agent, or can Harry choose like with Jeff Bhasker?

It can happen in lots of different ways. In Harry’s case, he was already a CAA client so it probably developed through his and Jeff’s personal relationships there. 

There is no way he would have had to audition, no. For clients with star potential or major industry interest (as Harry already had, regardless of whether he could actually act or not) it would be CAA pitching for his business, not the other way round. 

As regards the specific agent, we don’t know if he already knew Mebed or met him through other agents there, or if he sought him out or vice versa. My guess is that it was probably some sort of mutual courting process with lots of discussion around Harry’s ambitions and abilities to see if they were the right fit for each other. So yeah, similar to choosing your producer. No, CAA wouldn’t just assign Harry an agent - it would be similar to him choosing a producer, yeah. CAA work for him.

Even though Steven once swore that he’d never raise a Fairy type, a little incident in Kalos changed his mind. When Steven was traveling, he came across a Carbink while exploring Reflection Cave. The top of Carbink’s head reminded him of May’s hairstyle, and they’re both pretty cute, and at least it’s still a Rock type, which is why he caught it and it’s a part of his team when she rematches him in the league.